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  1. I would suggest either Onshape or Fusion 360 for this. And Wefalck I think you are over thinking the design. I can easily print the shape of a block with either of these Software choices including the Sheave. But I do agree the scale will be challenging. I also suggest you will be painting to get the wood look. make or buy out of wood is going to be faster and possibly cheaper.
  2. Retirement

    See you tomorrow Lou. Can you please bring a project?
  3. Retirement

    Keith - That is not a collection it is an addiction. I will confess to a similar affliction. But the admiral stepped in. She said I could not buy any more models than it would take 10 years to complete. I just retired a few months ago. Even with my small stash it looks like I am good for 10+ years.
  4. Fusion 360

    I cannot comment on Onshape. I have never used it. But considering the amount of free training available for Fusion I think that would sway me.
  5. Fusion 360

    I agree! Lars is outstanding. I think he is getting tired of my emails. but he answers each one. Slowly but he does answer. He is up to 144 live chats. I have asked him for a video on lofting ship plans. He has promised to do this soon.
  6. Visit To England

    Mike - First off, Germany is definitely on the list for a future trip. My wife lived there while Husband #1 was in the army. And one of the reasons I am going to Chatham is for the models. Again everyone this is a great group. I do hope to be able to help any of you if you decide to come to Seattle. I think I can dig up a couple of modelers. PS The Admiral has already said that New Zealand is in the works for the Cup! We already have a NZ flag given to us by one of the crew when we were in San Francisco.
  7. Visit To England

    I want to thank everyone for their suggestions and insight. This is exactly what we needed. Based on your help the Admiral has consented to a quick 1/2 day side trip from Bath to Bristol. Apparently there is a wonderful Cathedral! And then train from Bristol to London. She loves Egypt and so the British museum is a must. It is not yet confirmed. But I may be allowed to visit Chatham for a day while she spends a 2nd day and maybe more at the British. We have rented a flat for 2 weeks in Kensington not far from the river. Besides all the sites I am interested to enjoy just living in a neighborhood. Harvey - I think you know her well enough to know that suggestion would never fly. Keith - With the Mary Rose, HMS Warrior, HMS Victory, the Submarine Museum, & the Royal Yacht Squadron. Let alone some misc. smaller attractions. I say only 4 days? Lets just hope the new aircraft carrier is in port. Also Keith thanks for the list of places in London. There are a couple there I did not have on the list. And Keith I am told that the Queen goes to the countryside (Scotland) for 2 months every year, August & September . So we will be able to tour the Castle.
  8. Visit To England

    I know there is so much to see. but I am past the point where I want to cram everything in one visit. We have a AirBnB flat of our own for 2 weeks in London. There is so much to do just there. So I think we will limit our trip this time to Bristol/Bath, Portsmouth (wife spends a day in Salsbury/Stonehenge). While in London we will make short side trips to Chatham & Greenwich. We have tickets to see a musical, a play, and Beethoven's 9th at prince Albert hall. There is so much more I want to see. But I also don't want to just satisfy a checklist. There will be other trips. Thanks for the tips on Chatham & Bristol. And I will shorten my visit to Greenwich. Much to the wife's delight.
  9. Visit To England

    The admiral is going to disown me!
  10. Visit To England

    I am retiring this year. and as a way of celebration the Admiral and I plan To visit England in September. We will spend 4 days in Portsmouth, 2 in Bath, and 2 weeks in London. I would love some suggestions of Nautical interests that I should see. I am sure you can guess why 4 days in Portsmouth. And of course a day or 2 at Greenwich & the NMM. Any other suggestions?
  11. Fusion 360

    It is a powerful program. And as such there is much to learn. But if you take it in bite size pieces I think you will find it rewarding. And yes it took me much longer to learn and I am still learning than TinkerCAD. But you can do so much more. I suggest you install and when you want a break from your latest modeling project you watch video on YouTube. I have a dual monitor on my desktop PC. I run the video on one monitor and Fusion on the other. I frequently stop the video and repeat what is being displayed on Fusion. I have found this very instructive. When you are ready to get serious about the basics I strongly suggest a class - https://www.udemy.com/designing-for-3d-printing-with-fusion-360/ This class only costs $14.00 and it is 4 hours long. It Starts with the assumption that you have never used CAD. It show you how to 3D print several basic items. each item has been chosen to teach you something new about Fusion. It also builds confidence. For $14 it is hard to go wrong. One of the lessons teach you how to install Fusion for free. Enjoy!
  12. Fusion 360

    I couldn't have said it better. And now that I into it my modeling is suffering.
  13. Fusion 360

    I have recently become a F360 disciple. I am new to CAD but I am very impressed with Fusion. I am having way too much fun. It is a professional grade S/W and it is free. It supports 3D as well as 2D drawings. It also does simulations and animation. I doubt you will find something your heart desires that it cannot do. The support is outstanding. There is a regular Video every week from Autodesk which you can join live. and after the session it is posted to YouTube.
  14. HMS Pandora

    If you can create an STL. I have the printer. The most common request I get from fellow modelers is can you make a scale crew member. I would love to collaborate!!

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