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  1. fnkershner

    Byrnes Table Saw

    I have had mine for 6 years. I love everything about it. I also echo what has been said above. I bought all the extras. I have used them all. But I find I don't really need to tilt table.
  2. I would suggest either Onshape or Fusion 360 for this. And Wefalck I think you are over thinking the design. I can easily print the shape of a block with either of these Software choices including the Sheave. But I do agree the scale will be challenging. I also suggest you will be painting to get the wood look. make or buy out of wood is going to be faster and possibly cheaper.
  3. CDW - The Non profit lab I am a member of will teach you to build your own for about $300 to $400. Plus 2 weekends of effort. The results are very good.
  4. Neal - thanks for bringing this model to the meeting. It looks even better in person than in these Photos. I hope you will come often we will be very interested in your progress. Also thanks for the tips on my Fusion 360 project. Unfortunately my other projects have kept me away from trying them as yet.
  5. Please bring what you can to the meeting on Saturday. We would all love to see your work!
  6. Have you tried Onscape. I was talking to one of our better 3D print guys today. He says he has gone from Fusion to Onscape. Most of what he told me was over my head but it is just an idea.
  7. I so wish I had your Fusion skills! Wow! I am about a year behind you. I am still struggling with projecting the frames onto the offset planes. From there the lofting is easy.
  8. The answer Thomas depends on the 3D printing process. The machines that Shapeways uses are the highest quality. I am very impressed.
  9. We also have a ABS printer in our lab. I have not used it. I have not found a need to buy a reel of ABS. There is also the issue of venting fumes.
  10. Lou - I can help you with the fusion 360 and you know where the printers are.
  11. Haze Gray - I can offer you 3 printers if that will help. 2 are Leap frogs and 1 is a CR10. All you have to do is provide the filament.
  12. Have you considered the binder clip clamps? I like them much better than those screw in clamps. If anyone wants screw in clamps let me know. I used them once and immediately switched to the binder clips. The price is right to! My employer at the time was kind enough to donate to the cause.
  13. fnkershner


    See you tomorrow Lou. Can you please bring a project?
  14. fnkershner


    Keith - That is not a collection it is an addiction. I will confess to a similar affliction. But the admiral stepped in. She said I could not buy any more models than it would take 10 years to complete. I just retired a few months ago. Even with my small stash it looks like I am good for 10+ years.

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