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  1. Ok further update on my journey. I attended my class yesterday. The class was billed as Tinker CAD & 3d printing. I found that all 3 of the printers in the workshop were down for 1 reason or another. I also found that the TinkerCAD training was geared for a beginner. Someone who had never seen CAD or a computer. So frustration for me. I explained my project. I also asked why TinkerCAD instead of SketchUP. He said tinker CAD was easier to learn and teach. But he agreed SketchUP was better. Then he tried to sell me his services. He offered to design my Carronade and print it for a price. That was not my plan. I wanted to use this opportunity to learn CAD and 3D printing. So My question to you is can you suggest SketchUP training. Most of what I see on the web is intended for a business and priced accordingly. I don't see much for the hobbyist. I will continue my search for access to a quality 3D printer. Grrr
  2. Mamoli kit

    In My opinion Mamoli isn't one of the best brands. their instructions are incomplete and limited English skills. their wood quality is poor. If you want to do the Constitution Model shipways has the best kit.
  3. Withdrawal

    But at least I got more modeling done!
  4. Ron - I have an update on my journey. As I mentioned I was trying to find a way to 3D print my Carronades on my Syren. I started by scanning the plans into Turbo CAD 64 bit. I would have used Sketchup but it did not have a tracing function. In the process of learning how to do this. I learned that first Turbo CAD did not have a tracing function. And 2nd as you mention, the tracing function is not very good anyway. But as part of my Research I joined a Forum on Turbo CAD to ask questions. One respondent asked me to post my JPG so he could see what I was trying to do. Yesterday I went back to the forum to see if there was any more suggestions. And I found that some one had taken my scan and created the 3d picture. Now all I need is his file and I can do my 3D print. It will also be a good chance to learn what he did.
  5. You have a Date my friend! I will send you an email. I am currently building my copper plate stamp. 3 of my pins just broke off inside the wood. I have to start over. I might just take a look at yours to see how I can do better.
  6. Jim - Wow nice job. You are just ahead of me. perfect you can help answer some questions. first how much of the roll of copper tape did you use? I Chuck's practicum he mentions that you may need part of a 2nd roll. @nd question - How did you cover the Keel? Fold the plate over and let it be covered by the false keel? Since we live so close to each other I should send you the cost of the ferry. come join us pleas at our next meeting. You would be a huge boost to me.
  7. Rats, Ron you are correct. I have been playing with TurboCAD. I started with the 64 bit version. but I am told there is no tracing function in this version. So I began a wider search. My results agree with your comments. So given my goal of 3D printing what S/W would you recommend? I guess I will start over. no need to learn TC. It is a powerful program but it will not do what I need. Thanks for saving me $150.
  8. Hello from Klamath Falls Oregon

    One year we took the Grandkids there in August. There was still snow in the shadows. They were amazed! And even though they had shorts and t-shirts they had no problem running, slipping and sliding on the snow drifts.
  9. Hello from Klamath Falls Oregon

    K Falls is a wonderful place. I hope you get to see Crater lake with its winter blanket. Always my favorite scene. I am a grad from Eugene living in Seattle. Love the Northwest, won't live anywhere else.
  10. Ron - Per is hiding his brilliance. He and I worked together yesterday. We installed TurboCad and we scanned the plans to a JPG and successfully imported to TC. Now I am told there is a Tracing function in TC. Now all I need to do is find it. Thanks for all your help.
  11. Ok so I can scan the plan sheet and create either a Jpeg or Pdf. then import to the CAD S/W. and you are saying that in order to convert to a CAD file I will have to trace the imported file. And then convert from 2D to 3D? PS TinkerCAD is by Autodesk.
  12. I have recently gained access to a workshop with several 3D printers. They use TinkerCAD as the software. I have been playing with TinkerCAD. So now I have some questions and maybe you can help. Is there a way to scan a part of the plans for one of my model kits. then pull that scan into TinkerCAD or some other program and then convert to a 3D drawing so that I can try to print it?
  13. Bob - First I want to thank you for your wonderful company and high quality books. It was my Wife that called you to get a Christmas surprise for me. So the least I could do is as you asked with this post. Now how do I reach Grant?
  14. Any News on Vol 2? I agree with all comments above it is a beautiful book I am very much looking forward to Vol 2. the very nice people at SeaWatchBooks tell me they are waiting for some final words from Grant. Please tell me when this will be completed. Vol 1 is one of my most prized books.
  15. Anyone see the new Ratline tool by MS. Any experience?