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  1. Excellent progress Bob. The Syren cannon looks real nice.
  2. Bob, You won't have any issues painting the rest of the bulwarks. I did it just as you have done and it was no problem. She's looking very nice.
  3. Looking good Bob. Love those Shapeways carronades. They would have saved me all small fortune on my current build!
  4. Looking great. Things get "busy" enough on deck that it will be hard to notice the narrow centerline plank.
  5. Erik, Shorten the garboard back a bit, and change the shape at the bow to better follow the current run of the planks. You should be able to fit all of the strakes in that way. Good progress.
  6. Good progress. White is a tough color. Liquitex flow aid which is available at Art stores is a good additive to help slow drying a bit with acrylics and help them level. I fortunately have an airbrush and that is how I painted my lower hull.
  7. Looks like a good start. Those gunport strips can be a real challenge.
  8. Nice job on the hull Mike.
  9. The adhesive is very strong. I have a build that is over 20 years old and there is no sign of any peeling. It is still best though to put a matte or dull coat over the plates to avoid fingerprinting. I use Testor's Dullcote.
  10. What great progress. Nice work Daria!
  11. Nice to see you back at it Tim! I'll be following along with your progress. Nice to see so many PDN builds going now.
  12. jwvolz

    Visit To England

    Floyd, Lots of great suggestions here. Even when we went a few years ago the NMM was such a disappointment, particularly in terms of models. It's a very easy light rail trip out there from the city. Make sure you get up the hill to the Royal Observatory and stand on the prime meridian! Portsmouth was a true bucket list trip for me (my avatar photo is aboard Victory) and did not disappoint in the least. Sounds like you are doing it right and giving yourself lots of time. Enjoy!
  13. That came out nicely Bob. It's been quite awhile but I remember that was a tough part of the build.
  14. Thanks Bob, Jason and the "likes". Jason: Shouldn't that wheel be OK with your build being 1/64th? Maybe your plans show otherwise. It's a great little addition.

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