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  1. The adhesive is very strong. I have a build that is over 20 years old and there is no sign of any peeling. It is still best though to put a matte or dull coat over the plates to avoid fingerprinting. I use Testor's Dullcote.
  2. Visit To England

    Floyd, Lots of great suggestions here. Even when we went a few years ago the NMM was such a disappointment, particularly in terms of models. It's a very easy light rail trip out there from the city. Make sure you get up the hill to the Royal Observatory and stand on the prime meridian! Portsmouth was a true bucket list trip for me (my avatar photo is aboard Victory) and did not disappoint in the least. Sounds like you are doing it right and giving yourself lots of time. Enjoy!
  3. Still limping along with Granado.  I'm about to step the masts.  The manual says to first "temporarily drill and pin the yards in place on the masts".  The yards are then removed until later.  Question:  what is the point of the drilling and pinning since it doesn't seem to relate to the later attachment of the yards?  Can it be safely omitted or will I regret it if I don't do it?

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    2. FredSC


      Thanks.  Unfortunately, I'm more confused.  What holes are you referring to for "pinning them" (what, the yards?) in advance"?  This implies that at some point the yards are pinned to the masts, although the manual doesn't say they are.  ???

    3. jwvolz


      Some people (not all) drill holes in the masts to accept yards with pins. I do it. It makes it easier to rig things that way without having to worry about having to use the rigging to keep everything square and straight. I highly recommend doing it that way. I'd drill the holes in the mast now off the model, but leave the yards off until all of the standing rigging is finished. 


      Hope that's clearer.

    4. FredSC


      Thanks, Joe.  Much clearer.

  4. Sprung yards

    My method is similar to Frankie's. I leave about an inch past the end of each spar to secure into the drill. I then clamp my drill in the bench vise leaving my hands free. I try to pre-taper most of the reduction in diameter in advance with knives amd rough files, and I can easily get down to topgallant yards without issue.
  5. Can you post a picture from the plans? Do you know the weight of the carronade? Caldercraft makes brass carronades in nearly every major caliber.
  6. You are much better off trying to get some proper hobby paints, rather than "craft" paints. They are weak in pigment, and it is also larger in particle size so they just don't lay out smoothly. As you found, they are also thick, and when you have to thin them to brush or airbrush consistency they get weaker still and don't cover well. I'd recommend Tamiya, Vallejo and Model Master acrylics. All much better options.
  7. Which acrylic paints are you using?
  8. Good plank on bulkhead option

    I'm building the Cruizer now (modified) and the one negative you might find is the instruction book. As I'm on my sixth build I don't really use it, but it is quite thin and really lacking for those that need it. By contrast, the Granado book (my previous build) is fantastic. Build wise not much to choose difficulty wise between them; Granado is more ornate, but there is far less of the repetitive rigging of the carronades. You'll get lots of help here no matter what you choose.
  9. From the Caldercraft kit, with many scratch modifications.
  10. So, one of the 4 pound cannons is missing from my Granado kit. I have now sent three separate e-mails over the course of several weeks to multiple different e-mail addresses from the JoTika website with no reply whatsoever. I get back "read receipts" so I know they are reading them, but conveniently ignoring them. Has anyone else had an issue with them, and does anyone have a thought on how to resolve this?
  11. arrow21

    That came out very nice.
  12. DSC01056 2

  13. pdn06

    Thanks Clare. She's a beautiful ship and I really enjoyed the MS kit. Good luck with getting yours done!
  14. image0170

    Terrific build Pete. She looks great.

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