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  1. Thanks guys. The short bus comparison cracked me up Jason!
  2. Very nice Dirk. Kristal klear is great stuff, and I think it works particularly well in this application for simulating the look of 18th century glass.
  3. Thanks Wayne. The wife is happy, so... In my original plan to build Reindeer I had ordered 12 lb. carronade barrels, as she carried one on the forecastle in the engagement with the Wasp. Now, I have no reference as to Sophie carrying one, but I wanted to build it anyway. I scratch built the minute little carriage and rigged her with the line and hooks as shown in the carronade article referenced a few posts earlier. The wheels are from Syren carriages, turned down to be smaller in diameter, and the hooks are modified eyebolts. I'll hook her to ringbolts in the deck when time comes. I can now sympathize with Pickle builders, who had to deal with these tiny little buggers! Fun little project though.
  4. Stowed for the rudder Steve. That was standard practice. I really like the display you've chosen, it puts the boat in its natural setting without being distracting.
  5. Fantastic B.E., just fantastic.
  6. Here are the completed pumps. Caldercraft does not mention them, but they are on the NMM plans for the class. I made them from a square piece of stock, which was filed to octagonal. The handle and the pivot are boxwood reduced to very small thickness. Further details are the copper wire for the fittings and paper bands. I used a styrene rod drilled out for the outlet. They are just sitting on the deck for photo purposes, that's not their final location.
  7. Sorry to hear about your mother Chuck. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. I know how difficult it can be, as I lost my mother to cancer when I was young. Your family is far more important than anyone having to wait a bit on some ship model parts...
  8. Thank Wayne, as well as the "likes". I received my carronades from Cornwall Model Boats. I ordered the 24 pounders with every intention of building Reindeer. Measuring the Caldercraft carronades out with reference to sizes in this NRG article http://www.thenrg.org/resources/articles/The carronade.pdf they are almost perfectly sized to be 32's, not 24's! The bore diameter is dead on and the length is much closer than it is to a 24. Therefore...Reindeer is out. I was rattling off some names from the list of Cruizer class brigs to my wife, and she stopped me at Sophie. It is her favorite girl's name, and if we had had a daughter it would have been her name. So I am naming the vessel Sophie. Sophie did serve on the American station during the War of 1812 and captured numerous merchant vessels and privateers. She was also involved in the battles of Mobile and Lake Borgne, leading up to the battle of New Orleans, so she does have a nice history. I re-painted the stern area and made a nameplate, since I was unable to successfully apply the dry transfer letters in the narrow area between the decorative moldings. I wasn't getting even transfer and was losing parts of letters trying to do it that way. And yes, I know Patrick O'Brian used the name Sophie for the fictitious command of Jack Aubrey in Master and Commander, but there was a real one too!
  9. Well done Sjors. Congrats on the finished model.
  10. If you want to stay with Caldercraft I'd recommend the bomb vessel Granado. A little less complex and smaller than Agamemnon. My build log is in my signature. I made a number of changes to the kit, including substituting boxwood for the hull planking. Bob "rafine" has just completed a very nice build of her as well, if you'd like to see another example of what can be done with the kit. It's a neat looking vessel, with just enough complexity and decoration. Highly recommended.
  11. Well...I've decided to go a different route with regard to which actual ship within the class I am building. I had wanted to use the nice brass cannon barrels supplied by Caldercraft and build her as Cruizer, but alas they will just not work. When scaled out on the Syren gun carriage and barrel plans, they are nearly 18 pounders; not the 6 pounders Cruizer carried. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Therefore I have bitten the bullet and ordered carronades from Cornwall Model Boats. The 6 pound bow chasers I'll get from Syren, as I already have the carriages. With that massive change in plans I have now moved forward and added the bow and stern platforms that were commonly found in the class. I still haven't settled completely on a specific ship, but am leaning HMS Reindeer, which is known to have had at least the bow platform, based on it being mentioned in accounts of her battle with the Wasp. Which ships had the stern platform is far less well known and documented. The wheel was installed and rigged prior to installation of the aft platform for access purposes. Both platforms were constructed over a basic support framework and planked with the same maple as the main deck, and then treenailed.
  12. Well done Bob, great work. She's such a fine looking vessel and makes a great model.
  13. I've been busy with a (partial) bathroom remodel but have managed some work now and then on the model. The head is now complete. As mentioned above, it is based as best I could find off the Chapelle Epervier drawings.
  14. Looking great Bob. Home stretch now.