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  1. My sons are going to be Okay!1 Donnie the donor and Andrew the receiver made it though the 8 hour procedure. lots still to overcome. We are in the Walter Reed Fisher House. Very good people. We are maybe the happiest people here. Lots of sadness, lots of hurt inside and out
  2. Uhhhhhhhhh yeah. I really don't know how words can describe this project. This is worthy of the ANATOMY of THE SHIP SERIES. The teaching potential for this work is beyond measure. This has the potential for a practicum and a book, and a real 1:1 build should someone have the money. You sir are an artist.
  3. I know that many on here do not like modern warships much less submarines, and that is okay. However if I may, please pause a moment and look at my USS THRESHER. Look at it not because I built it, or it is some fantastic model but of what and who is reminds us of. Following a yard period USS THRESHER conducted sea trials of the New England coast. One of the test was a deep dive. During the deep dive a silver braised seawater fitting burst in the engine room. At this depth a leak the size of a pencil lead had enough pressure to slice a man into. The stream of water caused damage to nearby electrical panels that control parts of the reactor, it also caused blinding mist. The Captain ordered the Emergency blow system activated. 3000 psi air raced to the tanks. However a diffuser cage at the end of the pipe caused a block of ice to form in the pipe stopping the blow. It was then the reactor scrammed eliminating propulsion. Again an emergency blow was attempted and again ice blocked the air flow. The flooding in the engine room became worse and with nor power to the drain pump the water could not be pumped out. THRESHER sank stern first until the sea crushed her. I as a retired submariner can imagine what was going on during those last moments. They were not Sailors who manned cannons, or climbed the rigging, or fought the storms off Cape Horn, however they were heroes who stood at their stations till the end. Like Sailors from the days of canoes to sail to steam to nuclear power they have no tombstone. So shipmates stop just a second and remember them. Chief
  4. If someone could help me out as I can find nothing on what the Sweeps would look like and where would they be stored when under sail. Thank you. Chief
  5. Friends, I come to you with a heavy heart. My son who is active duty US NAVY is in Stage 5 Kidney Failure. We are in the final stages of the work up so his brother can donate his kidney. That is we hope. We are in Charleston and the only transplant center is in Bethesda Md. at Walter Reed. The expenses are tearing us up. We are out of leave and vacation time. We have to go back and forth 3 times a month. Then when the transplant takes place we will have to alternate to stay up there for 3 months as they both recover. Admin you can take this down if not allowed but we have started a GO FUND ME. if you feel so inclined to help. Thanks Chief