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  1. torpedochief

    USS Guitarro

    The bad luck submarine or known as "The Mare Island Mud Puppy." This 637 ClassSSN sank at the pier during building resulting in an additional 32 months of repairs. She went on to a very successful career. The model is Resin from a mold and master I made. The screw is brass and the control surfaces are cast Britannia.
  2. Been a rough go of it. Both hands damaged. However I am learning to use what I have to do what I must. Doing some larger projects to get some fine motor skills back....hopefully. I have so many ships I want to build. Nantucket Lightship, LEE, and about 10 others I have waiting. Kinda like learning to walk again.
  3. Before President Kennedy approved operation "Frigate Bird," he wanted to be sure he understood exactly what the launching sub looked like. This model was built to show him the lead ship of the new ETHAN ALLEN class of SSBN. Operation "Frigate Bird," would be the worlds first and only launching of a fully armed nuclear-tipped ballistic missile. Upon studying the model Kennedy decided he needed to see the ship in person. Due to his back injuries climbing the ladders into the ship was not an option. Electric Boat fabricated a special cage that lowered the President into the submarine. Kennedy approved the operation. The launch went off as planned. The warhead detonated over the Pacific with a force 15 times greater than the weapon used on Hiroshima. What happened to this model is really unknown. It appears that for security reasons at the time large portions of the interior were removed. Now that the class is no longer in commision and the technology is declassified I can rebuild the interior to what it should have looked like. However, I can still only do the unclassified version of the Engineering spaces. Even the Nautilus Engineering Spaces are still classified. The exterior will be detailed and repainted as it would have appeared in the 1960s.This model is almost 7 feet long!! This will be a fun project for SUBVETS and all who served on the nations SSBNs.
  4. torpedochief

    Making Pens

    Ohhhh very nice pens indeed!!
  5. torpedochief

    Making Pens

    Recovering from cutting off my thumb...opps. So before I get my fine motor skills back I am attempting therapy by turning pens from Battey Well wood from USS DALLAS SSN 700, Jack Danial's oak barrels, a new product Elfylron which is an ivory substitute, and Olive Wood from Bethlehem, Israel.
  6. torpedochief

    USS SANTA FE Bottle in a Ship

    Minibar built for the former commanding officer of the USS SANTA FE SSN 764. Contains CROWN 3 shot glasses, a deck of playing cards, two Cuban cigars, Cigar cutter, and a lighter. Now homeported at the office of Commanding Officer Submarine Group 2, Squadron 10
  7. torpedochief

    Any Southern Shows?

    Dear Friends and Shipmates, Feeling pretty much adrift down this way. Does anyone know of model ship shows or clubs or anything here in the Southern area of the USA? I'm in South Carolina. Thanks Chief
  8. torpedochief

    1/16 Scale TIGER 1

    A three-year project finally completed. This big cat now features High voltage Main gun Flash, Servo recoil, Clark TK 22 control, and soundboard, Metal Tracks, Working Headlight, 4:1 Reduction Gears, Metal Drive Sprocket and Idler, Flashing Bow and COAX MG 34s, Track adjusters, Smoke systems, and it plays the Panzer Leid. All external fittings are nickel and photo-etch. Barrel and muzzle brake are brass and aluminum. The suspension is actual torsion bars just like the real TIGER 1. It is finished in the scheme of the 3rd Company 101st SS at Normandy June 1944. Tiger 334 was knocked out during the fighting.
  9. Rich, you are my new Hero! Loving this as I have an ancient Kate Cory to be built. If you can get a copy of Whale Ships and Whaling by Cook. All you need to know about whalecraft, including pictures of them being built and the folks that built them. Also, recommend Sperm Whaling From New Bedford by Ashley. Great work my Brother!!
  10. British HMS TRAFALGAR CLASS SSN I have fought with the design of this model for 3 years! Its soon to be owner has been so very patient. The problem has been wall thickness issues and stability for its intended purpose as one of the minibars. However after trying 100 combinations of infill and other settings. I have a strong 3 to 4mm wall. Still, it will be reinforced and bulkheads added. I had warpage issue in the sail area and a problem with the top. This is nothing some fiberglass ta[e and resin can.t cure. I added miliputt the top to give me a firm base to add some resin and scribe in the details. I am making another for my use as an RC boat. The room inside is very agreeable to just about any ballast system you would want to use. Plenty of space in the sail for masts, lights or whatever you want. Considering making this a kit. Lots of tuning left and fitting the bar for action stations, but the hard part is done!!
  11. torpedochief


    1/350 Scale Canadian SSK
  12. Thank you both for the info. Lots of research still to do.
  13. torpedochief

    Made from Parts of My Ship

    We bid a final goodbye to USS DALLAS SSN 700 in December. I spent six wonderful years serving onboard and miss it still. I wanted a way for my shipmates and me to have something to hold to remind us of when we were young and on the adventure of our lives. The only part of a submarine that is wood is the in the battery well. This is fine grade maple infused with paraffin wax. The wood holds and supports the batteries with no chance of a spark setting off hydrogen gas. Our lady no longer needed the wood and I was blessed to have some sent to me. The wood is hard to work as the wax and battery acid are a problem. But when you give it some love the results are wonderful. Here are some of the items I have made.
  14. Friends if you are scratch building a project and the plans give no idea of the number of planks to use how is this arrived at? Thanks Chief

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