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  1. looks to me like it is just sheer legs and they are in the act of putting a new foremast in - the new foremast being the long pole poking out at an angle from underneath the sheer legs
  2. there are fully detailed plans of jarvis brace winches in the "anatomy of a ship book" the four-masted barque Lawhill, by captain kenneth edwards, roderick anderson and richard cookson! incredibly detailed even to the number of teeth on the gears!
  3. Why not just put a thin pin vice (holding the fine drill) in the big drill press?
  4. Not many "painting by numbers" to be found in art galleries, however good they are!
  5. Are the decks going to be planked again, as when she was new?
  6. Welcome back, but not really off to a great start, I am afraid"
  7. The other day I got an email requiring me to attend court on charges of failing to pay the toll road dues when I went over the Golden Gate bridge recently. There was a link attached with details. As I live in uk and dont even have a passport I confined it to the trash immediately That is a good tip about not saying YES on cold calls!!!
  8. right click on picture. open with "paint." click on "Image" select "resize." put in a smaller percentage and it will shrink it!
  9. I would say the book Masting & Rigging the Clipper Ship & Ocean Carrier by Harold A. Underhill! Covers most rigging techniques to the final days of sail!
  10. Here are the results for models at the last Charles Miller sale in London. All the previous sales and results are still on the site, so it will give you some idea of estimates and what the models actually sold for. I have a feeling that there is quite a hefty charge just to enter a model in the sale though!
  11. These are some of the World's Most Exquisite Models at the American Marine Gallery. Click on the images to enlarge: The gallery will value your models as well, for a small fee.
  12. What makes me suspicious is the use of the word "boat" on the website! Any sort of maritime expert would not refer to a ship as a boat! Agree with all the others above! Christie's London discontinued maritime sales some years ago, so they would not want them however good! Christie's New York still have maritime sales, I believe.
  13. I just like building models, so never buy anchors, planking or blocks. I do buy chain though, but don't consider it much different than buying twine for rigging!. It is all up to the individual.
  14. very nice items, but for anyone who enjoys building model ships for the sake of it, I can't really take to the idea of buying bits that have been 3d printed by somebody else! where will it end?
  15. Graves, bodies and a letter were eventually found. Both ships were abandoned as the crews tried to get to safety over the ice!