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  1. Does these new colours aply to other English ships at that era or only victory?
  2. Hello. Just finished with tree nailing and the transom on my Sherbourne. Sitting and planing next step that will be the planking of the hull. I don't know if I dare to try clinker planking.
  3. Congratulations, very nice build Tony. Always feels good to be finish with a project (For me I wish it happened more often..)
  4. I read a lot at the moment in your build log for sherbourne and comparing your first attempt on gun carriages and these on triton... Well, small statement that there is a quite big increase in skill☺️ That is a nice aspect of ship modeling. Almost all think a ship model is beautiful. It is much harder to get them say the same for a tank or aircraft...
  5. Thank you James. I have learned it on Flory Models And i also use MRP paints and Mr leveling thinner. Works perfect.
  6. I use Harder & Stenbeck revolution silver line with 0,2 needle. Very good airbrush and very easy to clean. Take any colour and mix it more or less 50%50 and it should work perfect. Or no dilution if Vallejo Model air is used. And to lubricate the needle and triggers the best thing is Iwata Super lube. Jörgen
  7. Oh not really an answer on the question.. But I also used the modelling paste on the first planking to prepare for second planking. Didn't liked it and to be honest, after it was done it was actually not needed. Now I use normal wood putty if I need to fill anything.
  8. When I did my Endevour (see link in signature) I first use modelling paste. Didn't liked it. Then I used sanding sealer as base and after this a lot of Tamiya plastic putty and Tamiya primer. This were on the upper part of the hull to get the high gloss shiny steal hull (not easy with wooden planking).
  9. My Endevour on the wall. Hard to photo it when all the light hits the sails..
  10. Hello I have this kit (not built it). Bought it as a kid on the Swedish post order company "Hobbex". They sold a "Sir Francis Drake Revenge" also. When I bought it it looked so different compare to the airfix plastic models I built then. But when I look at the kit today it is very clear that it is bad quality. The Revenge looked good but the Vasa kit is not even close to the original. I should say no to use 60 dollar on it but that is my opinion.
  11. Hi I was in same situation as you and I decided for Amati Endeavour 1:80. I can highly recommend it and the result is a very beautiful model (link below). The kit have good instructions and they are also translated to English.
  12. Hello Azzoun. I have the 3000 part puzzle on building table at the moment. I was looking at the 9000 part puzzle and it was tempting but I never dare to buy it:)
  13. Hello I have subscripted for this model since it looks very interesting. As the Vasa museum has been part of the design so should the model be very good. However on the photos of the parts so looks the gun very weird, fat and short. Is this the right shape of it? if not so may i redraw my subscription becouse how is then the rest of the model? There are no rewievs or Picture of it, only the 1:10 model at the museum.... Any thougts of this? Br Jörgen
  14. Thank you mtaylor, will try it tomorrow.