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  1. Hello all Now is the time to start my second build log since I have finished the Americas Cup Endeavour. I am more interested in warships of the age of sails so it feels natural to build Sherbourne as a second kit. The ship is not so big but still has all features of a period ship. The main purpose of this build is to learn as many skills as possible so I can not tell how the finished model will look like. I will scratch and replace many parts in the kit just to learn how to do it. The model will be of darker but better walnut than supplied in the kit. I bought it in a local hobby shop here in Helsingborg and I think it is Amati's replacement wood. As sources for the build I will use AOTS Alert, Rigging period for and after craft and other books that I find fits. I will also pick ideas from Chucks cutter Cheerful and of course from the very nice Sherbournes by Gregor, Dirk, Tony and Kester. I hope you don't mind I follow some of your ideas . Ps, Some of the pictures are to small. You will see the full photos if you click (open) on them.
  2. Hi again. It is almost one year ago since i did some update here. To be honest so did I lose the mojo when I started to do the tree nailing. And then came spring and I started to build a new garage to our house so i forgot Sherbourne. I started to modeling again this autumn but it was most plastic 1/48 aircrafts (here is a link to my latest build if someone is interested. It turn out really good i think https://photos.app.goo.gl/K8Xd3N8ZvhoA7NxdA ). But my mojo for Sherbourne just came back so i have continued the build! As you can see on the photo below so have I continued with the tree nailing. One thing that make it much easier sine last year is that I increased the hole diameter from 0.5 to 0.6 mm. This make the production of the tree nails so much easier because they don't split so often. The foto below show how I am doing the tree nailing. Also one one plank has been replased as you can see in the upper part of the photo. Now have i drilled all the holes and I have a big blister on my finger..... Sherbourne is not so seaworthy at the moment This is all from me for now. I felt it was a good thing to start the build log again. Best regards Jörgen
  3. But I must say that the metal parts that arrives every month is very good:)
  4. I also have parked my build until all parts arrive. It pointless to build according to deagostinis instructions. Especially if you plan to replace materials.
  5. Mike Y, I am interested in this saw. But since you live in Sweden you probably know that Biltema also have a band saw for the same amount of money. The Biltema saw is bigger but I doubt little bit on the quality of this. Have you any experiences of this? Also it is possible to use the proxxon band saw to saw lists for planking (doing the same job as the small table saw and scroll saw)?
  6. I love the color of the wood in the model. Can I ask what wood and what finish you are using on the different parts? I'm about to start the Billing Vasa and have already started the Deagustini Vasa bu I can't stand the plywood and the planking material. I also can't find a nice stain or something that I like. and ofcourse congratulations on this wonderful build. Br Jörgen
  7. Beautiful build. The whole building log is a big inspiration for me.
  8. Hello all. What is the best stain to use on bare wood (for example on the planking on billing boats Vasa). Is it varnish based stain, oil based stain or water based stain? Jörgen
  9. Thank you Michael for the explanation, I will do this. Still need to test out the water or the oil:)
  10. Thank you Mickgee and Mog. Think i can skip laquer Based then. Will by water and oil to make some testing. Mickgee, are you staning second planks before you glue them in place? How about sanding then? Mog, a very beautiful ship you have there.
  11. Thank you for the answer Jaager. It is not quality wood but just very light (second planking material delivered in DeAgostinis Vasa kit) and I want to make it oak like so I will go for stain. I still have to choose between oil based or lacquer based. Think I have to buy them both and test them out.
  12. Hello all, it was a while ago. I haven't build on the Sherbourne for some time because life get in the way. I have also done some other project like this:) However I have now start to build on the Sherbourne again and I have just finished the planking. It is far from perfect but since this build is to learn the different technics. Lessons that I have learned is: Use more time and make better planing and drawings at the beginning. Now that I have done it the first time I know how the outcome will be so the planing will be easier. Plank in smaller belts so it is possible to correct the lines between the belts. Not afraid to use a sharp knife to correct planks that already is glued in place. Start with the garboard strake and plank upwards since I don't like at all the fit in plank between other planks. You will then always have a plank to press against. Be careful with needles since they make mark in the planks even if you put them at the side of the plank to hold it in positioning. Be better to use rabbet and this most in the steam. Be very carefully with superglue since in "paint" the planks dark. Try to avoid water as much as possible when bending planks. It takes to long time to dry them before it is possible to glue them in. I have start to Use Chucks method with hairdryer. But ends............. How bad I was on lining up the but ends. The reason was actually laziness. From now I will put much more attention to this. The result is below. Now it is time to continue with the stern and tree nailing.... I also have to announce that I will start on a new project as you can see below. I already build the new DeAgostini Vasa but since I also have the Billing boats Vasa so think I it is a very good idea to build them at the same time so people here can see the differences between the kits. I am planing to build the Billing Vasa strait from the box as a relaxed build since I will put all effort on the DeAgsotini Vasa since it is so much better in details. The Billing Vasa will also have the "old" painting scheme since i like the colours:) Jörgen
  13. You can thin it lesser and higher the air preassure instead for the airbrush. Just test it and don't pay so much attention to the "milk consistens".
  14. I will also follow:) Were did you found these screw in clamps? Or have you done them by your self?
  15. I also build the kit. At the moment it is on hold since i just collect the parts. I want to build it in my way and not according to deAgostinis weird approach. I think it is worth the money (still very expensive) but the decorations are beautiful. I will put more money on it since I want to replace the second planking layer. The quality of the wood in that case is a negative part of the kit in my opinion.
  16. Nice job Pucko. Is it the Postnord that is failing again? When I looking on your build I get more and more convinced that it is better to wait for the parts and build it in your own way and just skipp Deagostinis weird approach.
  17. They are lacquer based quite close to alclad ,that is the problem with the fumes. However, the airbrushing with them is a pleasure. They cure very hard and cover very well. They are pre thinned in the bottles so it is only to spray. It works very well to use the Mr hobby levelling thinner on them. You can do the smallest dots or line with perfect blending result and they never clogged like water based paints. Also the cleanup is very easy. But a vent or respirator is needed. Here are two reviews on them, one from Flory models in Uk and one from Dogs models in US. Sorry WBlakeny for posting all these things here but I want you to have a really good start with the airbrush and it can't be easier than this.
  18. Agree with CDW. Try the airbrush with the new MRP Paints http://mrpaint.sk/ (only drawback is the smell) and the result will be perfect.
  19. I will follow Hennie. It is a beautiful ship. Good luck with the build.
  20. I took a closer look to the photo of the kits in the book shelf. All these AOTS book makes me jealous..........................
  21. Ofc I am also in Love these 1:350 kits. Have self started on the Revell Bismarck but it is little on hold while I build other things...
  22. Very nice and elegant planking technic. Please continue with photos and your comments. They are very helpful. Must learn from you here since my planking is much more "rought" with water soaking, drying, preassure, superglue and sanding..

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