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    Ships, both plastic and wood. Naval/maritime history, maritime art, astronomy, WWI armor and aircraft, and scratching my butt.

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  1. New from UT

    Welcome to the club. What part of Utah are you from? I live in Draper. Ron
  2. Damaged Model

    Did early brigantines have a gaff on the foremast? That's why I thought topsail schooner.
  3. Damaged Model

    I am thinking it is a topsail schooner
  4. Got lost for awhile

    Hi guys and gals. Haven't been on here in sometime so I thought I had better introduce myself. My name is Ron Wilkinson and I am from Draper, UT. Have been a NRG member for over 20 years and also an IPMS member. Currently working on Blue Jacket's Olympia and Zvesda's Knyaz Suvorov. Ron W.