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  1. If you had some Cad skills it could be 3d model up sent to Shapeways online printing services and have it printed out within a week. I did all my stacks. flues and whistle on my riverboat. I would cost between 3-7 dollars and the detail will be sharp. If you want I may have time to model it up, print and ship to you. about an hour of my time. Lee
  2. Will have to check, it has been about a year. But I had no problems once all the setting was set. I believe most of the software is on line and there is a file icon that goes on your computer. This is my results.
  3. I also have a Circuit machine and have used it with my autocad software. I have cut out pully sheave and wheels for a card model. Also for my riverboat used it to cut the roof trim and railings made from .010 thick plastic. Drawn them up in autocad and I believe I have saved them in dxf format. in circuit I had to position and scaled it. For the sheaves I drew one up copied mult units on sheet, it then cut them all out. Just have to watch the cutting they trend to pile up around the knife blade. Existing prints you can scan them to your computer and input them in as a jpeg file, scale it and save in dxf I believe. These files can be imported. It has been 6 months since I done it but it works. Lee k