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  1. Robert Welcome aboard, I'm a member of the Shipwrights of Central Ohio, we are located out of Columbus, Ohio. Check our site out and maybe we can help. Lee Kimmins
  2. FYI is a good source for info even some nice pictures and info on build of a rc model of the stern wheeler Monroe. Lee
  3. FYI HI Mates, came across another site for picture reference, Years back Ralph DuPae collected pictures of river boats across the country. He found over 40,000 pictures and they are digital store to view and order from the Murphy Library located at the university of Wisconsion digital collection. also the egregious (steamboat journal), S & D reflector (sons and daughters of pioneer rivermen) and American steamwheel association (sternwheeler). Lee
  4. FYI Howard shipyards in Indiana built a side wheeler City of Monroe in 1897 was burned and damage by a tornado 1899 rebuilt as Hill City, converted to Corwin H Spencer and burned 1905. A lot of Howard Steamboat Company information is at library. You can write or call and get copies of information on the craft you need. There is over 200,00 pieces of information about the company and what they did.. Lee
  5. FYI For your references there are a lot of pictures from the Howard Steamboat collection posted on The collection shows side and stern and most pictures are very good to zoom up and print out. Lee
  6. Steam boaters info Steam boaters information found on web. I have been to the Howard steam boat museum and have found on their web site various pictures and listing of ships built over the years. Another site is The Lilly Library in Bloomington, Ind. which has a large collection of pictures on line of various ships built and pictures of the ship yards and family. They have over 200,000 pieces of information turned over to them from the late owners. pictures, records, plans, drawing ect. You can make a request a search for information on a boat and they can locate it. You can go there to view it and request a copy. Please check it out. Lee
  7. Hello Bob I am a member of the club located in Columbus, Ohio called Shipwrights of central Ohio, We meet the 3rd Saturday of the month at the Westerville Public Library from 9-11:30. We have around 25 members which varies from 8-12 members show up to a meeting. We have members from all around Ohio. Our president name is Bill Nyberg, email is shipwrigh at Please visit our sight and drop a line and we will pull you in. Lee Kimmins lkimmin at
  8. Hello all Here is the information you requested. We have members from Cleveland to Columbus. The web site is Contact info to Bill Nyberg at Welcome aboard Lee
  9. Hello builder, just a word if help is needed, there is a local club that meet's in Columbus, Ohio called Shipwrights of Central Ohio. Check our web site out. We meet every 3rd Saturday of the month at the Westerville Library from 9:00-11:30. Lee Kimmins
  10. I have received my new kit today all looks good the wait was ok. Lee
  11. Just redone my work area over the winter, used solid wood cores as tops plenty of room and solid.