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  1. After the glue dried on the bass wood strips I attached the railing and drilled holes into the bass strips so the deadeyes would be able to be glued in place.
  2. In order to attach the deadeyes inside the bulkhead I attached and glued the bass wood strips to the deck.
  3. I have attached the railing supports on the rear deck. Still working on attaching the deadeyes to the deck.
  4. Thanks for the encouragement
  5. The deck houses are not glued onto the deck as I am currently working on attaching the rails and deadeyes. I also have the two bathrooms built and the winch and chain. This was completed on July 7, 2018.
  6. I then created the other two deck houses and the chicken houses and hatches.
  7. After the deck was planked I moved on to building the deck houses and other deck fittings. As I have no real plans I used the Billings plans and a copy of the Scientific plans. I believe that the deck house on the cutty was smaller than this one. April 2018 - June 2018
  8. This planking was started in March as you can see there wasn't a false deck. I had to put in wood block in order to support the decking. The planks were marked with a black magic marker.
  9. I received this hull of the Cutty Sark back in 2013. A friend of my son gave it to him to give to me. It has sat in my boatyard all this time. Back in March I started working on by planking the deck.
  10. No problem Hope they help. Good luck with your build.
  11. mailed this morning. have fun
  12. Nat I will try to get them in the mail in a day or so. Al
  13. Nat, I have copies of the Scientific Constitution. However they are copies and you would have to piece them together. I built the model but never completed it. I have looked high and low for the original directions but have come up empty handed. Send me you address if you want them. Alan
  14. Cuda1949

    new member

    Welcome from Lower Slower Delaware formerly of Philadelphia. Look forward to you build
  15. Happy Belated Birthday my friend. What a great present hope you have a great time. Al

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