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  1. Thanks I will try it on my next build. I tried using a piece of wire between the two deadeyes but it kept falling out.
  2. Yes by accident. I tried my best to have them all line up but the best laid plans of men and mice. Lol. This was my first attempt at rigging and I used wire to wrap the deadeyes and then I used my rope by tying and wrapping on the wire. It was real hard to get them to line up.
  3. Finished all the shrouds on port and starboard side of ship. On to the spars and bowsprit. I will post pictures as I go.
  4. Cuda1949

    Hello from Maryland

    Actually we live between Selbyville and Fenwick Island right off route 54. Small world.
  5. Cuda1949

    Hello from Maryland

    Welcome aboard from Lower Slower Delaware. We only got 2 inches and I hate winter also.
  6. The rigging continues at a snails pace. Found out that the deadeyes and shrouds needed an additional one placed into a big opening. I have attached all the spreader bars and tied them to the shrouds. More updates as I continue.
  7. I feel your pain. I know how it feels to be ready for the next step and find out that two steps ago something is wrong. Hang in there. I too am retired so hang in there and enjoy the build. That being said I am enjoying your build. I built the Hannah as a ship in bottle several years ago. I started the build in 1998 and finished in in 2014. I had nothing but problems with the build and would put it aside for six moths or a year and then bring it back until the next problem reared its ugly head. LOL finally finished it and put in the bottle all end well eventually. Oh Fly Eagles Fly
  8. yes there are 11 at each mast. I have to remove some because the shrouds did not line up so I added 4 more to each mast. almost done rigging the foremast on the port side. then onto the main mast. all done for the day admiral invited new mateys over for cards tonight.
  9. Okay the Holidays are over and now part two of the rigging begins. I have made the spreader bars for the rigging and started the port side rigging. I started with the mizzen mast the main mast and am working on the foremast.
  10. Currently my work area is in the 3 rd bedroom, My desk is located in the closet. But starting in the spring I intend to fix up my shed which is an 8 x 12 foot outbuilding. It needs some new t-111 and new roof and electric added. Once that is completed I intend to move the desk into it and add a workbench across the back.
  11. Yes I got Longridges double volume I found it on abe books did not come with the plans however. Very helpful though
  12. Thank you Things have come to halt what with the Holidays but I may be getting started again in a day or so. Hope your seat is up front and did you bring popcorn
  13. I actually got my start in 1994 when a co worker and good friend Maurice showed me a Ship in Bottle kit he had received as a present from his children. That is how I started. He gave me a copy of the plans and I scratch built the Privateer. From there all my builds were of actual ships such as The Bluenose, The America, The Pamir the Young America and so on. I told my wife that this hobby would not take up a lot of room and that all my tools would fit in a cigar box. Now 20 some odd years later I have a desk that I use to store all the tools and supplies. LOL I really enjoyed building the ships in bottle but the wife complained I can't see any detail why can't you make a ship I can see. I bought a kit of the Opium Smuggler and built that. My friend passed away in the late 90's and I still think of him when I start a new build. Currently I am building the Cutty Sark, It was a hull that was given to me by my son and I have been scratch building it since March 2018. I have a build log on this site showing my progress. Happy New Year, Al from the Eastern Shore of Delaware.
  14. Hi Paul Thanks for the help it give me some thought as how I will do it. I will post pictures once they are under way. Thanks again
  15. Thanks Mark, I will try doing your method/ Very similar to the way I do my sib models. Merry Christmas Al

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