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  1. There was an accident in the Shipyard. Evidently my 80 pound lap dog was attracted to the copper or she was unimpressed with my efforts. But I will have to start over. I have recently received the replacement hull from the people at Model Expo and will start posting again. To be honest I may not copper it this time based on the time it took and how it looked. Jack
  2. Gerald, Looks great I wish I had gone with the longer planks. Jack
  3. TexasJackTar

    Phantom first build

    Good luck with the build, I am in the midst of my Phantom. If you have any questions just put them out there on the forums, everyone is great about helping out! Jack
  4. Gerald, Looks like you are off to a great start! I really like the weathering and may "borrow" the idea! Keep up the good work. Jack
  5. David, Glad to see another Phantom on the site. I am a few steps ahead on the build but it looks to be light years behind in skill! Looking forward to following this one along with the Sultana, which I plan to do next. Regards, Jack
  6. I have almost completed coppering my Phantom. I like the look especially if viewed with the "5-foot" rule in mind, and will do so on any future models that call for it. However, I do reserve the right to change my mind if the plans call for 1/4" X 1/8" plates. Man those are small! Jack
  7. Here are some pictures of the hull being coppered. While the Phantom is listed as a beginner kit, I'm not sure if i would agree. The scale at 1:96 is awfully small for a noob to work with. Thank Neptune for Chuck's practicum.
  8. Steve- Thanks, We used to have a bunch of Phantoms. Hopefully someone will be able to learn from my errors. Craig- No i am not doing the build for free program. I thought about it but didn't want to set a deadline for myself. As it is i don't get much time during the week and only a little time on the weekends. Kids, wife, job and life continue to intrude on me time. thanks for looking in at my build.
  9. Here are some pictures of the hull after shaping and sanding. I had a problem with the stern, the bulwark cracked and broke off so I rebuilt with some scraps and wood putting. I decided to do the starboard side first and learn from any mistakes before I did the port side. I figured this makes sense as I will display with the port side showing. Next pictures will be of coppering the hull. Jack
  10. I decided last year to give the hobby a try as I was always fascinated with the thought of building a wooden ship. I built many plastic kits as a kid and have been a history buff my entire life. I was lucky enough to find the community and continue to be in awe of the work I see. I started the model but ran had to take a break due to whole life, family and job thing. When I came back, I was bummed to see that my prior postings were lost, but I do understand it was the absolutely LAST thing the moderators could have imagined or wanted. Thanks to all for putting the site back to together and I will start posting soon. Jack

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