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  1. The Flag ship of Michiel Adriaanszoon de Ruyter - Dutch commander of the fleet in the 17th century. This ship is completely scratch build from different available sources and then worked out up to a complete building kit which is now available via Kolderstok.com
  2. Dordreght 2

    Marcus, Both build on the Peperwerf in Amsterdam - and maybe both build by the same master. There are differences however: In 1618 the VOC standards described a vessel of max 150 feet length (Amsterdamse voet - 28,3 cm), so overall length of the Hull almost 43 meter Somewhere in 1625 these standards where changed and the vessels could now have a length of max 160 feet - w.i. somewhat more then 45 meter No great difference, but some there was. When I started to build the Batavia as model kit I did not yet have permission from the Batavia wharf to bring it on the market. So I called the prototype the Dordrecht, gave her a new stern and started to build. The photos show the result. I have already started a new build of a (second) Dordrecht, somewhat shorter, little change in decks etc. to make her as a building kit.
  3. During the Voyage of the Batavia to East India Francisco Pelsaert shipwrecked on the Australian coast. Before he was Skipper on the Batavia he was in charge of a sister ship - the Dordreght. The Dordreght was built in 1618 on the Peperwerf in Amsterdam. She was about 150 Amsterdam feet w.i. roughly 43 meters. On her stern was the maiden of Dordrecht, and this statue (from 1616) is still on the Groothoofdspoort of the city of Dordrecht. Fully scratch build, but I am planning to make a model kit of her in future.
  4. Small yacht (or pinas) on which Willem Jansz made the first landing on Australia in 1606 for the Dutch VOC
  5. Batavia model

    Hello Ships88, We are planning the following models: - Batavia (already released) plus sistership Dordrecht from 1618 - Duyfken (next in row) - Later: Statenjacht, Watership, Great 17th century military vessel (which is...) Time schedule however unknown. Sorry
  6. Pictures of the 17th century Batavia which shipwrecked at Australia on her maiden voyage.
  7. Stern View

    Nice work, very well done! The 17th century ships are nice ones!
  8. Cimg7980small

    Costas - and all the others - thanks for the comments and the likes! It is not the Revell plastic model - no. In fact there is no manufacturer who makes a wooden kit of the Batavia, so I made this model complete scratch out of wood myself :-)