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  1. Italian Boats of the Adriatic Sea

    Last images. Cheers, Jack. 06 Gaeta Falcata 06 07 Gaeta Falcata 07 08 Gaeta Falcata 08 09 Gaeta Falcata 09
  2. Italian Boats of the Adriatic Sea

    Tuesday, August 8, 2017 I finished to restore the images that disappeared thanks to Photobucket. . Now they are (or rather the conditional would be) all visible as before. I would be grateful if you would like to report any anomalies in the visualization of images, maybe via private message. Thank you. Jack. I've added other unpublished photos. . 01 Gaeta Falcata 01 02 Gaeta Falcata 02 03 Gaeta Falcata 03 04 Gaeta Falcata 04 05 Gaeta Falcata 05 Continua . .
  3. Hi Mr. Jack ... writing just to say i follow this brilliant build all the time... Now, when it is amost done, I can say to You that I will write a very positive coments, but in the end when it will not affect to Your masterwork... Thank You so much to share the photos with the rest of the modellers, thanks for been with us ...

    All the best,



  4. Italian Boats of the Adriatic Sea

    Let's continue with the series of images with a vengeance . . at least let's admire the sights and the landscapes. In fact I'm starting to make a little thought for the next summer holidays. Goodbye to the next issue, Jack. images/12715593_1314013735290879_2037135751945228254_n_zpsgnu1euug.jpg images/12042903_1215228331836087_295011510375137396_n_zpsv3hlne6b.jpg images/11012378_1215228275169426_6462948114002841846_o_zpsgjwhtiur.jpg images/10463693_927335837292006_6394385187921804234_o_zps2zvgjbcw.jpg images/10317732_1215228268502760_6401978997122026300_o_zpszc7pc6ry.jpg
  5. Italian Boats of the Adriatic Sea

    Further images of another modern replica . . the Palagruza images/13323574_1038120669629402_1927967706908715442_o_zpsogkn3bxp.jpg images/14310581_1536718136353770_168924993715352107_o_zpscwiopnh0.jpg images/13245380_1414127791946139_4658153669254213566_n_zpsehgsb3s2.jpg images/11229305_1140508929308028_5158174534400611462_o_zpseguowijc.jpg images/11218908_1253918054633781_3524135998334951931_n_zpsrc8fifi5.jpg
  6. Italian Boats of the Adriatic Sea

    The "Comizo Lisbona", the first modern replica of a original "Gajeta Falkusa" . . images/14346127863_8bdda63443_b_zpskixbs1rs.jpg images/47_zpsgdsujmd1.jpg images/00_zpsur2qhodq.jpg images/ROTA_PALAGRUZONA19-030909_zpsl6gths6d.jpg images/komiza-gajeta falkusa_zpsamhxmagh.jpg images/Komiza---Falkusa_zpszgxrben1.jpg
  7. Italian Boats of the Adriatic Sea

    Additional photos . . see also this wonderful sea . . images/181_zpsxlqa9hiq.jpg images/IMG_0025_1-2_zpsp3i0zkey.jpg images/GAJETA-FALKUSA-FRONT-3_zps8zfdap6t.jpg images/falkusa_f_zpsyberdca5.jpg images/falkusa_zpslf4d9ibz.jpg
  8. Italian Boats of the Adriatic Sea

    Continuation with shipyard images . . 24 images/10259214_887783297913927_7019860029147285928_o_zpst7jyyyju.jpg 26 images/1654300_826070370751887_366702672_n_zpseacotl9f.jpg 37 images/20131106-135910_zpscdx5d2j1.jpg 38 images/20131106-135804_zpsovvhldwp.jpg 39 images/rebra_zps6ldz7yxj.jpg
  9. Italian Boats of the Adriatic Sea

    Further images of a boat of this kind under construction . . . the only concession to modern times seems to be the space left for the screw. 03 images/image_zpsdpgpnyrl.jpg 08 images/DSC01514a_zpsisnqpekf.jpg 15 images/12027496_1215228315169422_275117200362761938_n_zpsxncoclzw.jpg 18 images/10380473_887783317913925_912892330157762390_o_zpsun7ulcwp.jpg 21 images/10300435_887783247913932_8779896280065296570_n_zpssgccty7t.jpg 23 images/10300230_880321261993464_2183553797794728141_n_zps2vqfftgo.jpg
  10. Italian Boats of the Adriatic Sea

    Here are other images of this interesting boat . . images/Falkusa-2_zpscpvziyga.jpg images/10838111_1125193267506261_3848311719629909237_o_zpsfahchti4.jpg images/Falkusa-1_zpswokpwsjz.jpg images/13495041_1436404193051832_207663964353685171_n_zpswrqawqxs.jpg images/12006445_542691249215097_4094479188976777793_o_zpsvrc8sfmg.jpg
  11. Italian Boats of the Adriatic Sea

    Some additional closest details about this boat . . but take a special look at this wonderful sea . . images/P9020171_zpsnaozx78q.jpg images/P9020154-2_zpsjirw7xwy.jpg images/P9020153-2_zpsrkwefhia.jpg images/P6220096_zpscwrzetmk.jpg images/falkusa1_zpsbv3ksy9c.jpg
  12. Italian Boats of the Adriatic Sea

    Italian Boats of the Adriatic Sea The Gaeta Falcata (Gajeta Falkusa) Here follows a collection of pictures of this particular type of Gaeta, native of the island of Lissa, Vis in Croatian. I am gathering some information material with in mind the idea of possibly start building a model of this vessel. In fact it's a bit particular kind of vessel: this Gaeta was used by local fishermen for the sardine fishing. Because the most numerous banks of these kind of fish were at a distance of 80-100 km from their base harbour, the town of Comiso, they had to reach the fishing area under sail. So it was very useful to have the boat sides rather high to keep better the sea, because the sail, as you will see from the pictures, was slightly abundant. Once on the fishing site, instead, it was more useful a boat with low sides to be able to handle more easily the fishing nets. So, the special feature of this boat was that it had removable side panels to be used in case of need and to remove while fishing. Hence the term "falcata". images/img_4608_zpsogbsjnzs.jpg images/IMG_4588_zpsrgmphmw1.jpg images/IMG_4583_zpsazgwkem2.jpg images/IMG_4581_zps8jdvx3g2.jpg
  13. Italian Boats of the Adriatic Sea

    Italian Boats of the Adriatic Sea The Paranza Pictures by http://www.cherini.eu/ Cherini/05-Paranza marchigiana_zps91cbip0h.jpg Cherini/03-Paranza pugliese e picena_zpslxxvc5pv.jpg Cherini/04-Paranza del primo Ottocento da ex voto_zpsf7ev57ar.jpg Cherini/02-Paranzella pugliese_zpsyvn0xsrp.jpg For "Paranza" we mean a italian vessel typical of the Central Adriatic. The Paranza, like all popular boats, was the result of a complete historical evolution and adaptation to structural requirements dictated by both the environment and the usage. Measuring between 7 and 16 meters, the hull, rather short and almost flat bottomed at the midship section, was characterized by a curved and retroflex bow, with the end fashioned as a "cap"; the stern post was slightly inclined and projecting outwards. Another distinctive feature was represented by the profile and the strong structure of the bow, the sheer of its gunwale and the typical succession of the bollards. The bow eyes, always present, were usually applied and carved in relief. The enormous rudder, with a draught far below the keel level also effectively performed the function of a stabilizer. Normally the boat was parked on dry over the beach and was equipped with two side keels or thick blades, intended to facilitate the hauling and to stabilize the hull. With a strong camber, the deck has a relatively modest sheer. Already documented in the Adriatic below the mid-nineteenth century, the Paranza has originally a "Calcese" mast with Latin sail hoisted on a long antenna, made in one single piece. Such equipment was gradually replaced by more manageable lugsail, more traditional in the northern Adriatic coasts. Cherini/Paranza_of_Foletti Olindo_zpsxym5ayht.jpg Model by Foletti Olindo (ANVO)
  14. Italian Boats of the Adriatic Sea

    Italian Boats of the Adriatic Sea Pictures by http://www.cherini.eu/ The Topo Cherini/21-Topo%20veneto_zpsjwpgstnc.jpg Cherini/arz_draw_topa_zpshtrywfug.gif The topo (meaning “mouse”), also known as a mototopo, is a traditional Venetian cargo boat. It is still commonly used today in the Venetian Lagoon. An Istrian version of the boat, known as the topo istriano, was very popular among fishermen in Istria. These boats were traditionally made in Venetian shipyards (called squeri or squeri veneziani) in the Istrian cities of Pirano and Isola d'Istria. The Battana Cherini/Battana_del_Delta_zpso9yowzav.jpg Cherini/22-Battana con vela latina e brazzera Barcola_zps9b5b3ga7.jpg The battana is a traditional wooden boat used in the regions of Veneto, Romagna and Istria. The battana originated among the ancient Italian navigators of the Po Valley and Venetian Lagoon. From here it spread to the areas surrounding the cities of Bellaria-Igea Marina, San Mauro Mare and Goro in Romagna, Fano and Senigallia in Marche, and Rovigno in Istria. The battana was very popular along the Adriatic coast because it was cheaper and easier to build.
  15. Italian Boats of the Adriatic Sea

    Italian Boats of the Adriatic Sea The Pielego Cherini/32-Pielego_zpsjajq7zgz.jpg Cherini/pielego_zpsq6eh3ofp.jpg The pielego was a smaller version of the trabaccolo and was commonly used in the middle and upper Adriatic. It became even more popular than the trabaccolo because its better flexibility. Disegni da http://www.cherini.eu/

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