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  1. Thank you for your kind response! In fact, I am considering making the book in English. Hopefully I can manage this within the next few months. My major problem is, to produce a comparable high quality description in english language.
  2. Dear colleagues, I am very happy to present my book to you today. It carries the title: " Die Farbe Blau im historischen Schiffbau – von der Antike bis zur Neuzeit" A short description: "The use of the colour blue in historical shipbuilding raises many questions. Which pigments, which colours were available and how were they used? What could be used in shipbuilding? Join us on a fascinating journey over 5,500 years back from the discovery of the first blue pigments to modern times. An abundance of sources and pictorial materials round off the well-founded descriptions. Let yourself be surprised what the colour blue has to offer in shipbuilding". A few dates on the book: - Hardcover with 200 pages - High quality colour printing - Over 160 images, mostly color - Language: German - Publisher: Books on Demand, Norderstedt - Price incl. VAT 76,80 € The book is expected to be available on the German book market at all booksellers and online shops in the second half of January 2019, from abroad directly from me. But you can also order directly from me, I will always have a certain contingent. http://www.modellbau-muellerschoen.de/buch-en.htm info@modellbau-muellerschoen.de I accept pre-orders gladly, the supply within Germany is then free of charge and reduced accordingly abroad. Who would like it, can also get a personal dedication. These are the main chapters: Einführung Geschichtliche und gesellschaftliche Entwicklungen der Farbe Blau Die blaue Farbenkunde Anwendung der Farbe Blau Blau im Schiffbau der Antike Blau im Schiffbau des Mittelalters Blau im Schiffbau fernöstlicher Kulturen Blau im Schiffbau der frühen Neuzeit Zum guten Schluss On my website you will find the complete table of contents and also some views of pages from the book. Have a look under it: http://www.modellbau-muellerschoen.de/buch-en.htm I'd be delighted if I'd aroused your interest in the book. Best regards, Joachim
  3. Hi Michael, I just took a look again through your wonderful build log! It is really an amazing and fantastic bouild, your Wasa! Unfortunataly I had not enough time in the past to look continuously through your post. But the result now is great! Big gratulations for finishing it in this way! Regards, Joachim
  4. Hi Michael, interesting making of your blocks. The Proxxon-Part cannot be bought on a regular way, but you can write an e-mail to Proxxon service and ask for this as a spare part (the part no. of mine was 34114-2015). Then they give you an offer with a price and you can order it. Me and some of my collegues did it this way. Joachim
  5. Hi Michael, as you also, I have the same lathe from Proxxon. But I ordered also the bottom part as spare part from Proxxon. I screwed both on a long, narrow wooden plate. So I have now the possibility to work on very long rods and this makes work much easier, it works pritty good. In the picture you can see the extension on the right side. Joachim
  6. Thank you all very much ! I am pleased about so much interest. @Karleop concerning the net, they are simply from fly screens for windows, there exist different ones and I looked for some with the right grid-size. bye Joachim
  7. Dear Michael, after a long time I was not in the forum, I have read with great joy all the new posts in your build log. You know I love your Wasa and she has made fantastic progress. It will be a great model. I will continue to look over your shoulder. best regards Joachim
  8. Dear colleagues, thanks a lot for your kind words and the Likes. I'm glad that still some are following my build log, although I was absent for long time . Cheers, Joachim
  9. ... and now, the last pictures of the overview. Bye Joachim
  10. Hello, now the standing rigg is finalized. Due to this step I made some pictures of the whole model. Regards, Joachim
  11. Hello, For avoiding vibrations of the backstays, there are fixed small ropes between them. Bye Joachim
  12. Hello, next are the backstays. Although they are not shown in any plan and no model kit knows it, they exist and can be seen on all pictures. Therefore I analysed the pictures for all details and build them. Bye Joachim
  13. Hello everybody, long, long time since my last update. Unfortunately I hat too less time, keeping up all the forums with updates of the AV. But now I intend to update this build log here step by step. Maybe there is still somebody, remembering me and my AV. First I will start with an overview with all fixed shrouds. Bye Joachim
  14. Hi Michael, after a long absence here, I am really happy to see these fantastic advance on your model ! It looks so realistic ! During my summer holiday unfortunately I had a big accident with my car and the caravan, everything was totally damaged. Fortunately, my family and I were unhurt, but afterwards we had a lot of trouble and I could not spend my time for anything else. But now, I am back again and I am glad following your build log further on. regards, Joachim
  15. Meanwhile, the lower shrouds of the foremast are ready so far. First an overview. On the next screen, the ratlines with he metal bars are quite clearly visible. Around the top there is built a lot. You can see now on the port side of the futtock rigging with the leashings. The pendants are fixed to the ratlines. Between the shrouds there are fixed two ropes (I don't know the english word ...) and those ropes are again fixed below the top again with some ropes. Now even more views. And now I am going into the summer hollidays to the Mediterranean. So best wishes, and read on here then again in a few weeks. bye Joachim

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