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  1. Your Images for our Facebook Page :-)

    Feeling very honored to have Doris visit (and LIKE) my photo's. Such a world class artist.... her SOS model is without peers in the entire world. Dave
  2. Your Images for our Facebook Page :-)

    Carvings..... From the beginning, with the La Couronne's stern, I have loved the challenge of carving wood..... Here's the beak figure of the Confederacy.... perhaps my favorite carving of all. My friends named the warrior "Bluto" Clearly, the Sovereign of the Seas is all about her carvings. I spent a couple-a-hundred hours on her stern panels.... Finally, here's the USS Constitution's stern eagle .....
  3. Your Images for our Facebook Page :-)

    I had the same concern Dirk. I can either remove those shots or replace them with close-ups of the carvings. Your call sir. PS - I love this page. Thank you. Dave
  4. Your Images for our Facebook Page :-)

    My first pure scratch build.... La Couronne This scratch built Syren was one of the first three prototypes for this model. This is my scratch built Sovereign of The Seas with more than a thousand hours in the dozens of carvings.
  5. Your Images for our Facebook Page :-)

    My fully rigged Confederacy.... My HMS Victory.... 180th scale scratch build. Possibly the worlds smallest fully rigged Vic.
  6. Thinking maybe we pick a place kinda mid-way for the members who show interest. Dunn, for example.
  7. Checked with the Raleigh paper (N&O)—- Pretty reasonable cost to run a Sunday ad in the CLASSIFIED section.... considering 5 or 6 lines (30 characters per line). Can’t hurt. Dave
  8. Hi Cliff....Thanks for the response. No problem with the “newbie” thing. Hope we get some more responses. You can help spread the word among your friends. Possibly some who are not yet involved in ship modeling but might be interested in taking it up. Dave
  9. A few of us would like to establish a new ship modelers club in or around the Raleigh / Fayetteville area? We are looking for potential modelers interested in meeting to discuss. Dave
  10. just what is a "scratch built model"?

    Do you mean like turning a bamboo serving tray into hull planking strips for a large model ship.... or turning wooden tooth picks to create belaying pins.... or buying an old chair at an estate sale just to get the hard rock maple from it. This is the kind of stuff “scratch builders” do all the time. FUN THREAD. Cheers
  11. Damaged Model

    David....My personal experience in taking on a couple of restorations in very similar condition, they can be a lot of fun, particularly if you know the history behind them. Don't know if you can trace the history back to the builder in this case, but it was quite interesting to know who the builder was and when it was built. My last restoration was the "Half Moon" and the original builder lived in Italy. Seriously damaged when the family tried to ship it to a personal friend, and did a very poor job of protecting is in the way it was packaged. Best of luck with this one. Dave
  12. 2017-03-02 22.03.38.jpg

    "Good" is such an understatement. This model boarders on "insanity"! WOW! I love it! Dave
  13. I named him "Bluto"

    You can visit the entire build log for this and several more of my projects at my website.... http://www.davesmodelships.blogspot.com Thanks for the visit. Dave
  14. Fully rigged

    Thanks for the visit Nils. The Confederacy has been my pride and joy for years now. Hoping to be matched with my current build of the SOS.
  15. Worlds smallest fully rigged HMS Victory?

    So glad you appreciate that particular model Jesse. The story behind that one does make it very special with my son who has "locks" on it after I eventually check out.

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