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  1. 2017-03-02 22.03.38.jpg

    "Good" is such an understatement. This model boarders on "insanity"! WOW! I love it! Dave
  2. Dave.... Beautiful rendering. Been using AutoCad for years, This looks like more fun than scratch building with wood. However.... Too much on my plate right now to take up a new toy. Cheers
  3. I named him "Bluto"

    You can visit the entire build log for this and several more of my projects at my website.... http://www.davesmodelships.blogspot.com Thanks for the visit. Dave
  4. Fully rigged

    Thanks for the visit Nils. The Confederacy has been my pride and joy for years now. Hoping to be matched with my current build of the SOS.
  5. It really was a fun day, and, hopefully everyone will be up for a repeat next year. Learned a lot this time.... Should be able to make a few improvements.
  6. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Just found this unique thread.... Only to learn of Patrick's bad news. Happens to about all of us at some point in our lives Patrick..... Never the end of the world, and many times leads to "better deal". Just don't get down on yourself at this point. Wish I could sit down with you over a few brews right now.... Lot's of experience in such matters in my former life.
  7. Worlds smallest fully rigged HMS Victory?

    So glad you appreciate that particular model Jesse. The story behind that one does make it very special with my son who has "locks" on it after I eventually check out.
  8. Adam.... You are so right about that. I think it's called evolution. For sure, this event grew way beyond our initial discussion.... And far exceeded the ability for one old man with zero experience to cope with. Thank heaven for the guys in Fayetteville, and Beaufort, and individuals from several other states for coming to the rescue at a time when I was about to lose it. In the end, it was a blast for me and everyone involved. So, I might even consider doing it again next year, provided there's enough interest. Thinking about it, I believe some of the lessons learned this time would make a second event more better.....Same as building the same ship a second time.
  9. Wish I could help you there Jesse, but the Registration Log with all the Modelers names somehow got left at the Exhibition. Hoping I can drive over there tomorrow and retrieve it. Having just gone through Rylands photo's again... I want to draw your attention to his last series.... I wish everyone could have seen the incredible "Topaz" - Steam engine RC model.... Finest hull I think I have ever seen. This would have been my choice for Best Wooden Ship / Boat.... possibly the finest model of the show in my own opinion. I learned this is a kit model by JoTiKa Ltd....Steam Powered River Launch: Here are some shots taken by Mike....
  10. Yes, Mr. Piet did us all proud, but all of the Modelers were magnificent, and they all deserve credit for a wonderful experience. Jesse, your Scottish Maid is just incredible. So glad you had a good day.
  11. What a job by our dear friend Piet.... Seen here in this TV Interview.... Talking about loosing his father during WWII on the O 19 he built as a very special tribute to his dad. What a special story indeed. http://www.wral.com/hobbyists-show-off-handiwork-raise-money-for-a-cuase/14590973/
  12. Thanks for the pics Ryland. That huge six foot long destroyer was voted BEST IN SHOW for the Plastic Ships Category. It is truly AWSOME, huh?
  13. Thanks Marty.... I just got off the phone with Piet, and we both agreed, we could not have enjoyed the day any more if a thousand patrons had come to see our art. It's their loss, not ours. Sure did enjoy meeting you and all the other wonderful folks who joined us. If you have any pics, please feel free to post them here. Many thanks
  14. Thanks to the thirty six Modelers who put on a very nice show today. Every one of the participants reported "had a great time". Wish we could report great general public attendance.... In spite of pretty good media coverage, best guess would be no more than 50 patrons came to see our art. Here's a link to Mike Kloppenburg's Facebook postings of pics taken during set up this morning.... https://www.facebook.com/groups/419067198178592/permalink/808527725899202/