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  1. FINISHED..... Mounted and ready for competition event in January.
  2. FINALLY FINISHED..... I tried to take a photo this morning with close to the same angle as the internet photo used to create this model. Not exact but close enough for hand grenades and horse shoes.... Still a few tasks to work on underneath, but nothing worth including here in closing this little fun build log. Thanks all for sharing your input.
  3. FINISHED? Not really. But I did get my first look with the wheels dry fitted this morning. Note the rolled trim around the cockpit as well... Still a few things to wrap up .... wind shield and wiper blades - and exhaust system being primary.
  4. Believe me Mark.... neither had I, but, with winter coming on, figured I could always use it for firewood. 🤪
  5. Thanks Nick and Niles. Hope to have more progress soon. Dave
  6. Pretty big morning...... A week of creating accessory parts and applying Molotow chrome. Spent yesterday mounting the accessories. Last night, finally shot the Jag with four coats of Testers High Gloss Clear. HOLY CRAP! Having never used this stuff before, I held my breath as I opened the shop this morning. Also, this is the first time I've seen her with all the masking tape removed. Guess I'll need to register the license plate with the state of NC.
  7. The winged knock off hubs...... So tiny, just holding them while carving was kinda testy.... band aid on my finger as evidence.
  8. Since the body paint was applied only three days ago, I can't handle it for another four days before I begin to polish it out with 1,000 grit and begin shooting it with clear coat spray. So I began creating the many accessories .... bumpers, mirrors, turn signals, tail lights, etc) The Molotow pin is amazing!
  9. Progress.... Several things going on right now. First this shot of the engine installed.... Note the spark plug wires running to the distributor ..... Next, developing the front end for mounting the wheels. Since we're not building a pine wood derby car here, I'm using brass tubing to create a mounting that will allow the front wheels to be turned by turning the steering wheel. I'm sure I will not be able to create a Rack and Pinion steering system, but I have a fair idea how to emulate the mechanism. Worth a try.....
  10. Marker will work great for me since the parts are so small.
  11. Thanks Lou.... Sorry bout the camera focus. I was mainly trying to get the light reflection to show up.... which it did. Looks like we have a winner at this point. The decal sheet you suggested looks great and I’ll keep an eye out for it. Nikbud.... my camera angle didn’t catch the foil’s shine very well, but, by comparison, it wasn’t even close. Keep in mind, this was a simple test on a scrap that had been painted silver. The liquid chrome will look even deeper when applied over gloss black enamel paint. You guys are great. Dave
  12. CHROME..... nikbud.... "To get a chrome effect have you tried "Bare Metal Foil" ? I've used it on a few 1/24 scale cars and it works a teat. IIRC you can get it in bright or dull chrome and aluminium and copper." Yes I did give it a shot, as well as Ken's suggestion of kitchen aluminum foil..... Here's a shot of the testing of the Molotow Liquid Chrome I purchased yesterday evening.... The foil seen in this comparison is the product you referred to. You make the call.
  13. Ken my friend.... I must tell you, although I will never come close to your amazing skills, I have come to look at everything I do with you in mind. As you know, your Connie log is my primary "go to" resource for my own attempt to build her. As for your Jag restoration..... mind blowingly awesome! I will meet you half way for an opportunity to take her for a spin. Let's say Austin.... next June. Great to hear from you mate. Thanks for sharing your Jag. Dave
  14. Engine Ready to Install.... Headers, carbs, battery, fan, alternator, etc all mounted..... ready to be fitted after I mount the radiator. Dyno test results........ 4.2 hp
  15. Thinking ahead.... Tried to polish up a test spot of the Krylon Metallic Brilliant Silver spray paint.... very bad results. A few small accessory parts will eventually be created which will need to have a chrome finish.... bumpers, tail lights, grill, windshield frames, to name a few. Did not like what I read about some of the special chrome painting projects, but, if necessary, was prepared to give it a go. Then the thought.... The big cap used to cover the nozzle of the can has a beautiful chrome finish..... falsely representing what the paint will look like. I decided that the parts will be so small, I believe I can create them by cutting up the can lid into shapes and applying a little heat as necessary. Hmmmmm If this fails, I have no choice but try Alclad, which I have never used, but may have to go there. FORGET ALL THAT! A modeling pro (close friend) just told me about "Molotow".... available at Hayes Hobby House. I will have it before the day is over..... Oh Yea!

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