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  1. Help. I was lead to beleive that when the canons are run out for battle as the image shows the lower sails are furled to prevent canon balls shredding them. But the image contradicts this theory. Now was this an artist licence to paint the HMS Victory in this way, or are our beliefs questionable. I ask as I am creeping upto this stage. I considered leaving her bereft of sails but why would canons be run out when there are no sails on her. This image was from a documentary : Shipwrecks Britains Sunken past
  2. Wasa1

    Beautiful, really beautiful, this is my planned next kit, she is different, is this the best kit to represent this model, I ask as I have not looked into which one to aim for yet.
  3. DSCF0802

    Beautiful build.... really love this ship and one day I too will have her sat in my dock I have to confess, I don't often wonder about the MSW site very often. This is not because I'm busy on my own site but purely because whenever I decide to wander about I realize that I am far in the wake of the models that this hobby's modelers produce.... but time to time I wander and I generally look at those who looked or poster a like on mine. This is a beautiful model and I know where to come when one day I build her.
  4. completed USS Constitution 012

    Very nice indeed... beautifully recreated and natural wood too.. Well done pall. Happy New Year
  5. 13

    Wow. that just beautiful
  6. Hms Victory 1765 by Graviou Francis 1/64e

    Beautiful absolutely beautiful, a credit to you.
  7. P 0486

    Beautiful model
  8. IMG 1630 1

    Beautifully built model, really she looks wooden and that takes some reproduction, that's before I get on to the diorama. love the dry dock platform and the scaffold for repairs. Please if it lives open to the elements, Please,please,please get her in a glass case. Stunning mate.
  9. back close up

    Lovely model, beautifully built.