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  1. welcome to MSW Edd. I am sure you will do a good job with your Victory. There is plenty of help and encouragement right here on this great site! all the best, Geoff
  2. Welcome to MSW Frank. Your model looks very "Smart"! Al the best, Geoff
  3. Welcome to MSW Mark. From an ex "Glider Guider"! All the best, Geoff
  4. I have a confession. I do not have a sister, I will be 74 on 26th June. The question I asked yesterday was a puzzle tried on myself, so I thought I would pass it on to my MSW friends to try on others! Sorry!!
  5. My sister is 57 and will always be 3 years younger than me! but don't tell her I said so !!
  6. welcome to MSW "Shaunzy". All the best, Geoff
  7. try this one with the kids. When I was 6 years old, my sister was 3. Half my age. Now I am 60 how old is my sister?
  8. welcome to MSW Fernando. All the best, Geoff
  9. welcome to MSW Angel. All the best, Geoff
  10. welcome to MSW Jonk. All the best, Geoff
  11. Welcome to MSW Shane. All the best, Geoff
  12. In view of what Rolf Harris was accused of do members think it appropriate to post a video of him on any old jokes. Maybe the person who posted it wasn't aware of what happened?
  13. Welcome to MSW Herb. All the best, Geoff
  14. Welcome back to MSW Thomas. All the best, Geoff
  15. I ordered a new deaf aid online weeks ago. I haven't heared a thing since