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  1. I baaaack!

    Welcome back "Pshrynk" (is that your real name)?! All the best, Geoff
  2. Finland checking in

    Welcome to MSW John, or is it good morning "Moring"!? All the best, Geoff
  3. New to Site

    A warm welcome to MSW Hal from a shivery Nottingham! Al the best, Geoff
  4. Hello

    Welcome to MSW Peter. All the best Geoff
  5. New to this forum

    Welcome to MSW Art. All the best, Geoff. BTW Art I think you are my 1000th. posting since I joined MSW. Nothing to brag about I know but a nice milepost to reach!
  6. New to this wonderful forum

    Welcome to MSW Larry. All the best, Geoff
  7. New Member

    Welcome to MSW "WOOL132". Please tell us your real name, we are all friends here! All the best, Geoff
  8. New hobby?

    Welcome to MSW "Ship it" All the best Geoff
  9. Hi folks, new to your forum.

    Welcome to MSW Don. Interesting looking model! All the best, Geoff
  10. Hi All

    Welcome to MSW Pavel, All the best, Geoff
  11. Them Old Jokes

    Charlie went to the Chamber of horrors at the waxworks. A member of staff told him to keep moving. When he asked why he was told because we are stock taking!
  12. Welcome to MSW Tim. Some superb looking models there! All the best, Geoff
  13. Greetings from Manitoba, Canada

    Welcome to MSW Ron. Yes I know what you mean about Billings kits! All the best, Geoff
  14. A better modeling experience

    Welcome to MSW William. All the best, Geoff
  15. Just like in school!

    Welcome to MSW "Dr, Kellog" I am sure you will be OK with your Victory kit as long as you take your time! I can recommend a book by the late Keith Julier called "The new model ship builders handbook" which has a chapter on building a Victory kit. All the best, Geoff