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  1. Terrified

    Welcome to MSW "Dooder85". Don't worry we will look after you! All the best, Geoff
  2. Never too late.

    Welcome Adrian, All the best, Geoff
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    Welcome to MSW Philippe. All the best, Geoff. By the way, your English is just fine!
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  7. Its hint dropping time again folks. Christmas isn't far away! This time I really fancy the Corel HMS Victory cross section. We haven't got the space or the finances to build the full size model. Has anyone built one and if so how was it? Any ideas would be most welcome!
  8. Canadian Seafarer in Texas

    Welcome to MSW Sharp.All the best. Goff
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  11. Them Old Jokes

    I hope this excellent site hasn't descended into "Toilet humour"?!
  12. Welcome to MSW Grant. The Victory is a major undertaking but there are plenty of members who have built or are building one. Try and get hold of Keith Juliers book. There is an excellent chapter on building the Caldercraft/JoTiKa kit version. All the best, Geoff
  13. Welcome to MSW Seren. All the best with your project, looks very interesting! Geoff
  14. Them Old Jokes

    "Just Blowin" You are very naughty. Now I know why you use the name "Just Blowin in The Wind"!!
  15. New member from South Florida

    Welcome to MSW Art, all the best, Geoff