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    The Bluenose society or association has a website promoting its memory, but I don't remember the url. Try googling "Bluenose fishing schooner".
  2. 1. Definitely build a model of something that interests you. 2. Larger is easier to build than smaller, especially for a beginner, and small tools suitable for modeling are not common items in the typical home tool box. 3. If you don't have any sailboat experience, complex rigs are going to be confusing and most model plans are not very helpful with explanations. I'm not familiar with either model, but gunboats and their rigs are relatively simple so either one should be ok. 4. This one is a tip. Don't use super glue for planking; it sets too fast and is too difficult to remove a plank if it sets wrong. I'd suggest something like Elmer's or even better Tightbond's Carpenters glue--the yellowish stuff. Now read #2 again! 5. Don't rush the build; it won't get done much faster and it leads to errors which have to be undone and done over. See if you can find a similar model to what you picked in Model Shipways' offerings; their kits seem to have the best plans and instructions and the plans are in English; that's not always true with foreign models. If you get stuck or don't understand the how or why while building, post your question here. There are a lot of really expert modelers here who will be more than willing to help--just ask. Welcome to ship modeling and good luck with your first
  3. Vintageone,   I saw your request for info on a boat model by the Ferris Model Boat Co posted a couple of days ago, but was traveling and couldn't get back to you then; when I tried to respond the message had apparently been moved or removed.


    Anyway, I can't help with the Ferris Model Co, but my father had a boat very similar to what you described from the early 30's through about 1946.  The boat was called a "Rumson Bay Knockabout"; she was a gaff rigged centerboard sloop, about 22'- 24' long, and rather wide for her length, but she was fast and won his Yacht Club's annual trophy several times.  I was very young at the time so my detail memory is lacking, but if you decide to  build the model, I have several photos of it that I could scan and send to you should you want them.


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      Hi Jim,That is so neat,I would love to see pics. Thanks,Dave