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  1. Miniature Russian carving tools

    Can someone PM me his email address? I’d love to get a set as I’d like to start carving. Just out of curiousity, any recommendations on which kind of handles to get? I assume the palm handle ones are better if you don’t have enough hand strength? I would think I would have an easier time with the ones that are more pencil like in shape, but I’ve never worked with the other type except in the case of a ball handle pin vise. Thanks!
  2. Deadliest Catch ??

    I’ve always thought it would be cool to do a diorama scene of one of the crab boats in action, with big waves, etc.
  3. Jet or Dewalt scroll saw

    I have the Dewalt and love it. One tip is to look at Craigslist (how I found mine). Many barely used scroll saws on there because dad’s and others use it once or twice for school projects for kids, then never use them again.
  4. Glad everything is up and running - thanks for all your work, happy new year!
  5. Wow Gary, very nice! I wouldn’t mind if my wife banished me to a basement like that.
  6. Walnut or other similar uniform dark brown woods?

    Thanks Joe, that's great to hear. Thanks also for the recommendation, I'll have to look into that.
  7. Walnut or other similar uniform dark brown woods?

    Le Renommee is a really nice ship. Looking forward to see your progress on it.
  8. Walnut or other similar uniform dark brown woods?

    Ah I assumed sawing bigger pieces with a bandsaw would mean more dust. I have a Dust Deputy cyclone for my tools. I was surprised how much dust doesn’t hit the vacuum- has to be over 95%.
  9. Walnut or other similar uniform dark brown woods?

    That’s totally worth it. I’d rather not have to buy a bandsaw and deal with all the dust from ripping boards down. Ebony huh? Did you get it from Hearne? It’s not as bad to work with as people say, just have to use good power tools. Are you doing the Big Belly next or one of the French 70+ gun ships?
  10. Walnut or other similar uniform dark brown woods?

    Chris, thanks for the recommendation! Why didn’t I think to look at local milking operations. Looks like there are a few in my area, including one that stocks wood we use in our hobby: www.colonialhardwoods.com Looks like a very good solution. I’ll check out Hearne too. Thank you!!!
  11. Walnut or other similar uniform dark brown woods?

    Thanks guys. Tom thanks for the tip - I forgot they carried other woods. Great news! Jaager, thanks for your thoughts. I used a General Finishes stain which goes on very nicely. I just took another look at the waterway and it actually looks pretty good. I thought it was uneven but it looks a little better than I remembered. Might have to think about things a bit. World of Hardwoods is about 45 minutes away - hmm, might need to take a little trip....
  12. Walnut or other similar uniform dark brown woods?

    Thanks Jim. My experience with Lumberyard wasn't very good either. I reached out to them for African Blackwood, and I felt like it was a huge runaround and not to mention, it almost seemed like when they did actually respond to me, they tried talking me out of it. I'll take look at Ocooch, they seem to have a bunch of nice wood there. If you're looking for holly and boxwood, try www.inlaybanding.com - very nice seller who was willing to take a custom order from me for ebony. and milled sheets of it in various specifications.
  13. Hi everyone, After a summer off, I'm looking to get back into my Morgan build. For the waterway, I used pear stained with a dark brown stain. Looking at it now, I think it bothers me a little in that the color is not completely uniform (close, but not exactly). Since I'm building the model without paint, I'm regretting using pear here and want to replace it. It will be a bit tricky in that the plankshear sits on top of a portion of it, but I think I should be able to remove at least the part that sticks out from the planksheer and replace it with a thin band of a dark brown wood that will butt against the remaining pear/planksheer. For the waterway, I want to use a single piece that runs the full length of the hull. At least with the pear, I found it was easier to bend a longer piece, than break it up into smaller sections where you don't have the same leverage to get the smooth curve. I'd also use it elsewhere in the build in square type pieces, such as the base for the tryworks. So, two quick questions: 1. I am thinking about going with walnut, as I like the way the way it looks when oiled. Are there other woods with a similar uniform dark brown color that are machine workable and can be bent relatively easily (having worked with ebony, everything is pretty easy to me now )? 2. Also, any recommendations on sellers? I don't have a way to rip down thick pieces (only have a Byrnes thickness sander and table saw), so am looking for wood in the size we use in the hobby. Looks like Crown Timberyard and Wood Project Source are no longer operating? It looks like I could order a sheet from Ocooch in the size I would need, but just thought I'd see if there were any other recommendations out there. There is a Woodcraft about a half hour drive from me that I can try too. Thanks!
  14. Chesapeake Bay Flattie - ca. 1890

    Wow this is incredible. Very nice job.