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  1. Possible ebony substitute

    I've been using ebony for my Morgan and have had no problems with gluing. I haven't found the dust to be problematic either - I just am very careful to wipe it down after working with it, which I probably should be doing with all woods. Ebony is gorgeous - the various ways of ebonizing pear and other woods don't really come close.
  2. "Happy Birthday" Mike........ and many more!!!!........:cheers:



    1. Landlubber Mike

      Landlubber Mike

      Thanks Frank - hope you are doing well my friend :cheers:

  3. Sopwith F.1 Camel Build Log

    I like doing ship models, but I've always thought this model would be a fun one to do. Your work is absolutely fantastic John - definitely a good marketing piece for this kit!
  4. Micro Mark plank bending tool

    I've used this tool on my two current builds. It works very nicely when you soak planks then let them sit bent in this tool.
  5. Really great news Daniel, congratulations! Having a dedicated room is nice, but a small price to pay for a new addition to the family. My three kids take up most of the house, so I've been a kitchen table/living room ottoman/corner of furnace room modeler for years - it's not all that bad, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
  6. These are a lot better than what I do, which is spread them on my kitchen table, kitchen island, or even the floor
  7. Furled Sails

    Thanks very much Robert for the kind words. It is nice to be able to contribute at least in a small way after the immense help I've received on here. Welfack, I totally agree with the Harland book. It was a critical resource for me in learning out how sails were furled, set, tacked, etc. The diagrams on how sails and the running rigging operated were very helpful. It definitely fills a unique niche in the ship modeling book space if you are interested in adding sails to your build.
  8. What have you received today?

    Wow those look nice. Where did you get that set?
  9. Look to buy the mill and accessories on eBay - I saved quite a bit of money doing so. The Sherline products are really well made that used items still hold up very well generally.
  10. I started reading it, and am about a third of the way through. It's a very interesting book, I'd highly recommend it. It goes into a lot of aspects of ship dioramas, including sail construction and shape, making realistic looking sea, etc. Not sure that I'll ever do a diorama, but it's given me some things to think about when it comes to building my models.
  11. I've used their dyes and stains - very nice product. You can look through my logs for examples. Not sure that I've used their products on basswood, but have used it on a variety of woods.
  12. Pet Book Peeve at Club Meetings

    Don't let the Ab Hoving book out of your sight - it's fantastic
  13. Planking Clamp Use

    Personally, I don't use the Micromark screws to force the planks at all. I do a lot of soaking and pinning, and on my last build, spiling, to get the planks in a pre-formed positioned so that they don't have to be forced. I do think it's important to clamp the planks in position while they are glued to get a tight fit though, and this is where I think the Micromark screws as well as other screws, pins, etc., come in handy.
  14. Planking Clamp Use

    I've used them and find them pretty helpful for planking in screwing them into bulkheads. They worked nicely on the Pegasus, where the bulkheads were in MDF. Like Andy said though, the cross piece is soft metal which bends, and the screws themselves can bend (I ruined a couple that got bent). The biggest annoyance is the knurled screw though - they are really brutal on your fingers if you are trying to screw them into something like MDF.
  15. How much are you willing to pay

    Calculate your Admiral's daily/monthly hobby and guilty pleasures expenditures. If yours is like most admirals, including mine, model ship building is a mere pittance