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  1. Sopwith F.1 Camel Build Log

    Beautiful John!
  2. Possible ebony substitute

    I've been using ebony for my Morgan and have had no problems with gluing. I haven't found the dust to be problematic either - I just am very careful to wipe it down after working with it, which I probably should be doing with all woods. Ebony is gorgeous - the various ways of ebonizing pear and other woods don't really come close.
  3. "Happy Birthday" Mike........ and many more!!!!........:cheers:



    1. Landlubber Mike

      Landlubber Mike

      Thanks Frank - hope you are doing well my friend :cheers:

  4. Sopwith F.1 Camel Build Log

    I like doing ship models, but I've always thought this model would be a fun one to do. Your work is absolutely fantastic John - definitely a good marketing piece for this kit!
  5. Micro Mark plank bending tool

    I've used this tool on my two current builds. It works very nicely when you soak planks then let them sit bent in this tool.
  6. Really great news Daniel, congratulations! Having a dedicated room is nice, but a small price to pay for a new addition to the family. My three kids take up most of the house, so I've been a kitchen table/living room ottoman/corner of furnace room modeler for years - it's not all that bad, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
  7. DSC05665

    Thank you - I used black modeling clay, which I molded to shape, ran a brass rod through to open up the top and bottom, baked it, and then added a dilute coat of brown paint as a wash over it.
  8. afinish1

    Beautiful! I agree with Jawbone, I really love the map background. A really nice touch!
  9. SAk 20

    Beautiful work Giorgos! Love the lines on this - she is quite the curvy lady!
  10. DSC02344

    Wow, beautiful work!
  11. HMS Pegasus 1:64

    Absolutely beautiful Sandro. I second Nils' suggestion to post at least a short build log showing your steps. There are a lot of Pegasus and Fly builders on here who would love to learn and take inspiration from your work!
  12. CIMG2676

    Wonderful work Nils, a big inspiration to the rest of us Swan class builders. You really set the bar high!
  13. Supply 1

    Really nice work. Gorgeous build!
  14. Starboard bow

    I have to agree with Jay. Very cool - the captain is a very nice touch!
  15. 010

    Wow, incredible Igor!