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  1. Hi Mr. Jack ... writing just to say i follow this brilliant build all the time... Now, when it is amost done, I can say to You that I will write a very positive coments, but in the end when it will not affect to Your masterwork... Thank You so much to share the photos with the rest of the modellers, thanks for been with us ...

    All the best,



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    Hi Haliburton, I'm glad about that, this is a really small world ... coastal zone around Split is nice, but other parts of the Croatian coast are even more beautiful ... there are untouched parts of nature ... All coastal towns are ancient and medieval fortresses, castles, many of them are restored ... it is so much to see here... Zoran
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    Hello Keith , here you can learn a lot about the ship modeling ... I'm sure you will not regret it ... Zoran
  13. PELIG by MarisStella.hr

    Croatian national vessel, 19th century ...