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  1. From the album HM Schooner Ballahoo by DavidM

    Ballahoo was created over a two year period and is my first build. I've been significantly helped along the way (certainly in the initial stages of the build) by Eamonn (egkb) and during the rigging phase by the Ballahoo build-log of Jim Smits. The basic Caldercraft kit has been enhanced (within the limits of my very basic skill level) to deck furniture and the rigging. Once my current DIY house project has finished I intend to start a Sherbourne build.
  2. I made a small donation to MSW a few weeks ago but will now sign-up for NRG membership. As a novice builder I could not have made it this far without MSW and some very special, extremely helpful, members. By the way, Chuck, I've just received my blocks and deadeyes from your company and they are excellent quality and extremely good value for money. I'll be after some rope for my next build!
  3. What have you received today?

    Postman has just delivered my first order (blocks and deadeyes) from the Syren Ship Model Company. They look very impressive!
  4. What have you received today?

    The courier has just arrived and I'm now the proud owner of a serving machine 2.0 from Alexey. It's only taken five days to get from Belarus to South Yorkshire, England - incredible! David
  5. Another newcomer

    Hi Bindy, Many thanks for your warm welcome. This is an amazing website; the quality of the articles and the helpfulness of the members has been fantastic. I've started to build the Ballahoo but, being a complete novice, had I been forced to rely on the kit plan and instructions I would have either given up or ended up with a complete mess of a build. Currently, I seem to be progressing very well, and learning a lot, and most of it is down to the helpfulness of the members. Happy modelling, Kind Regards, David
  6. Another newcomer

    Hi Nigel, I've only just noticed your 'welcome' post, apologies for that. I've not yet decided on a build-log as I've been getting a lot of help and support from Eamonn's Ballahoo build-log (including your helpful advice and comment) and Eamonn has been very generously giving me valuable hints and tips through the messenger system. Kind Regards, David
  7. Another newcomer

    Hi everyone. Many thanks for your warm welcome and wise words. Once I've developed more understanding and confidence I'll have a think about a build log - but that might be some time in the future. Kind Regards, David