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  1. First attempt. Need to work on stop cuts a bit more. One thing I found is that the blades I have get dull pretty fast. Blades were super cheep so not too much a problem.
  2. Finally we had a non-freezing rainy day. Was able to get it outside and took a few pictures. Now looking forward to the maiden voyage.
  3. Looks wonderful. One difference compared to my LSS version is that kit started with a fixed keel in the jig and then added the frames. Your early frames look great and I am not sure I would of been able to get them so perfect without the keel being there. Having the 3 points of attachment was helpful to my beginner skill set. (Seen on my log post #11)
  4. Museum docent is a title given in the United States of America to persons who serve as guides and educators for the institutions they serve, usually on a voluntary basis. The English word itself is derived from the Latin word docēns, the present active participle of docēre (to teach, to lecture). Cheers
  5. Back in the day I was all about the big water/storm surges but now I am old and busted and my friend is a newbie so we keep to the local lakes and rivers. A local outfitter has a fairly active paddling group which has a bunch of trips every month. I also go back to Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay as much as I can.
  6. I wanted to try this for some time. I found this section of the site and decided to try my hand. I only have a crude non-variable speed dremel so will be only using scalpel blades and maybe chisels as I carve. Recently Bob (username rafine) started up a build of the same ship I am building but using the Lumberyards framing package. I saw the pieces that were included in the package and was comparing them to my resin castings. The LSS did a good job but I "may" be able to do better if I practice a bunch. Here we go... As I wait for the glue to dry I started messing around with the blank Oops, not following the grain... Decided to try a stop cut and thinning How about a railing post??? Here is the LSS Halifax resin castings... Maybe just maybe... More to come once crown is dry...
  7. Spending time with family is much more important than dealing with this stuff. I doubt very few people who when they are on their deathbed think "I wish I spent more time at work" ( even if they love what they do). This place can take care of itself and it will all be here when you're ready to come back. Thoughts and prayers.
  8. Thanks Rick. Although this is a kit I did think that it could possibly be in the other section however since it's not quite a "model" I figured I just stick it in here. I think Gaetan has the largest scale in the build blog sections. Certainly never going to dethrown him is the king of "big". 😜
  9. Looks somewhat familiar. I love it. I like the look of the transom and window pieces. Mine has some resin castings which I may try to improve.
  10. Thanks Mark. Although it was freezing rain today, we had a few 70° days recently. It really got me moving on to finish it off so it's ready to go.
  11. Thank you Patrick. It helped a lot that I was building it at the same time my friend was building one as well. Just like here, having someone to ask questions too and commiserate with helps a ton.
  12. To see what is possible with the Granado definitely check out Bob's build. Model Shipways have some popular kits including some really great praise for the Syren.
  13. Part 4... So the perfectly smooth pretty perfect deck gets chopped up.... Need to cut the holes for the hatches. Used the hatch lip coamings as a template and went to work... Then had to glass the lips and bulkheads... Fits nicely... Added the nobs to the hatch covers... A fairly difficult step was fitting the bulkheads. They each had to be fitted prior to glassing and reinforcing... To make it easy to place hand toggles in the ends to allow you to carry easily had to make an "end pour". Essentially a big wad of epoxy poured down the ends then a hole is drilled through them... Wife loved this step... Then back to the sanding. Guess what.... More sanding... more sanding... more sanding... After final sanding and cleaning up was able to add 5 coats of WR-LPU (water reducible-linear polyurethane). Chose this versus the marine spar varnish as the varnish needs to dry for 24 hours and sanding between coats... I have had enough of sanding for now... All that was left was adding the deck hardware... Sorry I do not have any pictures of the final look as I was planning to take it outside today but the 30deg sleeting rain made that a no go... Will update with overall pictures when able. Cheers
  14. Woot!!! Got home safely... Now to clean up all the seams... The thickened epoxy was pretty tough but this tool was really good at removing and smoothing prior to scraping the rest... With the external hull now sanded and sanded and sanded with more sanding.... I wanted to add a bit of bow art. Went through many designs ended up with this.. Glass and epoxy the hull... Glassing the deck... Need to build up the cockpit and glass the edge... Part 4 took some nerve...