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  1. Build Log Photography

    The thing I like about my iPhone is 30 sec after I take a picture it is synching up with my desktop through the cloud.
  2. Build Log Photography

    Just the phone. I do have a DSLR but my new computer doesn't have any stick readers and haven't figured out how to direct connect with a usb yet.
  3. What have you received today?

    While browsing Amazon I ran into this book. I had not seen it before and the price $10.37 new was too good to be true. Little bit of history, artwork, models, plans and other goodies in there.
  4. Sorry to hear that Chuck and Jack. Take care of family. We will still be here when you get back.
  5. You can look HERE, a dedicated forum using those blanks.
  6. If there was any particularly difficult step or some problem you worked out with a technique or some special jig you can include a discussion of it. May be helpful to others.
  7. So as I am finishing this build I thought I would post a short log of the process. A bit different than what we usually see . For the last 30 or so years Pygmy Boats has been producing high quality kits for kayaks, eventually adding a canoe, and now a stand up paddleboard. I have been kayaking for the last 35ish years or so and for quite some time I have been interested in building my own yak. There are a variety of kit manufacturers out there with different designs with different methods of building and construction. I am now old enough and have a bit of free time so when my buddy was looking for a boat of his own (instead of always borrowing one of mine) we became interested in building them. We eventually settled on the Pygmy company. One of the factors in choosing Pygmy is they offer classes to help you get started. We thought this would be a bit of a help as we have never done anything like this before. Here we go.... A pile of marine grade okume plywood. The class instructor had pre-joined the long panels before we arrived. A bit of beveling and fitting... The first 2 panels of the keel coming together. The process is called "stitch and glue". Basically by twisting small wires and "stitching" the panels together they can then be "glued" by the epoxy. A modification for the class was made and instead of putting a stitch every 4 inches we only put them in the ends and used Gorilla brand tape for the middle sections. It worked pretty well and was much faster and didn't require a zillion more holes to be drilled. Here is a close up picture. The nail is there to provide a bit more torque for that one stitch. Adding more side panels... Once the panels are all in place the seams can be glued. Now flip and starting on the deck. Next up part 2....
  8. Thank you Mike. Paddling is a dream. Fast with little weathercocking, carves a nice turn and rolls super easy. Matches super well with the greenland paddle.
  9. Thank you Druxey. She is very low profile and layback rolls are very nice.
  10. Qajaq in its natural element. It was a great summer and I am sorry to put it away for the winter. I just cant see spending the money for a dry suit when I have too much modeling stuff to buy (cough cough Jim Byrnes).
  11. I likely will not keep this down in my office where I work on the model as it will generate too much dust. It’s a nice thing that the only requirement I had for my wife when we bought our house was that it have a three car garage. Everything else I didn’t really care about. So I have lots of space in the garage for tools and other toys.
  12. I have the option for a large bandsaw on a stand. It is at least a few decades old likely going on 40-50 years or so. Interestingly it has the motor attached underneath the stand with a belt going up through the base to the saw above. It was my grandfathers-in-law and he created many very nice tight pieces with it. There are many different replacement blades and belts in a box as well. My mother-in-law says it works just fine. As soon as I can clean it up and bring it down here will see if it will be adequate for modeling. I have high hopes.
  13. My last base was Nellis and the first time I went to the grocery store was surprised to have to walk past 50 slot machines
  14. Compared to the 17$ breakfast in Tampa that sounds pretty good.
  15. Haven't posted in a long time!

    Glad to see you’re back. Moving certainly takes a lot of work and it’s really takes a lot of time. I’m still moving into my new house. The movers dropped those cardboard boxes off and they’re still in the exact same place eight years later.
  16. Thanks Dave. It was really nice to get to meet all the people "behind" the avatars and forum handles. Going back to work tomorrow so I did some more work today. As I am not completely insane I just spent a few hours roughly adding a few more pieces. As this is just a learning piece I didn't worry too much about the spacings and exact measurements and I am not going to build up the seats of ease. Hopefully in a few years when I finally get to this step I will remember some of this.
  17. Thanks Greg. I'm not really sure trying to do this freehand would work out for me very well.
  18. Thanks everyone for making this such a great workshop. I learned so much. Had a few hours today so i figured I give those patterns a try. As an exercise I roughly shaped the head timbers. The markings for the aft head timber pretty much lined up with the head beam so I just sorta lined it up (still need to shape the top surface). Still need to clean em up a bit and make the covering boards. Might try to get the knee, ledges, battens, and seat of ease tomorrow. Perhaps a false rail...
  19. There are many wonderful models on display. Just a few examples. Overview very nice longboat by MSW user Pythagoras and particularly impressive was the large number that Gus Agustin brought in small scale
  20. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Picked up my packet at the NRG meeting registration. Weather is nice here in Tampa😁
  21. Ropewalk

    I would like to see some opinions as well. I originally thought I would like to learn how to make rope but after I bought some from Chuck I realized I wouldn't easily be able to make anything nicer.
  22. What have you received today?

    After the last time my wife said no way am I using her hair dryer anymore for bending planks. So instead of getting a nice little hair dryer I had to do the only logical thing and came home with this.... Uhhh it gets real hot. Almost set my hand on fire trying it out