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  1. Hi guys Wanted to thank all, for their words of encouragement on my new hobby. I have a question on glues. I have read a section on glues from Milton Roth book on ship models. But I'm not clear on which glues to use for different applications. maybe someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you Vetcom5
  2. Thank you.
  3. Hello out there. I am new to model ship building,(3 weeks) but I am in a state of addiction, it seems that I have found my life's passion. I have been surfing this site and read a few of the post, so far, I have learned a lot in just a little time. This site is great. I am retired and a disable veteran, so I have a lot of time, to pursue this seemingly wonderful hobby of model ship building. looking forward to building my new model " The Phantom" by Model shipways. They say is a good model for beginner's like myself. I know that I will have all sorts of questions , but I also feel that I will get the answers I will need to keep me on the right track. Thank you for all you do Vetcom5