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  1. i think that on the plastic version, some open the galleries, and place the removed decorations on the hull behind were they were....
  2. nice...are you going to put any decorations on the sides of the stern galleries, behind the balconies?
  3. ya...that's good ej.....the problem i had was too much glue soaking into the rope, discoloring it and making it look tacky and plasticy....i guess the trick is to use the medium ca, and only sparingly ....i tended to use the thin stuff, which wasn't too smart
  4. hi.....starting to build tiny now...much less expense, mess, stink, and stress .....not a build log, just a cross section of the different galleys i've started....will occasionally take a few shots as i go along.....may make a display case with all of them included...will probably throw in a viking too........not going to be to fussy...mainly a display of the different concepts.....gonna have to make a LOT of oars ....cheers.......
  5. that gold leaf masterpiece by heinrich......i wonder how large that is.....i think that if i had a choice and support when i was young, i would have loved to have been able to learn to sculpt like that...forget this modern stuff....but i sure can appreciate it!!!
  6. speaking of dioramas.....as i'm only now building small 16'' medeterranean galleys now to keep me out of mischief, i had a short commute with this fellow in the netherlands....thought you'd get a kick http://bennosfiguresforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=18962&start=140
  7. ha...i've Never done such a nice job rigging the cannons....in case i missed it, what's you technique for the coils?
  8. hi...was wondering if you were still around....wanted to ask you something regarding the egyptian ship....thanks, vic

  9. hello ...just found this.....what happened with kufu's boat??......cheers, vic

  10. that's 'super dave'.....to me it's so much more satisfaction in carving, or even modeling clay sculpture.......would much rather carve than build ships, but somehow i've built ships.......if you were a more mediocre ship builder like me, you would be able to get through them easily haha.......your passion for detail, is probably the cause of combustion ...sure whatever you'll do it will be great......and you'll know when it will be time to finish the constitution...cheers 😊

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