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  1. Greetings,

    I am working away on the Confederacy. Your model is a real inspiration particularly because of the rigging. 

    I obtained rigging plans for a 40 gun frigate, circa 1790, by Harold Underhill. May I ask the scale of the rigging

    plans you used. Did you, by chance I hope, keep a log of the dimensions of the masts and spars on your model?

    I realize I'm asking a lot but any information you can share at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Regards, Harley


  2. helllo.............what happened to la couronne???

    1. francisb


      Hi thanks for asking am part way through rigging her but have had a break for a while, some friends asked me to paint a large mural for them that took a couple of months!will try and put some photos on also started Pegasus so have been busy. Hope your ship modelling is going well best wishes Mark

  3. IMG_2281.jpg

  4. Gallei 1

    super!! love it!!
  5. Akatos 9

    nice...love those ships....though it's hard to believe it was used for cargo.
  6. DSCF3402

    wow...how i would love to be able to do something like that!!!
  7. IMG 1148

    super....i wish i had done this on mine....ended up with gold on blue background before red was discovered......good for you! although it is kinda like a circus
  8. Oseberg 11 16 2014 422

    nicest finishing i've seen......
  9. Oseberg 11 16 2014 420

    absolutely gorgeous.....would weather the sail a bit, is all.........love your finishing......vic
  10. DSC 0098 01b

    thanks, it was a fun project....always wondered what those craft really looked like.....vic
  11. what i did was.....to round out the center of the ship's hull a bit, below the waterline, but kept the keel straight...(no straight lines in the ocean :))......rounded the bow deck , cause i figured it would be a popular place to hang out and it felt right......added the boar's head ram (super sculpey) which may be a bit oversized.....added a sexy tail.....raised the top oarsmen and the added gunwales a couple of millimeters, and added outriggers for the top oarsmen so the oars would all be the same length......the oars on the bottom row, would probably be shorter closer to the bow and stern, but i left them the same size cause i'm lazy:)......finished the hull with satin urethane...i like it, because if i drop a speck of ca glue on it , it can usually be scrapped off as ca doesn't seem to stick well to urethane.....oh...i don't like water based urethane....i only use oil based, as long as i'll be able to get it:)....(aside from the water based urethane lifting up the grain of the wood, it also really shows up any excess ca glue stains, where the oil based tends to blend in with them more) the greek soldiers are greek soldiers....the rowers are roman, which were too wide to fit in the model, so i took a hot blade and melted them up the crotch, pressed the sides together until cooled a bit, then ground off the excess plastic....also had to melt the armpits etc, to change their positions.....by the way, paint doesn't stick well to these figures, so painting them wasn't easy....if i happened to grab one, some of the paint would rub off.....maybe they're vinyl or whatever.....the model color paint i used worked out ok though......oh, yes of course, i added a ladder, which i've seen in photos of drawings on vases.... a fun little model to work on.....quality of the wood was good, and there were ample amounts of it...

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