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  1. Snoepert

    Vasa by Snoepert - De Agostini

    I have followed Black Viking’s suggestion painting the ribs early. I took this a step further and am painting the lapped panels shown before installing.
  2. Snoepert

    Vasa by Snoepert - De Agostini

    Can anyone advise if the nailing shown on the model advertising the DeAgostini kit is a random nail system and can explain the philosophy behind the nailing. I think it looks great this way stained not painted but it could mean a long process nailing. maybe the nailing could also be done on the painted version. Anyone? Eddie
  3. Snoepert

    Vasa by Snoepert - De Agostini

    Hi Barry1 In my experience they are of high quality,ample supply of materials and have superb instructions. I have also built the Sovereign of the Seas and the Red Baron ,all high quality kits. Eddie
  4. Snoepert

    Vasa by Snoepert - De Agostini

    Moving slowly along. Had a bit of confusion with the instructions re the step downs on the sides from the stern towards the bow. But I think I got it now.
  5. Maybe if you could photograph the work required and then take it to a lettering shop or maybe Officeworks and get them to print same to the scale required onto an adhesive backed vinyl strip , you can then strip the backing off and stick it to the hull. Maybe you can get some Lettraset. just a thought. Eddie.
  6. Snoepert

    Vasa by Snoepert - De Agostini

    The planking is going quite well but there will need to do a bit of sanding to fix uneveness.
  7. Snoepert

    Vasa by Snoepert - De Agostini

    Thanks for the heads up Black Viking I have finished the Endeavour and Sovereign of the seas with white bottoms and I am tending not to paint this one. Still undecided.
  8. Thanks for the comments Peter. The kit is good quality. eddie
  9. Things are going full speed ahead now and heading for the sails and rigging.

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