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  1. Long overdue update. Worked on first planking and completed it. Next steps... Wood filler smoothing the Hull and second planking
  2. Hi, It is a tough one. I did most of my research on French modeling sites. Not a problem with Google translate if you do not speak French. The plans from the AAMM were instrumental as well. http://www.aamm.fr/boutique/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=65&products_id=235 Bookmarked a few webpage along the way https://www.theropetokyo.org/展示会作品集/第27回展-2002年/第27回展-4-5/ https://www.theropetokyo.org/展示会作品集/第41回展-2016年/第41回展-1-6/#41-05 http://modelisme-naval-bois.lebonforum.com/t2877-la-marie-jeanne-thonier-de-concarneau-d-artesania-latina-au-1-50e-un-de-plus-par-taz-de-penn-ar-bed http://5500.forumactif.org/t2459-thonier-marie-jeanne-billing-boat I also like this french site.The scale is different (1/36) but great details especially on the rigging. http://www.planeteloisirs-bg.fr/index_fichiers/pages/bateau/marie-jeanne-1.html I hope this helps.
  3. Planking starts... After fairing the Hull, I started with the first plank.
  4. Some parts were warped so I had to put them under clamps Started to put together the hull. It was pretty straight forward so far. Prepared the stern and drill the hole for the tiller.
  5. Here is my new build. It will be for one of my daughters. It looks like it is going to be a fun build. I will be working on it at the same time as my other project, the Confederacy I think I am just going to build this one out of the box.
  6. Thank you!! Some decals came in the kit, but they were for the Marie-Jeanne. I bought some decals paper, use MS Word to create new name and ID number.
  7. I am done. Here is a few pictures before the official photo session 😁 Naming time... Flag on... A few overall shoots..
  8. Fishing rods attached. Starting to work on attaching the fishing lines.
  9. An update I had forgotten to post 😊.... Before (as we received it) After... The case and a family welcoming party.
  10. Construction of the tolet and the hale rack. The hale rack seats on the rail. The tolet will hold the lines. This is a system to hold and pull the fishing lines as they are been dragged. Finished assembly.
  11. Production completed. 14 lines with hocks and lures. This afternoon I made 7 of them.
  12. A few days for vacation.... but holiday season in full swing. Not a lot of progress. 😊 Planked, weathered and attached the canoe Worked on the fishing hooks Attempt to make some lures. I may change it.

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