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  1. Small Update. I have been working on the rudder craving. Metal work to follow...
  2. Completed the canons. I originally planned to get the ones from the syren company but ... budget budget. At the end, I am pretty happy with the result reached with the one from the kit.
  3. What a superbe build!!! Looking forward to see your Halifax.
  4. Well done !! You did a great job on your first build. Looking forward to your next one...
  5. First metal work. I decided to upgrade the galley stack. Question: I notice that the 'brass black' does not stain as much the solder joint. Any suggestions?
  6. Ship wheel completed and installed.
  7. Small Update. I used the Elm tree pump from the Syren Company instead of following the directions from the kit. They turned out nicely.
  8. Very cool father-daughter project.
  9. Hi Zoltan, You have made some great progress since I last checked your log. Well done!! the planking is very clean...
  10. Thank you. I used cherry wood and natural wood stain.
  11. I finished the second layer planking of the hull. I applied one coat of natural stain. It is by far not a perfect planking job. I guess practice will make perfect. One side is better than the other. The next step is to touch up the yellow ocre and the black here and there. The final step of this hull will be one or two coat of poly.