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  1. Just finished the second planking on the top part of the Hull. It was probably my least favorite part of the build so far. I don't know what it was about but I just didn't like to do it and was looking forward to be done with it. I drilled all the holes to simulate the tree nails. I will be traveling for the next 2 weeks sono further progress would be expected.
  2. Ask and you shall receive... 😁 Last night's activity.. Planking the deck and adding stanchions.
  3. Taking a break tonight. Here is what I completed last night. - Finished fixing the waterways - Prepared all the stanchions with a 10 degree angle I used a spacer to properly align them. Here is the final result of my effort.
  4. Worked on the forecatle today. Looks ok, but.... 😡 I forgot glue the waterways. What the h### was I thinking? Fixing in progress. Long and painful Attached the knees to the Transom...
  5. Yesterday activities. Resulted to this... Transom construction. All most done... Treenailing and Wood filler. It still need to attach the knees. I will wait to use the wood stain until everything is planked on the upper Hull. Worked on bow section. Starting the long process of cutting and attaching the stanchions. I used a spacer to ensure uniformity.
  6. Last night activities... Tonight is Treenailing and staining.
  7. Thank you Richie. I think you are right. It may might be a bit too o small. It is flushed to the edge of the hole tho... 🤔 I guess a bit of frustration later in the build 😂
  8. Planking the deck. Treenailing and staining. The tree nails are made with a combination of oil paint and Wood filler. The colors for the oil paint is burnt sienna. Stain is a colonial maple. Started working on the other deck elements...
  9. Quick update... Sanding the Hull. Painting the inside of the gun port. Worked on the hatches. Made a mistake with the orientation of the grating. 😡😤 Good news is that it should be covered by the life boat 😓 Love my new tool. It help me make quick way of cutting especially with the use of a homemade crosscut sheld.
  10. Finished the first planking. Here are some pictures of the progress. As it stand last night in preparation for second planking.
  11. First planking starting... 6 on each side. Some cleanup needed but overall ok.
  12. Here is last night production. I sanded the gun port in preparation the upcoming planking. I installed the false deck. Planked the bottom part of the stern following the directions. 1st planking 2nd planking

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