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  1. Hello Andy. Les here. Excellent work. I am aiming for a topic that is just like the other topics you see when you browse. You and others would build a data base for users to reference when they need information on the adhesives, woods, paints etc. that we use. Add ons to be expected. As this site is American based, litigation issues need to be kept in mind for the administrators. I can't help but think that this is an issue who's time has come.
  2. Les back here. I have asked about this topic several times before. I see several dedicated topics on this site. All the "likes" are great but I am asking those who run this site to suggest how we could set up a new topic based on this issue.
  3. Hello Altduck, Les here. This is exactly the topic. Good one.
  4. Hi Richard. Sounds good.
  5. Thnx Ken. Les back. How would one go about setting up a separate topic, or would this just be a data base under a topic such as tools and equipment etc. I believe this should be a stand alone topic and not one buried into another topic.
  6. Hello Les here. I am now appealing to the moderator gurus. How would one set up this site? I believe it is important. What say you?
  7. Hello wefalck. Les back. My intention was never to impune your credentials. My goal here is to have a topic that members can go to so they can see the ramifications of the products they use. The reason I got upset with your post was that as I young guy fresh out of high school I worked at a fertilizer plant. I was burnt on my back with sulfuric or sulphuric acid. Once again I respect your credentials.
  8. Hello Antony, Les here. I fully agree. One of the secrets is how toxic wood can be when you cut or sand it. I had an employee of mine cut a bunch of lengths of mahogany on a table saw for a project we were doing. Without my knowledge he did this without adequate respiratory protection. He suffered for this. Also the health issues associated with using MDF and particle board without adequate protection may lead to long term issues.
  9. Hello wefalk Les here. I want "YOU" and everyone else who has looked at this thread to IMMEDATELY google Sulfuric or the alternative spelling Sulphuric acid. Go to the wikipedia web site on this. " NO ONE" , I repeat "NO ONE" should ever drink this substance as it is the main component in your car battery. If splashed in your eyes it can cause blindness, severe burns to skin and respiratory damage to name a few. This is the main reason I would like to see a dedicated topic to things we use and their interactions. Our health is extremely important and this should not be a space for unqualified recommendations for handling such items.
  10. Hello Les back. As discussed most of the solvents, adhesives and paints we use do not have a list of what they contain. If you are a commercial company you can request the WHMIS data for products you use so it can be included in your spill cart. My intention here is to see a data base in "ONE" topic site, no hunting required. So you if you are using lacquer thinner you can look at the handling, storage and disposal data. This is important if you are going to use a compound such as sulphuric acid for example. You need to have available, the required safety equipment in case of a spill or worse yet if you splash some on yourself. Long term exposure effects to many chemicals can be very harmful. This could also have recommendations for correct venting, for enclosed the spaces we tend to work in. This would be a topic that could be updated regularly as companies release new adhesives and paints etc.
  11. Hello Les here. After further consideration I would like to suggest a new category. This site requires a WHIMIS folder for those using highly toxic chemicals such as sulphuric acid and other high VOC compounds that people are using. At present there appears to be no guidelines on this site for users. As a former safety officer with a fire department it would be in everyones best interest to have good information about the chemicals they use and the side effects there in. Please contact me on this issue.
  12. Hello Les here. When building ship models or other models, I build some major components separately as a finished piece so I can add this component to the kit. You could go ahead and finish things such as masts, spars and other ship board items separately. Pre finish the hull and decking etc so you don't have to go back and try to finish around added fixtures. Touch up later to cover boo boos. So finish the hull then add finished components later if possible. Hope this helps.
  13. Hello Les here. This looks like a very good unit. Beats my Delta for sure. At $469.00 dollars good value. This unit looks well built and should last a lifetime. If your not resawing large slabs of wood this unit will work out well. But best to ring them up and talk person to person mate. Here what they have to say.
  14. Hello Les here. I use pledge for clear coating aircraft canopies after buffing out. You can airbrush it as a sealant or for a gloss coat before applying decals. What were you thinking of using for?