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  1. Hello Lou I will consider starting a build log, even though I am unsure that would be ok, as the build was already started somewhere else. Thanks for the interest! The kit for sure has some flaws :) Firstly, it is an old kit, with its big big fit issues and very bad mouldings. Secondly it is NOT correct in MANY ways, and lacks much detail (as it is an old kit) compared to todays standards. The kit does in many parts depict the Olympic, more than the Titanic (mainly the outlay of A-deck or "promenade deck" below the Boat-deck). To turn her into a "correct" model of the Titanic, there are about 1200 corrections/alterations to be done :) You can read about them in "The Rivet Counter Tutorial" here: http://www.rivet-counter.com/ This is a VAST instruction on how to fix all the problems/faults in this Titanic-kit ONLY, and improve it, all in 51 (fiftyone) chapters :P ENJOY ;) Kind regards,
  2. This is the state of my Titanic 1/350 from Minicraft. There is no build log for her here, as I started this before I became a member here on MSW. There was a log though over at TRMA (Titanic Modelling and Research Association), but that place suddenly just dissapeared from the known universe. Thanks for looking. Cheers!
  3. VonHoldinghausen

    Little known facts of Titanic sinking

    Fire in the coal bunkers was not uncommon those days. Even the coal alone grinding on to itself was enough to produce the heat in the bunkers. This theory has been tested time and again and has been proven not to have had a significant impact on the hullplates. The ship DID travel further south than was common, due to ice. Her speed was NOT uncommonly high under these circumstances. In fact her manouverability was good. In many cases up to todays standards. During her trials she stopped from about 21 knots to 0 in about 3,5 times the length of her hull. Ok even today for such a tonnage. Cant give you any evidence for this. I have read too many books on her to remember the pages and titles. This one is hugely detailed: "On a Sea of Glass" by Fitch, Layton and Wormstedt, ISBN 9781445614373, 430 pages And also: "Titanic - The Ship Magnificent" 2 volumes, by Beveridge, Andrews, Hall, Klistorner and Braunschweiger. The History Press, about 1100 pages (One thousand one hundred ) Cheers
  4. VonHoldinghausen

    Little known facts of Titanic sinking

    White Star actually NEVER said she was unsinkable. That was something that (as still happends so very often today on many things) media put forth, probably as a comment on her water tight compartments and so forth. This is very important I would say, as half of the interest in her demice stems from her beeing called (promised to be?!) unsinkable. Cheers
  5. Having seen Darias build In Real Life, I can tell you guys that the schooner looks fantastic this far! A very clean and precise build. Very well done!
  6. Hi As far as I know, this is a concept and a construction by F.H. Chapman. Check out this wonderful volume on him: "FH Chapman: The First Naval Architect and His Work" by Daniel G Harris ISBN (old style) 0851774865 Conway Press Great build! Cheers!
  7. Hi fellow ship modellers! Here is a new VERY interesting interview with a very dedicated modeller on his builds and his way of modelling ships. Mainly liners as I understand it. A very nice man and his fantastic builds. Enjoy
  8. VonHoldinghausen

    Kit Imperial Standart

    This problem has been solved A fantastic new friend, a member here on MSW, has helped me. He is born in Russia but lives here in Sweden these days. To make a long story short: He dared getting the kit out from Russia, under the nose of the cheka All went well and he is NOT in the Gulag now Conclusion for those who might be interested in this ship/kit: You can NOT buy it from outside Russia. They are NOT interested in our money. Odd. Kind regards from a happy Pontus
  9. Hello Alex Is there a possibility that I could get hold of these two drawings in bigger files? Kind regards, Pontus
  10. VonHoldinghausen

    Kit Imperial Standart

    Thanks for your input guys. Lol @ Lou Gulag... I will check that link Richard. Cheers
  11. VonHoldinghausen

    Kit Imperial Standart

    Continuing... Ok that place ozon.ru DOES ship internationally. Only not THAT kit though DARN. Is it military secret maybe?? I do not get this trouble there seems to be surrounding this kit... Why cant I just PAY for it. I got good money. Cheers...
  12. VonHoldinghausen

    Kit Imperial Standart

    Thank you Lou for your kind thoghts. I can get plans for this yacht but...I dont know...really This place though: "www.ozon.ru" might actually sell to international customers, all issues in one go, not as subscription. Again though the site they have on the interwebs is ONLY in Russian Hence I ask again if we do have some russian speaking member who can help out here Kind regards, Pontus
  13. VonHoldinghausen

    Kit Imperial Standart

    Hi Imagna. I did contact them yesterday. In english though. Yes it seems like it is only a subscription, which makes it even a bigger problem I fear this would be my only chance to find a kit of this ship/yacht, as it actually is not a very well known one outside Russia, and even not very famous IN Russia. Kind regards, Pontus
  14. VonHoldinghausen

    Kit Imperial Standart

    Thank you grsjax The more I look at that site, I fear it actually is only available in Russia A bit odd I would say, as De Agostini is a big company these days... Darn. I really hope there is a way to get this... /Pontus
  15. VonHoldinghausen

    Kit Imperial Standart

    Hello felllow boatsmen! There is a ship that I just love and want to build a model of. I have searched for a long time for a kit of her, but this far found nothing. It is the Russian Imperial yacht Standart, built in Denmark. I think she looks gorgeous. I am to much a novice to scratch such a ship, as I have seen actuallt beeing done here on MSW. Today though I found a kit! From DeAgostini. Sadly though is seems to be only available in Russia I cant read the page I found: http://yacht.deagostini.ru/ Now, do we have any russian speaking here, who might be able to read this, and tell me a bit of what that site says? I really hope it is possible to get this kit. I live in Sweden btw. Kind regards, Pontus

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