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  1. This amount detail on a 1:350 model is truly exceptional.
  2. Since i find this ship to be rather beautiful i am thinking about buying the kit as a christmas present for me. Yet Artesania Latina isn't exactly blessed with the most stelar reputation and so i would like to know if the kit's quality is good or if there are major problems with it. Thanks, Daniel
  3. Redshirt

    MSW plastic invasion?

    I am quite happy about the increased diversity. Both mediums, plastic and wood can be used to achieve amazing results and it would be unfortunate to deny us the visual pleisure of either
  4. There is also a second one : https://ancre.fr/en/monograph/92-s-caterina-pointu-mediterraneen-1759.html Should be something for everyone. Either a humblef ishing vessel or half of France's naval budget in a single ship
  5. Thanks for the answer! Don't get me wrong, the Mamoli kits are nice but a well done Staatenjacht would be a league of it's own
  6. What happened to this kit? Was it ever released or is it still in development?
  7. I kind of like the lines for this nice little vessel and so i wonder, is there any notable difference in quality between these two kits?
  8. My apologies for the semi necro but when will this nice kit become available for purchase?
  9. This is frankly amazing work. The hull by itself is a work of art but that admiral's cabin with it's painting and especialy the floortiles is downright breathtaking.
  10. It's of course entirely up to you to which scale you wish to build but i think one can build too large. At 1:12 the ship might start to lose it's unique charm of being a model and might be in danger of being perceived as overly large. Your Fleuron, while certainly on the large side, was a piece of the finest ship modelling i have ever seen, partly because of your fine craftmanship but also because she was still recognisable as a model and not a threat to the royal navy
  11. Looking forward to your 74 at 1:24. Your Fleuron was already among the most impressive ship models i have seen on this forum. Yet i wonder, where on earth do you plan to store a 3m long ship model?
  12. Are these the diagonals (example from Mahuna's Dunbrody thread) we are speaking about?
  13. Thanks for the answer but im not quite certain how these proof diagonals work. Can you please elaborate?

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