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  1. boat build commission requested

    Thanks Kurt, I'll refer him to the NRG page. He is not looking for museum quality, which you can't get from a kit. He looked me up because I build display pieces ONLY. I don't think money is the main object here and yes, I have scared people off before with commission prices. He asked me what a reasonable fee should be and I told him $2000.00-$3000.00 depending on the detail and complexity of the model especially since it's not a tall ship with tons of rigging. My fees for commissions raged from $500.00 to $5000.00 when I was in that business. But to me it was the time constraints more than the money that people had an issue with since we live in such an instantaneous world, they can't comprehend it taking 6 months to two years to build a model especially like the HMS Victory. mike
  2. boat build commission requested

    WOW, I'm surprised not a response. I figured there would be several builders wanting t0 test their abilities, or at least give it a go. I don't think he is looking for any particular ship or boat. I know Dumas has a few tanker kits that can be used as starters like a great lakes tanker or similar. If this came up a few years ago, I would have been all over it, but I'm burnt out on modeling, which is why I'm not going to do it. Plus I have had a set back health wise and will be under going treatments daily for the next several months.
  3. Someone has contacted me about wanting a boat build commission done. They are looking for a tanker, freighter style model either built or would purchase one already done if the builder wants to part with it. I would have taken on the task, but I have recently retired from model building. So if you have something or are willing to take on the task, PM me and I will put you in touch with the client. mike
  4. Stern View.jpg

    Looks like someone flunked English. It reminds me of that tattoo commercial " No Regerts"
  5. I'm retiring from ship modeling

    I will not be giving up on life, just model building. I will find another hobby as I always have after a while. mike
  6. I'm retiring from ship modeling

    Thank you for the kind words and well wishes. I will still be around, just not in a building capacity. mike
  7. Oh I'll still be around peeking in on other folks builds and generally make a bit less of a pest than I have been in the past. I still have to finish up the Montane's with a little rigging left to do, but after that, I will be hanging up the modeling tools as far as tall ship models go. I still have a 1956 Chris Craft Commander that I will piddle with from time to time if I feel like it. This bout of Pmonia has really taken it's toll on me. My daughter asked me what hobby is next since I have been into models, trains, RC planes just to name a few of the hobbies, I told her nothing, just livin. hahahahahahaha. mike
  8. HPIM3382

    Beautiful model, I love the looks of the Latina San Fran especially in the natural wood color.
  9. DSC 0241

    what an absolutely beautiful model WOW! mike
  10. P1b

    WOW, absolutely stunning work. Mike
  11. Constitution Display Case Completed 8

    absolutely beautiful. mike
  12. DSCN0932

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Mike
  13. DSCN0810

    I love the display case especially with the sky blue background. Very nice work on the model as well.
  14. New hatch cover

    Very nice cover indeed. I bet she's a blast to sail.

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