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  1. I'm retiring from ship modeling

    I will not be giving up on life, just model building. I will find another hobby as I always have after a while. mike
  2. I'm retiring from ship modeling

    Thank you for the kind words and well wishes. I will still be around, just not in a building capacity. mike
  3. Oh I'll still be around peeking in on other folks builds and generally make a bit less of a pest than I have been in the past. I still have to finish up the Montane's with a little rigging left to do, but after that, I will be hanging up the modeling tools as far as tall ship models go. I still have a 1956 Chris Craft Commander that I will piddle with from time to time if I feel like it. This bout of Pmonia has really taken it's toll on me. My daughter asked me what hobby is next since I have been into models, trains, RC planes just to name a few of the hobbies, I told her nothing, just livin. hahahahahahaha. mike
  4. My nephew informed me that the Danmark was in port in St. Thomas for the one hundredth anniversary of the purchase from the Danish. Hopefully he will take pictures
  5. Your welcome Tom, I'm hoping it will come back to port in St. Augustine soon so I can go up and see her for myself.
  6. I say turn it off and send it to bed without it's supper.
  7. Recovered modeler

    Hello and welcome Dan (Fartraveler). I'm itching to see that ship of the pharaoh's when you get it finished.
  8. My Nephew is 6 foot 1 and he too said it seemed quite spacious as well. Maybe they added to it when they built it to give more room
  9. Some additional pictures of El Galleon, I couldn't resist adding a few pictures of the local Scenery, not trying to tempt any body, but just sayin. mike
  10. By the way, the two ladies in the photos are relatives that live on St. Thomas that I had take pictures for me since I'm not currently on the Island. I have a bunch more pictures of the ship that I will post as time permits. mike
  11. hahahahaha, Thanks Gemma, problem is, then I would be long on kits and short on time. mike
  12. WOW, I didn't post this thread with the intentions of looking for a buyer, but mainly to get an idea of how I plan to proceed with the build. But I have had 3 offers within the last few hours, some wants it with everything, one wants it with just drive train and one wants it with a gas engine in it. Like a friend told me once, "just build it and they will come" was spot on. mike