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  1. mtdoramike

    Retired from modeling, but not gone

    Well, I will soon be back. I hadn't planned on doing any more modeling work per-say, But a friend of mine has a Rear paddle wheeler river boat kit that a re-noun boat builder from over on the east coat of Florida had started but due to health reasons he couldn't finish it and had to move to Arizona for his health and isn't doing well. Anyway, my friend was given the Dumas Creole Queen which is I'd say 60-70 percent built. I agreed to finish the model and am actually quite honored to get the opportunity to do it. This is how it sits today. I will finish it as a radio control rear paddle wheeler and install a lighting system in it and maybe a few more tricks. Here I thought I was out, but they keep pulling back in hahahahahaha. mike
  2. mtdoramike

    Retired from modeling, but not gone

    UPDATE: I feel proud, honored and humbled to be associated with such a fine group of fellows as the one's on these forums. I have great news, Kevin and his parents are up in Delaware, where the surgery will be performed next Tuesday. The doctors ran a battery of tests and have decided to try out a new procedure on little Kevin which will be less invasive, will not require cutting the leg bones, nor will he have to where casts on both legs for months. It will cut the surgery time from 5 hours to 1 hour. They will make small cuts on the legs at the knees and put if steel plates which will in time force the legs to straighten out on their own. They have used this procedure several times and have had great success with it. He will be able to walk right after the surgery. If that wasn't good enough, the Bell's Paulsy is almost completely gone with only a small remnant remaining when he smiles. I kid him that he has that Elvis Presley smile going on and the girls at the day care will be all over him. So I wanted to thank you all for your prayers, they were answered in short order. mike
  3. mtdoramike

    Retired from modeling, but not gone

    Thank you Craig and Dave.
  4. mtdoramike

    Retired from modeling, but not gone

    Thanks Tiger and Ron, your thoughtful wishes and prayers brings tears to an old mans eyes.
  5. First off, I would like to thank all of those folks that sent me pm's and emails wondering what's happening with me and some trying to induce me back into the modeling building process with either offering me kits or needing models refurbished, or builds done. Unfortunately I have to pass on them especially for the near future, but who knows what the late future may bring. I will have my hands full with my 5 year old grandson, who will be having surgery to his legs in a couple of weeks due to severe bowing of his legs. He will then be in casts up to his groin for 6 weeks then physical therapy for another 5-6 months learning to walk again. If that wasn't bad enough, he was diagnosed with Bell's Paulsy last week, with the right side of his face being paralyzed, it can be temporary which we are praying for, or it can be permanent. So I'm trying to spend as much time as I can with him. I'm currently building him a radio control dump truck, which I hope will keep his spirits up. So if anyone would like to say a prayer for "Kevin", I'm sure his parents would appreciate it. It just seems like the little guy can't catch a break. mike
  6. Hi Mike

    Its been a while since we messaged, hope all is well and you decided to continue with building ships, if I remember the Vic was to be your last. Talking of Victory, hows the library piece bearing up to the riggers of life on display. Hats off that you completed it so soon really, I have long breaks as time doing other life jobs gets in the way, not to mention interest wavers, starting back up after a break has it inherent problems to. I have spent a very long time learning to handle a sewing machine, making new sails As the kits provided were short of the amount she actually wore. Enough now, I hope all is well with you and your family, take care 

    1. mtdoramike


      Hey Paul, We have been quite busy here. My wife's mother recently passed away, so we have had to go back and forth to St. Thomas VI for estate issues since she lived down there. No, I have hung up my needle and thread as well as my hull planking crimping pliers. The Victory is holding up nicely at the Library. I try to get down there every so often just to see how she is doing. I like to sit back for a bit and watch as people walk by the Vic and hear some of the comments from "WOW, beautiful, to not bad, but I don't know if I would have done it that way rather then another way" "Or I can't believe someone would have spent that much time building it to donate it, he must have been some crazy senile old coot".


      I finished the Montane's last year, which is when eye sight and arthritis has started settling in on me.


      I hope you and family are doing well,


  7. Hi Gary, yes, I have the plans, but as far as using them to scratch build is another question. These plans are not to scale and are quite smaller than the actual build. They are mainly used to help the builder during the build.Dumas offers the plans on their website for $25.00.
  8. don't know quite yet, no buyer as yet. ebay only as a last resort. I will list her here on the classifieds as well as the classifieds on RCgroups.com. I'm mainly only want to get what I have in it build wise. I figure $650.00 plus shipping would be close.
  9. The Commander is almost done, everything is installed and working properly. I just have a few things to tiddy up and then she will be for sale.
  10. mtdoramike

    boat build commission requested

    Thanks Kurt, I'll refer him to the NRG page. He is not looking for museum quality, which you can't get from a kit. He looked me up because I build display pieces ONLY. I don't think money is the main object here and yes, I have scared people off before with commission prices. He asked me what a reasonable fee should be and I told him $2000.00-$3000.00 depending on the detail and complexity of the model especially since it's not a tall ship with tons of rigging. My fees for commissions raged from $500.00 to $5000.00 when I was in that business. But to me it was the time constraints more than the money that people had an issue with since we live in such an instantaneous world, they can't comprehend it taking 6 months to two years to build a model especially like the HMS Victory. mike
  11. mtdoramike

    boat build commission requested

    WOW, I'm surprised not a response. I figured there would be several builders wanting t0 test their abilities, or at least give it a go. I don't think he is looking for any particular ship or boat. I know Dumas has a few tanker kits that can be used as starters like a great lakes tanker or similar. If this came up a few years ago, I would have been all over it, but I'm burnt out on modeling, which is why I'm not going to do it. Plus I have had a set back health wise and will be under going treatments daily for the next several months.
  12. Someone has contacted me about wanting a boat build commission done. They are looking for a tanker, freighter style model either built or would purchase one already done if the builder wants to part with it. I would have taken on the task, but I have recently retired from model building. So if you have something or are willing to take on the task, PM me and I will put you in touch with the client. mike
  13. But you are right CD, epoxy putty would have been a good choice for this as long as it is very pliable.
  14. I used play dough from my grand babies stash of toys and smoothed it out over the exterior of the shafts and bottom of the boat, then I used 45 minute epoxy and poured it in grooves from the inside which did the trick.
  15. I'm getting ready to install the rudder shafts, but got stumped. I'm not sure what to use to seal the prop shaft slots in the hull as well as the bolt holes for the prop brackets to make them water tight. Any suggestions?

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