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  1. thanks everyone for the big welcome, spent the day at work reading over a ton of build logs and already learning a lot. I also looked over those links you posted the helped a lot with some of the basic questions I had such as what tools are required and other basic info. I have for sure decided I want a POB kit for my first model and looked around a bit at the different kits, information that is out there, and I am leaning towards the Model Shipways Willie Bennett it is not a warship I know but again not knowing much about ships and boats I was wanting one that looked good to my eye, would not break the bank, I also wanted to get one that a few people have built that I could reference there work while I'm building mine, and ask questions about. My only concern is looking at some of the other ships like the phantom that have a great free practicum available I did not see one available for the Willie Bennett. Is there one and I just missed it in my search? One question I had, I have seen lots of references to the book Ship Modeling Simplified: Tips and Techniques for Model Construction from Kits by Frank Mastini do you think this would be a good book for someone in my shoes to get? Especially since I don't see a practicum available for the model I am interested in? It is only $10 on the kindle so I might just go ahead and get it would probably be a good reference book for down the road from my understanding.
  2. Hello Everyone, I found this amazing site last night when I was looking for a new modeling subject to get into, I have always liked the old warships, but really don't know much about them, so I was looking to see what was out there. I found the model expo online site last night and was blown away by the kits that are available on there so I wanted to find a message board where people talk about these models. I found this one. As an aside I am in IT so when I find something I am interested in I always try to find the online community where other people with that same interest go. Anyways, Back to my introduction, I know nothing about the history of these ships, I enjoy history and learning about it, but I know basically nothing about ships, I know the bow is the front stern is the back and thats about it. I'm from Arkansas so no big sailing ships around me. Now that said I am always excited to learn about new things. I have built models in the past, model cars and a few airplanes and I enjoy that but I would like to try something different. I enjoy modeling to get away from computer screens and do something with my hands, being in IT looking at screens all day having something else to do away from a screen is a good thing. I have not built a plastic model kit in a few years as I have been building with lego and doing that for a few years but would like to do something different now. This is the kind of lego stuff the lego group that I belong to would build: IMG_0136 by ArkLUG Gallery, on Flickr Anyway back to the ships, the wooden models I have seen are amazing, I would love to have some of those on display around my house I think that would be very cool, and I like to think I am up for the work, would be a HUGE learning curve but I like the idea of it. I have looked around a bit and one of the biggest questions for new builders I see is what is the right kit, I'm not going to ask that just yet as I am still soaking up all the information I can, but I plan to look through some build logs of some of the "beginner" ships and see what peaks my interest. So far I know one thing is I want to have a ship with planks, when I think of a wooden ship like that, I think of planking on the hull, not a solid hull, I know that will be something totally different from what I've done before but better to jump in with 2 feet right? I hope to learn a lot from yall and get to know you a bit better.