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  1. Hello Rob, Thank you for comment. Well, the pedestals are secured only gently in the middle section, so that they can be removed due to the additional painting of lower part of the hull. Yes, first I cut the letters (I also use quality scissors/the Solingen brand), put them on adhesive tape and oversprayed with gold paint/Tamiya TS-21. After the first layer, the surface is still harsh with plenty of imperfections. So I applied more spray layers and after drying and placing letters on the nameplate there were again added several layers of this paint - but here I applied it using small brush. In the end the letters are smooth and more plastic. Best regards
  2. Thank you for your comments, Michel and E.J., and also to you all for the support and "likes". Today I have finished nameplate, its base and letters are made out of card, the frame is wooden. I tried to do it in the style of English Restoration approx 1670 (the frame and small ornaments) and you can also find there initials of authors - me and Captain KL who helps me to achieve more realistic results and gives me professional advice how to do things correctly and better. That's why you can watch here a completely different build of the Royal Katharine than those that are based on modeling plans - unfortunately, in many ways, fictional. So enjoy the pics and have a great time.
  3. And here are other photos in real daylight colours: Best regards
  4. Dziadeczek: Thank you very much for your praise, I am pleased you like my work. Now the pedestals are finished and placed under the huge hull of the Royal Katherine. Enjoy the pics and have a great time.
  5. At this moment I have finished also the second pedestal. Here you can see several pics from modelling its back side and final result with all my tools I use for this work.
  6. Hello dear Michael, thank you for your kind words, they are much appreciated. Yes, it is true, I usually sleep about 4 hours per night, only rarely can sleep more. I have problems with sleeping, so often work or study during nights. Best regards
  7. rpeteru: Thank you, I am really honored reading your words. I continue with modelling front pedestal, here are some pics from process and first half after baking: Have a great time and enjoy the pics. Best regards
  8. L.H. : Thank you for your praise and comment. Yes, that´s a good question - the source and a part of el. cables will be hidden behind nameplate. The rest of elektrical cables will be placed under the keel, there are not usually much visible also on my previous models. Kind regards
  9. Thank you dear friends, I appreciate your feedback a lot. I am pleased you enjoy the pics and shots from process. To Bob Cleek: Well, I have some offers of cooperation from model producers, so it is possible that my sculptures and various accessories will be also available for modellers. Meanwhile, there are two main problems - all my sculptures and ornaments are adapted on the specific model and a scale I make. And it is also time-consuming a lot and nobody in our country is able to pay adequately for such hand work. For example I spent 15 hours creating this pedestal. ******************************* The surface was covered with velvet at the points of contact with the model to prevent abrasion and achieve better stabilize. The model is already stable enough on this single rear pedestal so it was safe to throw out the auxiliary supports from the center. Best regards
  10. Dear friends, I am very grateful for your comments and support and do appreciate it a lot. Your praise means a lot for me, dear Albert, thank you very much. You are welcome. And BTW, will you also take part in that Swimsuit Edition on MSW?😎 You are right, this kind of modeling clay does not change when baked at all. This is one of its advantages I like. I am very honored and pleased you find inspiration in my work. I am also looking forward to your gorgeous work and great craftsmanship. In fact it was quite difficult to achieve a good symmetry. Some parts I had to make again or correct. Thank you dear Michael, and also the best to you and your family. That was a small tourist boat on which we sailed to watch dolphins and sunset on vacation. Here are some pics: https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=177&t=110763&start=570#p2136552 Thank you Rob, I am pleased you like my work. Well, I do not have experience with "Sculptamold" so cannot compare. The clay I use is made in our country. It is called "modelit"or "modurit". https://www.top-obaly.cz/produkt/modelovaci-hmota?gclid=Cj0KCQiAg_HhBRDNARIsAGHLV517ab3Wioqn5FWVfMxuxvfWpfaSwCPDVPIN0tXJS25g0FQBGNBfCZYaAl6_EALw_wcB#product-modelit-500-gramu The clay does not change during hardening at all. Only its white colour gets tan - depending on temperature and length of baking. All my sculptures are created individually, I prefer unique results. In addition, the front and rear pedestals are different in the shape. The front one is lower. ********************************************* I have already finished rear pedestal and here are some pics from process and final result. So enjoy them. Making back side, reinforcement added: Before hardening: After baking in the oven (temperature 120-130°C, baked about 40 minutes): The pedestal (still warm) during final shaping according to the hull planking: The final result after gilding - I used TS-21 Gold Tamiya spray.
  11. Well, even this is quite possible, cause i'm a very good swimmer and enjoy diving.😎 And here is a pedestal after hardening (in the oven at a temperature of about 130 ° C). I will create back side with reinforcement tomorrow and bring more pics from process.
  12. Thank you Druxey and Francis. Oh yes, sea is my "second home" and I feel very happy there. It is possible that my ancestors were sailors or pirates, because it has attracted me to the sea and ships from my childhood.😄 And here is almost finished one side of the rear pedestal:
  13. Thank you Mark, Druxey and Piet for your feedback and support, I appreciate your words a lot. I have just started making rear support, it is much more difficult than I have expected, but step by step I will manage it. Here are first pics from process, you can also see there all my tools I use for modelling sculptures from clay ( except the main ones - my hands of course....). The dolphin supports will be stylized according to period models from museums. BTW, I love dolphins and I have had an opportunity to cuddle and swim with them several times. I will never forget such amazing enjoyment. Best regards
  14. I am always in awe watching your new pics. Incredible workmanship, dear Amalio. Kind regards
  15. And here is the beginning of making pedestals - I have prepared accurate card templates and now I will shape them from modelling clay. The reinforcement will be also necessary, cause the model is quite heavy. Look forward to my tutorial that I'm going to share with you. Kind regards

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