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  1. PenDuick02sized

    Very, very good looking Model!! Lovely build Sir. What are the dimensions?
  2. Decking

    Could someone please direct me, or assist me in obtaining something approaching a 1/60 Decking PDF? I am getting a little more than frustrated in trying and failing to get the wooden planks perfect. My plan, (Hope it's a valid one), was to print and overlay on to existing Deck. (1/60 Endeavour) Doesn't have to be the exact dimension, just something that I can cut and fit. (Planking width, 5.0mm with 3 or 4 Butt shift.) Cheers....HOF
  3. stern (2)

    Very nice!! A/L version?
  4. Sergal/Mantua Cutty Sark Complete (Somewhat Kit-Bashed