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  1. Hi Chap, My two cents worth.... Yup, can be a little more of a challenge to Step Masts if the holes are slightly oversize, but nothing wrong with a wedge or two if necessary, you then still have the option to do fine "Tweaks" to line things up if necessary. For my BN II, I attached Shroud Gangs first on both Main Masts, Attach Deadeyes, (Channels), Gauge Deadeye spacing, Reeve and Tie off this gave lateral stability, the Top Masts were stepped after this, again no glue, Shrouds, Deadeyes added again. I made up the various Booms but did not install until after the above was completed as the Booms slide up and down the Masts on their Parrels and the final position of these is determined, (And held), by Running Rigging. (I don't know if the "Scientific" kits cater for Parrels/Boom Jaws so the doctrine may be to install prior to stepping the Masts) General rule I believe is that Shroud Gangs are laid on as you say Starboard/Port Work "Aft and Up" Inside to outside Standing Rigging first Work evenly from starboard to port with rigging For tying off Shrouds around Deadeyes and other Rigging, I form a loop at each end with the line that is to be terminated, hold with an Alligator Clip, (Nice and close), Sewing thread to "Pinch" the Loop behind the "Clip" with a couple of overhand knots, secure with a bit of clear Nail Varnish, once dry, remove the Clip and trim the thread and short end of the Line. Once you've got one end done repeat with the other end, you can tension away with the Alligator clip holding the line until you have the desired effect. No unsightly Knots!! Alligator Clips are awesome to hold rigging until things are "Harmonised" as Rakes of Masts etc alter as various Stays Etc are added, the Clips allow endless adjustment, when youre happy, tie off the loops. Have an experiment first. Anyway, others might, (And probably do), have a different way of approaching things. (After a few years of this Hobby, I am still learning heaps of stuff, and, still make silly mistakes. ) At the end of the day Sir, your model looks Great!! I think that the best way to approach things is what you feel is logical and the method and procedure that "Flows" best for you. (A really good guide is Mr Earl's Practicum for the BN II) http://modelboatyard.com I'll do this: "Keep plenty of aspirin on hand and watch my language, if at all possible."
  2. Hi Chap, Looking good!! I don't know about you and your preferences when it comes to "Stepping" Masts but I do not glue these into the Hull. I let the Standing Rigging hold the Masts steady and in the correct orientation. IMO it makes for very fine "Tweaks" to be undertaken and if you ever have a "Breakage," (God Forbid!!), it's not so much of a drama to affect repair. Me methodology only.... (Learned from the Late, Great Mr Manstini, "Ship Modelling Simplified") Cheers....HOF.
  3. Hi Chap, From my perspective, I wouldn't tear off what you have already done. This is double Planked, Yes? If it were me, I'd continue with what you are doing, make it a learning experience.... If you end up with "Longitudinal" gaps between adjacent planks, you don't have to rely on Filler alone but you can cut material to fit the gaps. Once the first cover is done, Fill/Sand and try to make the second cover as good as possible. (This is what I went through also with my BN II, if any consolation.... ) I found also, that it was best to move on and "Make Good" rather to "Tear Down" and try to make perfect. "Perfect" will come with time, at least, that's what I tell myself. Cheers....HOF.
  4. As you "Fair" the Bulkheads at the rear, the Transom will also get "Faired." You should find that it will just "Flow." Cheers....HOF.
  5. Thank you Sir, Those are very kind words indeed!! Looking forward to your Build Log one day soonish. (I shall be following with interest.) Cheers....HOF. (Harry)
  6. Hi Chap, Thank you for the compliment!! Pen Duick Deck procedure, (For me anyway), as follows, probably easier to give you the "Full Monty" version. (I had the same question ) I started with a Margin Plank, I had some 1.0 X 3.0 mm Mahogany strip lying around, I guess you could use the Basswood that the Kit provides, just personal choice, I used the "Micromark" planking Clamps to hold the curve. (Make sure the Margin is perfectly flush with the outside of the False Deck as all subsequent Planking follows this and gives symmetry both Left and Right.) For the King Plank, this is 15mm? (Cant Recall.) Anyway, King plank cut to length, C/L drawn on, my Joggle interval was about 25.0mm along the C/L from the termination of the Margin Plank. Vertical cuts about 2.0mm each side of the King plank and tapered back to the Apex of the next Joggle, about 80', if that makes sense. (A bit of trial and error here, keep in mind how long each segment of the King Plank is and how many Deck Planks are Joggled in to each.) Planking laid from the Outside In and slightly tapered where it meets the "Joggle." (Caulking is Pencil rubbed on both sides of each Plank.) (The Mahogany used for this is very brittle, all cross cuts were made with my Proxxon Table Saw, cutting with the Grain, "Super" sharp Scalpel.) Note: The Mahogany is very brittle "Period", very easy to fracture the Deck House/Skylight components!! Don't forget the Centre Line on the False Deck!! Have a look at the below URL. I printed these out, (A4), to assist with calculations/guesstimates ) http://5500.forumactif.org/t1271p50-pen-duick-d-artesania-latina Sails? I initially thought that these were o.k., not so in my purchase.... Main Sail - Too short lengthwise by abbot 10.0mm, Both Boom and Gaff Flying Jib - Acceptable Fore Sail - Too tall Jib - Too tall Top Sail - surprisingly o.k. The "Hemming" was not good, at the apex of the 3 Fore Sails there was a huge excess, "Lump" of material. I think that the material "Weight" was probably about right for the Scale. Maybe I got a Monday Morning or a Friday Afternoon Sail set. The Kit does provide a plan for Sails if you wish to make or get someone to make them. Maybe it was just my particular Kit? Anyway, It's proved to be a really good build thus far. Happy to try and assist/offer advice if you decide to take the plunge!! Cheers....HOF.
  7. Hi Chap, It was a bit late after they got attached.... Decided to just go with what I had. Cheers....HOF.
  8. Thank you Sir. Not too far away from completion. (The Kit Sails leave a lot to be desired.) Cheers....HOF.
  9. Hi Carl, Thanks for that. BNII was my second attempt at building a Model Ship. This was complete a few Years ago but the Model Ship Forum that it was initially on shut down. Since there are several BNII Builds in flight at the mo. I thought it opportune to resurrect my BNII build log in the hope that it will assist. (Still working on the Pen Duick.) Cheers....HOF.
  10. Nice work Sir!! It's really coming together now. (You'll be finished before you know it.) Cheers....HOF.
  11. Hi Chap, Thanks for the reply and compliment. The Cabin Tops are "Planked" with "Ramin?" (May be a little difficult to see from the photos.) The Skylights also have a Walnut Veneer on them. Deckhouse sides planked with Walnut also. (Tabs got covered up.) Port Light/Holes are aftermarket from Hobby World, Montreal. (Glassed Brass, I had to have something better than the A/L offering) Rigging was Simplified as per Mr Earl's instructions. Anything that I can help with, I'll try my best to assist. Cheers....HOF.