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  1. Running Sheets Extra Blocks on the Decks /Mounting Following on from my post #593 I added in more sheet blocks and eye-bolts to the decks. Left them "loose" for now, glue in later if I need to take out to thread or attach ropes. Fore Deck: 2 x 4mm singles, 2 x eye-bolts Mid Deck: 2 x 4mm & 1 x 3mm single Rear Deck: 3 x 3mm single, 2 x eye-bolts PS I now have a multitude of eye-bolts, some with blocks, and even some extra holes I drilled about the Mizzen mast, just in case I have missed some fixing points. How many, dozens of them. Adding Blocks to Eye-Bolts Thought I share my process to make the block/eye-bolt work. This is a 4mm single block, ring and eye-bolt. Held either end which allows me to use both hands to thread ropes around and tie off. Dab a drop of CA fast drying glue about the thread, which soaks in to seal the thread and holds it all together pretty much solid. After the CA glue dries, trim the excess threads off. Ready to mount on the decks. I didn't add a ring to the 3mm blocks, direct to the eye-bolt, very small and without the ring they stand up. Onward and upwards..... Dave R
  2. I don't know how it all could of worked out on board. At sea on long legs, maybe the cannons were moved down into the hull, more weight lower for ballast ? Then bring em' up when closer to land. All I can say it must of been overall, very crowded on board the ship. Dave R
  3. Next Steps. Before I get too far along adding items to the deck, I will double check I have accounted for all the Standing and Running deck eye bolts. Will add blocks to the eye-bolts now, so later all going well, run the ropes, sheets through. Well that is the plan, as I note with thanks to the many who have rigged the Endeavour "commented in the build logs", have with somewhat difficulty, "add eye-bolts and blocks" along the way. Dave R
  4. Ships Cannons Update Mid Deck Mounting The boys in the shipyard retrieved the 6 cannons out of storage(made in April 2016) and fitted them in place on the mid deck(as per AoTS). With the Longboat and Pinnace in the middle, the deck is getting crowded. Down the middle - from the Bow. Did my best to spool the rope ends on the deck. Starboard Side. Post side. Dave R
  5. Thanks Steve, Found the page with the spars. I do remember seeing this page, months/year ago when doing some research. But time gets away and so much passes in/out of the mind. Dave R
  6. Ships Boats Update Mid Deck Mounting The AoTS indicated 3 boat chocks each for the 2 lower boats to be strapped down onto. Each consists of laminating 0.6mm ply either side of balsa. Chocks painted and in place for boats. 2 largest boats just fit in between the Gallow Frames. Reserve Spares I had enough dowel to make 7 Spare Spars: - Fore Top Mast - Main Top Mast - Mizzen Top Mast - 2 x Fore Top Gallant Mast - 2 x Main Top Gallant Mast The reserve spars arranged(trial fit) on the gallows top beams. Next > onto the tie down lashings. Dave R
  7. Very very nice Steve. Time and patience is your virtue. I'll be taking on board the battens about the yards. Nice touch! Dave R
  8. Pat, Greg, Michael & Mindi. Thanks for your kind comments and thoughts. I sometimes think, so many others have made the components for the Endeavour, and there is always room to be creative for us all. Dave R
  9. I found this section in Captain Cook's Journal 1768-71 P75 when in TAHITI - May 1769 Wednesday, 24th. Fine clear weather all this day. Having found the Long boat Leakey for these few days past, we hauld her ashore to-day to stop the leakes, when, to our great surprise, we found her bottom so much Eaten by the Worms that it was necessary to give her a new one, and all the Carpenters were immediately set to work upon her. Thursday, 25th. Most part of these 24 hours Cloudy, with frequent Showers of Rain. Friday, 26th. Some flying showers again. This morning we hauled the pinnace a Shore to examine her bottom, and had the Satisfaction to find that not one worm had touched it, notwithstanding she hath been in the water nearly as long as the Long Boat. This must be owing to the White Lead with which her bottom is painted, the Long boats being paid with Varnish of Pine, for no other reason can be assign'd why the one should be preserved and the other destroy'd, when they are both built on the Same sort of Wood and have been in equal use. From this Circumstance alone the Bottom of all Boats sent into Countrys where these worms are ought to be painted with White Lead, and the Ships supply'd with a good stock in order to give them a New Coat whenever it's necessary. By this means they would be preserved free from these destructive Vermin. The Long boat's Bottom being so much destroy'd appear'd a little extraordinary, as the Dolphin's Launch was in the Water at this very place full as long, and no such thing happened to her, as the Officers that were in the Dolphin say. So: the Pinnace had White Lead paint on her bottom at this time the long boats(note the plural inc. the Dolphin's Launch) > paid with varnish of pine (the worms got into the Endeavour's Longboat bottom, and was replaced) the other 2 boats(Yawl & Skiff ?) I could not find mention of the bottom's finish ? Also I found it very interesting... Nov 1770 whilst at Batavia they found considerable worm damage to the keel Friday, 9th. In the P.M. hove the Larboard side of the Ship, Kiel out, and found her bottom to be in a far worse condition than we expected; the false kiel was gone to within 20 feet of the Stern post, the main Kiel wounded in many places very considerably, a great quantity of Sheathing off, and several planks much damaged, especially under the Main Channell near the Kiel, where 2 planks and a 1/2, near 6 feet in length, were within 1/8th of an inch of being cut through; and here the worms had made their way quite into the timbers Wonder they go that far..... Dave R
  10. Ships Boats Update Painting Well it has taken nearly a full week on/off working on the final painting of the 4 hulls to a stage I am happy with. The boats are for 1:60 model. the largest(hull) Longboat being ~ 94mm long I've painted all the hulls white, "gloss" white as I wasn't happy with flat or matt. It took me a while to decide the color scheme for each. Rudders on the back of each boat. I followed the style from the AoTS. Longboat Pinnace Skiff Yawl I must admit, building these was really, really time consuming. The Longboat and Pinnace I am really happy with. The Skiff and Yawl, the proportions are not quiet correct, they just don't look right. But I was so far down the "build track", they will just have to do. Next to make some oars, housings on board, and hoist onto the Endeavour. Dave R
  11. Ships Boats Update Gudgeon For the 4 ships boats, I designed small Gudgeons in 3D and printed them on my 3D printer. Yes they are plastic. Printed in ABS, 2 pieces per set. Once I was happy with the print settings, it was a matter of fine tuning the 3D model smaller and smaller to see how far the printer can "make" them. Printing several at a time worked better than once off. Below is a sample of the 3D printing, of the Gudgeons on a build bed. Once removed, tidied up a bit, trial assembled. These 2 below are earlier versions, which I was happy with, but persisted to get them smaller and smaller. As you can see by the picture below, I can cut the Gudgeon "legs" to length or off to fit the rudder to the stern. In the follow post, you can see how they turned out. Dave R
  12. Hi Greg, Master Boat Builder or a budding Artist in the making ? Seems it may be both by the excellent details you have applied. Dave R
  13. Ships Boats Update Skiff Started on the fit-out of the Skiff. Added the gunnels at this stage and removed the removable sections of the frames. Inner fit-out nearly completed. Yawl Started on the fit-out of the Yawl. Middle of the frames in front. 4 Ships Boats Has taken a while to get his far with the 4 ship boats. Each is about the same stage, next to finish hull paint job, rudders and some oars maybe masts. Dave R
  14. Ships Boats Update Pinnace It has been slow going working on this little boat. A couple of pictures of where the shipyard is at today. Much more to go, however will finish all 4 small boats rudders, paintwork, masts etc. together. At this stage I am happy to move onto the Skiff, work on the fit-out, bring it up to the same stage as the Pinnace and Longboat. Dave R