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  1. Good desk, refurb. I used an old T&G toilet door as my desk. Dave R
  2. I love reading this stuff, and imagining to be on board a square rigger back in those days. or not. Dave R
  3. Pat I installed my TC Delux yesterday. Going to be some getting used to, matter of finding out where the commands are that I was used to with Autocad(years ago). Dave R
  4. Hi Pat, Looks like you got the hang of TC. Very impressive. Dave R
  5. Hi Pat, So the aim is to produce 3D parts from a 3D printer. ? Will be interested what you come up with and think on the time and costs down the track. When I/we think of all the cost to buy the many parts, it comes into play, does one make our own to suite. ? I had thought, after my Endeavour build, if I decided to build another ship model, 3D printer production of parts would be an interesting way to go. Their would be numerous items one could produce, although care that they do not look out of place. PS. I used CAD (Autocad) extensively as a design draftsman back in the 80's and 90's. Brings back lots of memories. Dave R
  6. Hi Pat, Can you isolate when the problem started.? After an update or newly installed a program. ? Check the programs installed or go back to a backup and restore before the problem started.? Dave R
  7. Mike, I found then surfaces need to be clean to allow the power to flow through easily. Pincer Electrodes: I clean(spear them into steel wool) the pincer electrodes nearly every time just before I do a weld. A little time consuming, however I reckon it helps create a clean contact point for the power to run through. I position the pincers either side of the joint, if that makes sense, so the solder fills the gap up. and > I assume you use a flux on the surfaces that you want joined. I use a white paste, it sticks onto the surface, doesn't run until the power runs through, and the solder goes to where the flux is/was. And I got a tip from one of our Aussie modeler's, use thin low temp. silver solder - 2 types. That made another difference. A pic of some earlier ones for Mizzen dead eyes. Bit of a file to clean em up. I am bias, I am a fan of resistance welding. PS The hardest part is getting the copper wire to the shape, consistently, a jig works. Dave R
  8. Hi Mike, Agree with Mark, close them up. I was not good at hand soldering. I went all out and bought a "resistance welding unit" This is a AB Superchief 250 from www.americanbeautytools.com The manufacturer is in the USA.(I don't have shares in them) How the RW works http://resistancesoldering.com/site/ Cost a fair bit to convert to 220v and import to AUS. Worth every dollar to get neat joints, and no burn marks. I made these dead eyes recently. Takes a fraction of a second to solder each leg. All in the prep. Dave R
  9. Just cruzing the logs and found this one. The bulldog clips work well for me. Combination of the bulldogs and the small plastic clamps got me through the Endeavour planking. Dave R
  10. Hello Kees, Welcome to MSW. Have fun with the Endeavour. I am nearly finished the hull including fit-out, log on this site. Has been a fantastic experience and hope you have the same. Dave R
  11. Hi Clogger, I have enclosed a document on the planking on the Australian replica Endeavour. Probably too late for your planking, but you can see how traditional 2nd planks were run. As Allan has mentioned, there are great planking tutorials on this site that will help you as you gain experience. Also search on this site through the logs, and have a look at how other Endeavour builders have done there planking. Before I do any design/building, I search to see how others have done things, decide if I will do similar, or alter for my own design. Dave R Bluff Bow Planking.pdf
  12. Very smart work indeed Mr Barbossa.
  13. Well I just happen to be going to the Sydney MM on 6th October to spend the day. Mainly to have a real good look over the Endeavour. I'll look out for the Sirius as well. Dave R
  14. Hi Chris, The HMS Sirius has caught my eye for a next build as well. Planning a scratch build of it. So chasing drawings, plans, lines etc. I won't be paying $800 for a kit I don't get to see what's inside. Metal parts I detest. I've had a look at the "National Maritime Museum Greenwich" web site, they have a drawing of the Berwick > to become the Sirius (several drawings). If I don't find adequate hull drawings, maybe that is where I go to. ? But that leaves the masts and rigging. Dave R