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  1. Shipyard Update: Mizzen Topsail Clew and Sheets A small step to get back into things for the shipyard. Took me a while to work out where I was at with the Rigging - after 2months away from the Yard. One rigging item I noticed was the Mizzen Topsail Clews and Sheets needed doing. So there is a set either side of the Mizzen for the Topsail Clew(bottom corner of the sail) to attach to, allowing the sail to be furled up(Clew) and pulled down(Sheet). Well I am nearly 99% that is how it works. Below is the Port side setup, notation in the picture folks. Top Yard being the Topsail Yard, lower the Crossjack Yard. A close up at the end of the Crossjack Yard. The Clew after coming down from the Topsail Yard - position "98" as per Mr Marquardt AoTS. page 120/121. And below the bottom of the mizzen, Sheet tied to a cleat. Position "102" as per Mr Marquardt AoTS. page 120/121. And now I notice I have not left much length in the tail ends of the ropes to roll up.
  2. Greeting from England 

                      My friend has had a clean out in the house, and  came across this photo of the Endeavour( replica ) sailing into Whitby Harbour, it looks like the photo was taken in about 1997.  The photo is in perfect condition and is laminated. Knowing you are building the Endeavour, I thought you might want the picture. I do not want anything for the photo, but I will post it to you if you tell me. The size of the photo is  24 inches  x  17 inches  and I  think it will look excellent framed, especially behind your Ship.  Just let me know. Best regards  DAVID.   Shipyard Sid . Here’s a few photos.









    1. DaveRow


      Hello David,

      I want to get over to Whitby to see the Museum there, have a good look about the area.

      The photo looks quiet realistic doesn't it.


      As for your offer to send the photo over, thank you very much.

      I'm not sure how I'm going to display the finished ship ? Been through a few moments, nothing definite.

      Not sure what it costs to send a 24x17 inches size ? to Australia. Would you roll it up into a cylinder ?

      If it doesn't cost much, be happy to get it. If a lot, I would send money to you somehow.


      27 Ashford Street



      Australia 4017


      Many Thanks

      David Row

    2. Shipyard sid

      Shipyard sid

      Greetings Dave 

                                I have sent you the photo in a cylinder as you presumed. There is also a small guide from an exhibition I went to see in the British library in London a few month ago, which was about Cooks voyages.You should receive the post before Xmas as the last posting date for Australia from the UK is Monday10th. Forget about the postage it’s  no problem.The photo looks like it taken around 1997.  Anyway it’s on its way. Have a cracking Xmas. 

      Best regards .  DAVID



  3. Shipyard Update: I am still alive. I have what some say, been on "Shore Leave". Our eldest son got married in late Sept, followed by a 2 week holiday. Then short stint back home, catching up on the home side of things, and some work. Then away again for my sister's 60th for a week in early Nov'. Then back home, where a whole lot of work and jobs to catch up on. So today I planned to get back into it. However a lot of dust in the air, so don't want to unwrap the boat and get dust over it. Then I realised, I need to work out where I am at anyhow. So this log (thank god for the build log) helped out in that regard. Thank you all for the recent look in's, comments and kind words. Much appreciated. I hope to shortly bring more pictures of the final end to my build. Still lots to do though. And Christmas is nearly upon us. !!🎅
  4. Hi Dashi, Good to see you've crept back into the build log. I've been away a lot and not done much to cross the finish line with my build. Your build is coming along very nice I must say. Esp. the 4 small craft. Very impressive they all are.
  5. Hi Rod, The rigging is coming along great guns. Keep focused captain
  6. Hi Greg, I hell of a model you have built their. Too much for my eyes to look at all that fine detail. I'd go blind from it all. Distinction Level. !!
  7. Shipyard Update: Leech and Buntline Blocks I have been slowly working on adding the Leech and Buntlines to the yards. For the Main & Fore TopSail lines. Somehow I(someone in the shipyard ?) missed adding the Leech line blocks to the TopSail Yard Double Tye Block. So instu, I drilled(tunneled) through the top of the block, under the ropes to fit the 2 missing blocks. Above: Red arrow points to the 2 x 3mm blocks added to each Tye Block(Fore & Main Topsail Yard) At the same time I found I'd missed the a 4mm double block(Red Arrow) under the Topmast Trestle which picks up the Leech & Buntline ropes from below. There is 1 per side under the Trestle. To add the above, I moved the Lift Block(white arrow) back behind the middle arm. The new run of the Lift rope is actually better. Getting very tight up under the Trestle.
  8. Got to negotiate with the Admiral where to display the outcome. Another Wooden Boat is being considered. I have one in mind, which from what I have seen to date, has not been built much to detail. And that is probably because their is not much published detail about her. Matter of watch this space to keep the Intrigue.
  9. Hey Rod, Masts and Blocks coming up nice I see. Making good progress. You'll catch up to me at this rate....
  10. True young fella. I'm looking at the Leech, Buntlines, Sheets etc. to do next, deciding how far do I go on adding more and more rope/s work. Looking at James Lees and K.M. AoTS a few differences to decide on which way to go. Probably keep on truck'in along.
  11. Shipyard Update: Yard Tackle & Yard Tackle Falls The Main and Fore Mast Yards have a Tackle at the end of each. K.M's. AoTS has indicated a thimble at the end of the Pendant(# 11 below), which I had prepared many months ago. I attached a Double block to the thimble, however... James Lees The Masting & Rigging........ , page 71 states "The Yard Tackle was introduced about 1685 and comprised a pendant spliced to each arm with a long-tackle block spliced into the end. Up to 1706 the pendant was one third the length of the yard length: after 1706 it was one quarter the yard's length. ... The long-tackle block was retained until well into the 19th century and it was 1840 before an ordinary double block was used instead." Well the shipyard has made a bit of a bungle here and used a double block. The Tackle Falls as noted in Lees "... comprised the pendant block a single hooked block. It was quiet long........ to lower boats etc. to the water. When not in use the tackle was hooked to the Futtock shrouds and made up along the yards. The Yard Tackle Tricing Lines(outer and inner) were used to pull the pendant and fall up to the yard. etc... Fore Mast, Port-side Yard Tackle falls made up along the yard, hooked to the Futtock Shroud(below) I authorized the yard( ! ) to attach a block to the Futtock to hoist the single hooked block up to the Futtock. This brings it up closer to the Futtock than a Inner Tricing block on the yard - IMHO. The hooked block can be raised/lowered from the deck along with the outer Tricing line. The Fore Starboard Yard Tackle hanging before the Inner Tricing Line attached. Outer Tricing attached. All up not exactly as it probably should be, but works for me and demonstrates the methodology. REVISION Update to above Yard Arm Tricing Line Blocks I've added another Tricing block(red arrow'd below) to the stays - all 4 locations I had run the Outer Tricing line back through the Clew/Garnet Block(wrong) - Blue arrow'd block below. The Outer and Inner Tricing lines are belayed to cleats on the first and second shrouds of the Main and For masts. So now have 2 blocks on the stays to hove the Tackle up through blocks on the shrouds, on same shrouds as the cleats below. The ol' saying "Happy Jan" Above: Outer Tricing Line "in Red". I dropped in down below the other inner block to clear the hook block as it comes up. Inner Tricing Line "in purple" is up near the Futtock for the hook to latch onto. The angle dangle of the Yard Arm Tackle. I'm now happy that this all works better and frees up the Clew Block for more ropes/work.
  12. Hi Pat, I had three beads I had collected over time. Pic. below. The left is plastic ~3.5mm dia. which I sanded the 2 holes as they had dags on each end. Used on the 2 Main & Fore yards. The middle is plastic with a largish hole and was shorter than the dia. and I thought not really good for a parral bead. But I did use them on the Mizzen Gaff. The right was metal 2.5mm which I blackened is spherical and i used for all other smaller parrals. Used on other smaller yards. Each was consistent in size. I've since applied a clear varnish to the metal beads(shine them up) and 3D printed on the boat. brings them up a bit, any blemish, I'll take as sign of realistic wear from use. ! I got them from Art Supply stores. I drop into them when I see one, always looking for items to use. I'll look at for some if you wish... Not expensive.
  13. Taking shape well Vinnie. Glad you went to the ANMM.

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