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  1. My entire professional life has been devoted to the longevity of books and bound materials, Ive published on the issue, run a lab dedicated to the conservation of such materials and teach. I read almost everything on a screen, check out all my library books via E-Book and often scan items I want to save into a digital form. I dont have space, the back strength or the patience to devote to "things" like books. I read more than most people, utilize my library more than most and work in a library YET I loathe lugging around books... Ive just done too much of it. That said... My personal collecting habits are with books. I own an extensive library of Maritime Heritage, Age of Sail, Ship Modelling and avidly seek out and purchase books on these subjects, particularly first editions. I own hundreds of books, but my own proclivities are as a librarian, with a specific purpose. I won't waste valuable shelf space or modeling money with the latest overly-expensive hardback Stephen King or Tom Clancy when I can check it out at the library, read it completely, and not have to carry 5lbs of paper anywhere (as a bus-boat-train-bike commuter, yes all and in that order and everyday this is extremely good for my back). So it can go both ways... there is nothing wrong with digital consumption, you just have to find what works for you. If it doesnt at all, fine. However, I submit that many folks that have had a bad experience probably just haven't found the right tool. I value the library as a resource, and because the publishing houses are going digital so are the libraries and to my mind the local library is one of the only things that we get back for our tax dollar that is worth its weight. It is sad to see some of these smaller publications going the way of the dinosaur though, however I hope folks dont consider ending their interest and support of these efforts simply because they are no longer available in paper. People work very hard, often at little profit to provide these things and are not likely making a concious decision to screw you by choosing to go digital... I understand that ultimately these decisions lie with the publishers, but remember there still is a little guy at the very end of that long and corporate string who is hoping the decision doesnt drive you away.
  2. I teach a materials permanence course to graduate art students at University and often lecture on the longevity of "aging" techniques. I can point to (if interested) numerous academic articles dealing specifically with the acidity of using tea, tannins or other plant based materials for this purpose. While truly holding their "age" through numerous artificial aging tests, they ultimately do lead to the fastest molecular breakdown of cellulosic materials (i.e cotton and linen thread/rope). In conservation of artifacts we often use Golden and/or Liquitext acrylic paints as they are scientifically formulated for archival use and light-fastness. As JerseyCity Frank also pointed out they do a marvelous job particularly with aging threads and fabrics. They do not have degradation products and have been proven in artificial aging tests to hold their color. Throw a bit of beeswax dressing over the newly toned thread and you have a great modeling material. I cant speak to Chucks thread source, but can say that it can sometimes be better to avoid aging all together go with something that already has the right look and tone. OEM products often do this well... A final comment Ill make is that I see so many ship models ruined by "over-aging" so my personal opinion is dont do it you dont have to...
  3. This is great Chuck. I wonder, will these pages be restricted to formalized clubs or can regional pages be created for more casual groupings of localized modelers? For example, other forums might have regional sections or areas that allow for geographic neighbors to communicate, arrange meets, share news, etc without the requirement of a formalized club. EDITED: I suppose after really looking at the tab as created, the regional or geographic idea wouldn't make much sense. However, I stand by my thought that some sort of more organized way of reaching out to neighbors would be great.
  4. 20170526_095034.jpg

    This cant be a wood model is it? The detail is amazing.