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  1. If you watch and also sign up for notifications, you can know immediately when they are available order and ship. I watched it for about a week, and then one came up on Amazon and I bought it immediately. Got it a day later, and only paid $299. It is only $299, dont pay more than that.
  2. My 3 year old loves watching me play the new Zelda, she looks out for the baddies for me. The switch is a very cool system... Ive played Zelda since the begining, and would be lying if I said I didnt buy the whole system for the one game. It is top notch, immersive...
  3. Just got one of these too! ha... and this:
  4. Oh yes, very well aware of that site. I suppose my question really was more with regard to contextual background and tradition of the longboat. But a great recommendation ofr technical details! Thanks.
  5. Hi All, This is a strange question. I'm looking for texts that might highlight and enrich my building of Model Shipways 18th C. Longboat. I understand that Chuck probably did fairly extensive research in his design of the kit and I wondered anyone has any recommendations for books/articles/sites to visit. I would ask Chuck directly, but then there wouldn't be a record of that conversation kept for everyone else! Hopefully after he returns he might weigh in himself. I'd love to know more about this lovely vessel and its uses... Thanks.
  6. I am a professional conservator... you can PM if you'd like. I am an accredited and peer-reviewed professional through the American Institute for Conservation, work for a major Univeristy and have extensive experience with flat objects on paper. Would be happy to help.
  7. Anybody else work in there garage or uninsulated/unheated space? Just curious how some of you builders get through the colder months without moving he entire shipyard indoors... the admiral would never approve.
  8. Sorry to be behind here, but what was done to get that central piece of the layering so thin?
  9. What are top 3 modeling tools? Past or present...
  10. Is this worth buying? Im thinking for fairing mainly, also some plank tapering. Just curious...
  11. This looks amazing... as a conservator, I only wish I was in the right discipline to apply. I am a paper and book conservator, this would be geared towards 3-D or objects people. In either case, somebody around here might be interested in attending.
  12. I'm sure most of you would rather spend your time modeling, BUT if any of you are gamers or like the occasional game you should check this one out. It's getting great reviews.
  13. Wow, thanks for sharing.