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  1. Could you provide the source of the complete set of plans for Jean Boudriot The 74 gun ship. Are they from the books or from AAMM?
  2. Thanks for your response. I can not get the attachment to open. Where are the plans available. Thanks
  3. Hello Everyone, Does anyone have this book or the plans. I think the book is in Italian as MODELLI E DISEGNI DI NAVI Galeone Spagnolo 1607. Any information will be helpful. Regards, Ron
  4. I can not find my post today regarding my interest in finding an Aeropiccola Revenge model kit. What happen to the post?
  5. I would like to obtain the plans or better yet the Aeropiccola kit of the Indiscrete. Thus far unable to find on internet or on ebay. Any sources will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, rek
  6. Hello, Looking for the Aeropiccola Indiscrete kit. If you have one or know where I might find this kit please contact. Many Thanks, rek