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  1. Hello, just that you see that I'm still working, now and then 😉 I finished the inner planking of the gun deck with deck clamps for the upper gun deck and started to build the gun port lids.
  2. Thank you Marc, I'm not very busy these days, because we have here a super summer. The drawback is, it is much too dry. It burns everywhere. But after the last years summer, or was it winter the whole year, I'm not so often in the basement at the shipyard. But now and then I'm at work, planking the gun deck walls.
  3. Good morning Karl, it a great model, bravo
  4. Seahawk and Carl, many thanks and also thanks to all who made there likes for my work.
  5. Hello, today I finished the small dragons, who keep Leo's feet warm I glued them to a piece of scrap wood, with a piece of paper between, so that I could hold them better At the last pictures they are not already dry, so that I will tomorrow make the rest ready.
  6. Hello Doris, the horse looks great, but I would shorten the head a little and make the transition between neck and head a little thicker.
  7. Thank you Druxey, and also all others for your likes. The main problem I have when painting such small things, is my nervousness. When I see that it works, my hands get more and more calm. But again, thank you all for your tips.
  8. Hello and thank you all for your comments and likes, I was not very busy the last week, but I made the hawse hols with the linings and bolsters. The next things are the trail boards between the cheeks. I have a trail board, all in ocker but only the little dragon in green, in my mind. I saw it somewhere, but I did't find that picture again. If anyone has that picture, or know where I could find it, tell it.
  9. Hello Carl, for these small cheeks you need no stick to support your hands. I painted them not installed and they are still not fast installed. As I wrote, to the end of the job my hands get more calm. That are just the nerves.
  10. Hello Hubac, no, I'm not unhappy with the result. That is fine. I just do not like this kind of job. It's all soooooo small, the paint sticks to the brush and would't flow, the hands tremble and so on.

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