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  1. Just logged on to this site after many months and what I see is some good news and some bad news. First of all my congrats to Dave and Mark for the good news and for Jesselee, hope things are improving for you. To be sure, all of you are on my prayer list. Cheers,
  2. Hey John, what a pleasant surprise seeing your Camel project here and also the Fokker triplane. It's been a dog's age that I have visited this site, too may other things taking up too much time. I read through your entire build and have enjoyed it very much. She's really looking very good, nice work. Brings back many memories of working on and even restoring a few old airplanes. Not quite as old as the Camel is but some in the 20ties and 30ties. Yeah, my whole working life was in aviation, from 1952 till my retirement in 2009. But now enjoy building ship models and enjoying it. In the meantime keep up the good works and I'll drip in so once in a while. Cheers,
  3. What a pleasant surprise finding two airplane builds! I haven't visited this site for many months, too many other things to do taking much time. I read through all your posts and must say "well done." You'll have a great looking model when completed. Yeah, I have been tempted several times to buy myself this kit but I already have too many other projects in the bucket list that have priority. Actually I told myself not to get involved with airplanes any more after i retired from my career in aviation, from mechanicking, flying and engineering and devote the rest of my life with ships, my second love. I do need to build a 1:350 scale model of a Fokker C-14W float observation plane though. This plane was used on the ship my father was killed in during the battle of the Java Sea and I am getting a model of that ship to do. When I do I'll start a build log here. In the meantime keep up the good works. Cheers,
  4. Hello Louie, Small world. Nice area you're at, my wife and I drive by so once in a while. What project are you working on? I know what you mean about a first time after so many years. After I retired from Government service in 2009 I didn't want anything to do with flying. airplanes and everything aviation anymore. So I wanted to finally build a model of one of my favorite ships, an old Dutch merchant ship of the VOC. But to get my fingers and mind coordinated for such a big project i thought it better to get some practice with a simple model. I designed a 30 foot Friendship sloop and build that first. The last time I scratch build a model was in 1951 when I was 17. However, my whole working life was in technical stuff, aircraft, so I was well acquainted with tools and using my hands. Problem was, it was all with metal but I got used to wood rather quickly and love it. As you can see in my signature, there are few I managed to complete. The VOC ship is not quite half way through though, other things have come in between but am close to ready to continue with her. If there is anything I can be of help with give a jingle/ PM. I love to chat about ships and building them. Cheers,
  5. Hey Bob, I'm in Palm Coast. Looks like about one hour from you - I-95 and I-4 looks doable. Cheers,
  6. MAGNIFICENT WORK!!! Cheers,
  7. Hello everyone, Piet the Flying Dutchman checking in from Palm Coast, Florida. I'm happy to report that Gwen and I weathered the storm quite well. Actually, we slept through it the night of Thursday into Friday. Fortunately for all of the folks in our county we lucked out. That cold front over the Midwest started to move and pushed the storm about 30 miles further east from us. The winds also calmed from 45 mph to 125 mph at the center. We live about 6 miles West of the beach, which makes the storm's eye about 45 miles from us, according to the forecasted track. I estimated the winds at lour house to be around 80 mph with less rain then expected. I got out at 06:00 Friday morning, in the dark too, to check out what was going on. At 08:00 I ventured out into the backyard to look at the debris on the roof and there was plenty! Also our whole backyard was covered with pine branches from the trees in the vacant lot next to us. One large branch fell on top of the screen room and tore it halfway down but got it got stuck there, thankfully. Another large branch poked a hole in a roof shingle all the way down to the 3/4 ply roof plate. Gwen made a few pots of coffee at 08:00 Friday morning and at 09:00 the power went out. We didn't get power back till yesterday at 13:00 hours. We had to cook on the BQQ which turned out rather good. I threw some food together in aluminum foil, salmon and a few veggies, then some chicken and baked potato with veggies. So, actually nothing to do but wait till the storm moved North. Because the storm tracked 30 miles further east the damage along the barrier island was not as bad as it would have been. The authorities ordered everyone on the barrier islands and a few miles inland to evacuate. Everybody else had to "hunker down" and not drive around unless strictly necessary. Fine with us, I caught up with some reading. After the storm was past and the winds quieted some we could start with the cleanup. Besides the screen room and a damaged roof a bottle brush tree blew over that I had to cut down. We lucked out big time and are very thankful. There are "only" 4 deaths in Palm Coast and Flagler Beach that could have been prevented but that's another story I wont go into. The folks in Georgia and the Carolina's suffered a great deal more and hope all yuns will recover okay. That's it from Piet and Cheers to all,
  8. Welcome aboard David and am looking forward to join you in your "shipyard" whenever you start building your choice of ship. Good luck and shalom. Cheers,
  9. Fantastic detail, no effort spared. That is what makes a model stand out. Cheers, Piet, the Flying Dutchman.
  10. What a beautiful representation of a true working boat. I really like the way you have rigged her. I got the feeling that she just came home and unloaded her catch of fish and is now ready for the cleanup. Ceers, Piet, the Flying Dutchman.
  11. Beautifully done Giorgos, especially the detailing of making it look like real working boat. Cheers, Piet, the Flying Dutchman.
  12. Welcome aboard Dennis and good luck with your build. Cheers,
  13. Thank you Patrick for your kind compliment. It was a lot of fun doing it. Cheers, Piet, the Flying Dutchman.
  14. Thank you very much Marcus, Piet, the Flying Dutchman.
  15. Thank you EJ. Piet, the Flying Dutchman.