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  1. Unless one can think wisely it is better to remain a dummy. L. Frank Baum
  2. Anyone know if there are any Russian members of NRG or MSW?
  3. Seen in Reddit, plans can be found on Pinterest
  4. Canadian Admirals seem to accept indoor shipyards, lucky for me.
  5. For those interested in 3D modeling historical ships, if you have not seen Michel Saunier's Soleil Royal, take a look, it's incredible. Imagine modeling that.
  6. Hands, eyes and a bottle of rum, yohoho
  7. There's a few options... 1) If your IPad is accessing the internet via wireless, add your IPad to a network with your PC and allow sharing, then you will be able to access the files on your IPad when you click on choose files... below. 2) If you plug your IPad into your PC then you should be able to access the IPAD using File Explorer on your PC.
  8. Have been fascinated by PC's all my life and could not avoid getting tech'd up given the job I used to have. Now retired but still have an IPhone and pretty much use it only as a phone. Never have had the urge to become one of those phone zombies you accurately described. Agree with you, cell phones are a public health hazard. On the other hand, my IPhone does keep me from getting bored while waiting in the car for the Admiral to return from shopping. Not preaching too you!!!!, this last word is only because you won't be able to fully experience this fantastic website without pictures....skip it if you like.... ...You can get a webcam for a few bucks and hook it directly to your PC and only connect it when you need it. Please forgive me if this last word was not wanted.
  9. Hi Herask, you want to keep all your fingers if you're a 3D driver! My time estimate is based on making a fully representative 3D model of a 74 gun ship like Gaetan builds. Must confess I'm not a 3D modeler myself but was responsible for software and training at one point in my career. Made some time studies on designer productivity in order to justify upgrading our 3D software and as this experience was with designing aircraft, the level of detail and accuracy is very high.
  10. Creating a good 3D model is basically the same as building most things, you make the detail parts, build sub-assy's, then put them all together into the main assembly. The time required to create a 3D model of this complexity from scratch would take at least as long, if not longer, than building the real model itself. If you already had a 74 Gun ship model at hand, you could scan existing parts using a laser tool rather than model them from scratch in 3D. A good 3D model would permit you not only to visualize how planking would touch the hull but also let you simulate shaping, bending and installing the planking. Gaetan and I live quite close to an aircraft assembly plant that has just completed spending billions $$ designing and simulating the build of a new commercial aircraft using Catia V5-Enovia, so if we can get enough of those skilled 3D jockey's hooked on model ship building, perhaps we can coax them into creating a 3D model.
  11. You don't need any fancy digital camera, any cell phone camera will do the trick. There are lots of You Tube "How To" videos on how to get pictures off a cell and onto your PC or tablet. Once the pics are on the PC, it's as simple as clicking on "choose files" below to add a pic to your post. It's not easy to show your work to begin with but don't be shy, you'll see it's worth it once you start.
  12. If there's a significant cost savings from this would it also be possible to add asymmetric shapes on either side of an existing hull when a ship is in dry dock?
  13. Believe the winch is only there to lift the anchors (as in a fulcrum), not store all of the anchor rope.
  14. Bonjour Complex, welcome and be prepared for great experience. Check this out
  15. Careful how much you feed the beasty!