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  1. CA glues

    Use the medium variety of Bob Smith CA with a #3 medical needle for pretty much everything. Thanks to this forum and Ken335 for the needle idea and type. Had to order the large needles from the UK as the type they sell in Canada are not compatible with the CA nozzle. The large needle looks a bit scary but I'm so use to it now would not think of not using it. This gives great application control. If it gets clogged, a quick bit of flame from a lighter cleans it off. One needle can last for a long while. entirely. Also have smaller "needles" specifically designed for glue application that come in various needle dia. but find the larger medical style better.
  2. A general rule for the minimum bend radius for brass is the thickness of piece.
  3. Hello!

    Virtual sailors from all over the known universe can be found here!
  4. Ship in a Bottle

    Found on reddit.
  5. Hello ! AWESOME forum!

    Welcome aboard.
  6. Artesania Latina Hermione.

    Decided not to paint the hull. Currently under construction, shipyard has been closed for the winter, just starting to dust her off now and re-start.
  7. Wonder what this is?

    Looks like you are correct, he made at least 2. Either he's got the patience of a saint or one hell of a 3D printer.
  8. Wonder what this is?

    Thanks for finding this, sculpture definitely explains how it was made. https://beautifulbizarre.net/2015/11/11/shallow-grave-studios-the-assemblage-tattoo-art-of-jason-stieva/ Found this pic that gives a better idea of the size...unless he made 2?
  9. Wonder what this is?

    On a second look, is it just a trick of the picture angle or is this a really large ship? Note the power outlet at the lower left corner and apparent proximity to the crown molding.
  10. Picture of a "handmade" model found on Reddit, wonder where this came from and how it was built?
  11. Amati Viking ship wood

    Friend of mind just started building this from scratch using plans purchased in Italy.
  12. sssshhhh... you aren't supposed to mention the Canuck secret weapon!
  13. Just received a pair of Carson Pro, $34 cdn., (on a recommendation from vossiewulf see link below), because having something I could use over my glasses appealed to me. Have not used them for ship work yet but they are comfortable from just trying them out.
  14. Wow! almost 29,000 members...

    make that 2

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