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  1. Amati Viking ship wood

    Friend of mind just started building this from scratch using plans purchased in Italy.
  2. sssshhhh... you aren't supposed to mention the Canuck secret weapon!
  3. Just received a pair of Carson Pro, $34 cdn., (on a recommendation from vossiewulf see link below), because having something I could use over my glasses appealed to me. Have not used them for ship work yet but they are comfortable from just trying them out.
  4. Wow! almost 29,000 members...

    make that 2
  5. "These spiders mature in late spring, and reproduce in mid-summer. One (dark fishing spider) sac was reported as containing 1393 eggs (Kaston 1948). Eventually the spider suspends her egg sac in a tangled “nursery web” amid foliage well off the ground. There she stands guard over the package and the spiderlings that later emerge from it." It's only a matter of time until your hear the sound of 11,000+ baby spider feet pattering about! You won't find the father, he gets eaten after he's done his duty.
  6. Welcome Derek, You are in the right place to increase you're enjoyment building ship models. You'll see incredibly beautiful models here plus there's always someone available to support your progress towards building you're own.