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  1. In my travels across the internet I came across, what prima facie appears to be a wonderful addition to Model Ship World Library in the form of a beautifully designed book on the bone ships produced by prisoners of war during the Napoleonic Wars. The author Manfred Stein appears to have brought together under one cover a comprehensive examination of how the prisoners did it coupled with numerous coloured illustrations. We speak of scratch building as the dark arts, this to me is the pinnacle of the dark arts. How the prisoners managed to produce these beautiful models in the conditions they were under and the tools they had available is beyond my comprehension. No Byrnes Tools for them. I am looking at chicken legs in a new light! Anyhow, one for the Christmas stocking. I just scattered half a dozen copies of the site around the house for the Admiral to find. The site is www.koehler-books.de And apparently it is in English. Cheers Alan
  2. HMSArdentRon001

    Stunning work Ron. How many years did it take? Alan
  3. CFstbdstrnclose(lr)

    Ron Magnificent model . You have done a great job. Have you chosen your next project yet? Will keep an eye out for your log. Alan