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  1. That is true Matti , good idea about the iron angles !!! when i bought my plywood i took the strone one i dont know the name in english but they used to make doors from this plywood its a bit expensive but it worth the money btw i think it cams also from finland Best Regards Michael.
  2. The jig i made it without plans , You just need to take make a straight line on the base and then connect the supports (90 degrees supports) between the bulkheads, you can use the keel as a guid when you connecting the supports the only thing that you need to worry about its to have a straight plywood for the base it will help you later when you will measure the distance between the bulkheads to the base for making sure that all the bulkhead are on the same level ! , and also you must be careful about the supports to make them exact 90 degrees for both sides it will help you to check the level of the bulkheads by measuring from the top of the bulkhead to the base in both sides Be carful when you making the jig and take your time , its the must important process for the all body of your ship !!! Best regards, Michael.
  3. Hello Ronald , Thank you for your coment about your questions , for the first one i have used mascking tape and paint with airbrush , about your secound question im not sure that im understanding your question can you repet ?
  4. As always !!! You doing beutifule work !!!
  5. And here is some pictures of the currenlty stage:
  6. The plank that coevering the corner took me long time, from misuring untill gluing and holding hem in place ...
  7. For tapering im using a micro wood plan , and also (for the inside taper, in the very back of the ship the planks going narrow until the last bulkhead then they going thick again until they meating the transom...) im using the routher table of proxxon by conecting a sander instad of the miller
  8. Hello friends, Here is a little update First I’m posting some pictures of the process , Then I’ll post pictures of the currently stage ...
  9. hello i think you should make a jig as the curve of the bow then after soaking the plank use hair dryer and carefully - slowly slowly make the curve against the jig best regards , Michael.
  10. wow i just found this site https://www.bookdepository.com/ and they has best prices !! + free shipping so i ordered all the 3 books Best regards Michael.

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