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  1. Wonderful stuff. I'm looking forward to the archaeological reports (though that won't be for a number of years, as they sift through all the information). This is a fantastic find for those of us interested in mediaeval and ancient ships. So many questions waiting to be answered! Steven
  2. Great Harry

    It's well worth going. I had to go 12,000 miles to get there, but you're within coo-ee of the place. But then, there's so many worthwhile places to see in the UK. It's hard to see them all in a lifetime (let alone a three week visit). We went in 2009, the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII coming to the throne, so there was a huge amount of stuff laid on especially to see for those interested in that sort of thing. But the Mary Rose was inaccessible - they had just started building the new enclosure and nobody was allowed near it. On the other hand, the collection of artefacts was increased greatly, so we got to see shoes, a fiddle, wrought iron swivel guns, a parrel truck etc etc . . . (We also went to Bristol to see the Great Britain, and were lucky enough to see the Matthew reconstruction while we were there - carrackly goodness!) Steven
  3. Great Harry

    Well, that's news. I didn't know about this picture's Victorian connection. I thought it was done in the 17th century. The Embarkation at Dover is still in existence. It's on a wall in the Wolsey Room at Hampton Court Palace. And the painting of the actual tournament at the Field of the Cloth of Gold is at Hampton Court as well. The mural in Cowdray House depicted the sinking of the Mary Rose. The Great Harry is in the picture as well - there's a reasonably good Victorian copy of the mural, but it's infuriating to think some of the strange details in it may simply be copyist error, not original features. By the way - though the Great Harry was one and a half times the burthen of the Mary Rose, she wasn't much bigger to look at - only about 1.145 times as long - because she was 1.145 times as long, and as wide, and as deep (1.145 x 1.145 x 1.145 = 1.5). Steven
  4. Great Harry

    This is neither by Holbein nor is it the Great Harry. It's a ship from considerably later. There are in fact two contemporary pictures of the Henry Grace a Dieu, one by Anthony Anthony and the other by an unknown painter, showing her with sails painted to resemble cloth of gold. I think both are shown in my own stalled build (see signature below). She should in fact look very much like the Mary Rose - they were built - and rebuilt - at pretty much the same time - the Great Harry was about one and a half times the size of the Mary Rose. It's a shame this picture in the NMM is still wrongly referenced. Steven
  5. Further to my post above, the tutorials which show the use of ammonia for blackening also stress the need for safety precautions, including eye protection and ventilation. Ammonia can be rather nasty stuff (it also bleaches and rots your clothes if you're not careful). Steven
  6. Wolfram zu Mondfeld passed away

    Sorry to hear it. I have his book and value it highly. Steven
  7. Some Endeavour Rigging Detail

    Thanks, Druxey. Steven
  8. Hi Cabbie, Mtbediz successfully blackened brass by soaking it in ammonia and heating it with a cigarette lighter in his Santa Maria build here. Steven PS: Nice to see a fellow ship modeller in Castlemaine. We're almost neighbours!
  9. An unusual model that looks like being a lot of fun! Steven
  10. List your miseries here

    We have our own regulations here. Possibly even tougher. There's no escape that way . . . Steven
  11. Some Endeavour Rigging Detail

    A parrel truck on the fore topsail! I thought they had gone out of use by that time (or am I just showing my iggerance?) Steven
  12. A Strange Place For A Titanic Memorial

    In Ballarat where I live, there is a bandstand in the main street in memory of the Titanic's bandsmen. Steven
  13. September 3 2017 - the dromon is finally unplugged! Steven
  14. VASA00

    Exquisite. What a beautiful model. Steven