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  1. Hi Grant,

    Beautiful work, I admire your micro skills in metal work. Nicely executed pin rail too. The stanchion definitely look alright.

    I would like to see  some more pics of your progress.




  2. wow, that looks phantastic, is the propeller laminated wood or painted plastic? If ist si painted, how did you do that? Greeting, Rudolf
  3. Greetings from Finland

    Hi Matti, the structures left and right of the mainmast look like bilge pumps. Greetings, Rudolf
  4. Trip to Italy

    Ken, Camogli was a major port for sea going sailing ships in the 19th century. Today it is still stunnigly beautiful and there is also a small maritime museum. Enjoy yor stay! Rudolf
  5. Hi everyone, I can only support Christians view: this is really a wonderful book and well worth its price, but please avoid the german edition-the tranlated text is just an annoyance. Greetings, Rudolf
  6. Hello You all, During the remodelling of the Forum it seems my old I.D. was lost and so I am happy to be back again. I won´t be able to start a new project soon, but will follow the forum with interest. Greetings Rudi