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  1. Nice job. one question: did you wax the lines prior to installing them on the ship?
  2. And you are how old? Im 35 and have never finished a single ship. Shame on me... nice job.
  3. As much as i am enjoying looking at the pictures and admiring what i see, i cannot stop wondering at the fact that Albert did not answer a single question any members would ask him. Its all thank you this, thank you that... i would love to ask too, but i noticed its kind of pointless. Curse the tower of Babylon and what it did cause to the mankind...
  4. Thank you Tim, much obliged.
  5. i too am building a Scottish Maid. my one comes form an olderkit, not this newer version. also i bought it partly bulit, but since the original builder have abandoned it ( guess cos he made quite a bit of botcehd job)after building the hull, im currently doing second planking on bulwarks. could you do me a fafour? i need detailed pictures of transom area. i know the angle my transom has is completely off ( i couldnt do much, since this was one of the mistakes) but i like what modification you did to yours. id like to do those little "windows" you did and need to know how much aprox to cut off of the transom. thank you pavol
  6. Perhaps, i can only speak from my own experience. When i was finishing my carpentry studies, the old master gave us a piece of linden plank a d told us to carve something. I failed so miserably...
  7. Back home in eastern europe, wood carvers traditionaly use wood of Linden tree. Its soft and behaves a lot like hard butter...
  8. Hi Magnificient and trully masterfully crafted plans are being drawn here. One thing i would like to ask. Since i only visit the forum occasionally, i do not recall seeing any previous versions of your plans, nor i recall actually stumbling upon any of the previous works you have mentioned in your first post. What exactly are you planing to do with the finished plans? Are you going to release the data in any form? If so, how would one be able to obtain the results and where?
  9. Hello neighbour. Not far from you, i live close to brentwood in essex.
  10. I just started to do decking. According to the instructions, you only need light sanding after the decking is done. Well in my case its impossible to find two planks that would have same dimensions. Thickness ranges between 1.31-1.67mm and width between 4.82-5.14mm so far. Width does not bother me, but the thickness gives me headaches. I dont have thicknesser to hand and the supply of planks is rather limited.
  11. any explanation, why the condition is such?
  12. Guys just go on uk ebay and seaech foe rhe whole kit there. I paid 1/3 of the price deagostini was originaly asking for and currently am on issue37
  13. Do wood supplied is ok. Nothing extra. Just soak it in hot water for 10-15 mins then bend it and nail it to the model. Leave till next day and only then glue... Also, when sorting the bunch of planks, keep the soft ones for them sharp bends around the bow and the back...
  14. While i certainly am admiring the quality of your workmanship (outstanding!!!), i think that the name of the thread is a bit misleading. The model you are so beutifully crafting is of the Victory after her great refit. The gallion figure is completly different to what it was in 1759. At the rear you have no balconies, as far as i know there were galleries there before refit. If you have a look and compare your masterpiece to the one off Doris, you will see a lot of differences.
  15. In case anyone needs or wants the kut, there are numerous auctions on ebay selling complete set for approx 350-400 gbp. Thats about a half of original cost... I managed to buy it there and paid about 320. With a bit of luck you can save a big buck...