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  1. Model Shipway Ratline tool

    i have an idea... instead of tying the ratlines to each shroud separately, could it perhaps be done differently? use needle to poke your ratline through each shroud at the levels needed. for that, the ratline tool would be good. as you can tension your shrouds and you have guide on the sides for the spacing of the ratlines. then fix the spacing of the shrouds verticaly. when happy, soak with diluted glue. let dry. when dry, imitate clove hitch. could that be done?
  2. Model Shipway Ratline tool

    besides, i have a feeling that you could fit both sides of shrouds on at the same time. and the waste of ratline line would be down significantly.
  3. Chuck, i support the ban on illegitimate and ripped off kits. Everyone deserves to get paid for their work.

    may i suggest to just amend the first post? It is getting too many pages with amends. Perhaps all the talk could be archived, with a link to the chat for those who want to read it in the first post.

    1. Chuck


      I agree...I will add that to my to-do list.  Good idea.

  4. Model Shipway Ratline tool

    Hmmm... shall we start a project?
  5. Model Shipway Ratline tool

    i wonder if this would work better, if there was a way of attaching part of the mast to the jig, so you could have exact length of he line used for the shrouds. there could be some sort of attachment allowing you to temporarily tie the deadeyes with correct spacing. like a dummy deck with dummy channels. but that would deny the whole point of doing it. as you would practically do the job twice. easier to do it on the ship. but the manipulation would be easier on the dummy deck... nah, ignore me, just thinking out loud...
  6. good job fellas, happy new year to all of you and every one of us.
  7. I really liked the old theme... is it coming back, or...? aaaand i found the answer. I rarely visit this portion of forum, so i missed it. Sorry guys for spamming. Good job on upgrade. Ive noticed a few new functions too... lets play