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  1. Somewhere earlier in this thread he explained he redo any and every part he is not happy with. So no, he is not an alien. but still, i would love to see his scrap pile. Must be ... i dont know. Alien hypothetis sounds reasonable too...
  2. Id like to come back to your scarf joint tool. If i understand it correctly, it works just like the stamping, right?
  3. maaaslo

    "Unlimited Drinks and WiFi" ???

    You have no idea... im thinking of moving to Holland. Not far from home and all of you speak english. Im sure there are jobs around there...
  4. maaaslo

    "Unlimited Drinks and WiFi" ???

    family... and getting away from the madness of UK
  5. maaaslo

    "Unlimited Drinks and WiFi" ???

    Might be true. I spent 3.5 week in around Tarlac area, central Luzon, Philippines. Ive been there 5times. I tell you, there is F*** all to see there i mean it. Area is a shanty town. The nicest bit is a Monasterio. Lovely old monastery in montains surrounding Tarlac. But since i am not really into religion... everything else is falling apart. only thing wort seeing is friends and family. And nature... and i seen it all. And you can only get soaked in liqour that often... Hence FB
  6. bro, it looks very nice and crisp. could you please take a closeup of the rudder area? I have a feeling you might have something rather out of place there... I too have this kit, same year too. I bought it as part finished on ebay for about 20quid. I only found the reason for why it was sold later. bad warp in keel. to learn the planking, still would do... I got as far as fitting the sides , now I have to do the inner bulwarks. I made slight mod to the kit, where I have raised the bulwark as it was very low. only later I realised, that the kit is wrongly marked as 1:50, where it should be more like 1:100
  7. maaaslo

    "Unlimited Drinks and WiFi" ???

    guys, you might spit fire when talking free wifi, but trust me, when there is nothing to do wifi is a godsend... I have spent past three weeks in Philippines. the internet connection in the place i was staying was a tad slower than my dial-up connection in 90s... we went on trips, oh yes we did. but when the part of the group had to go back to the reality (work related), the rest of us just stayed indoors... and then fight over the wifi, as everyone wanted to go on the bleeding fb. good I know how to alter the router settings...
  8. Yes, it is called sagging. And sagging can be quite significant https://goo.gl/images/fgoa6q
  9. regarding cutaways: Halinski has some pictures from prototype builds on their page. look for T34 and Sherman firefly... detail is unbelievable. I have both at home and sometimes just look through the books, to admire the quality...
  10. one thing about "working" latches and other parts... you are asking for a trouble. although they look impressive to untrained eye, they are more often flimsy and weak. if you soak it in CA glue, might do the trick, but then there is discolouration of paper... BUT, its your model. if you want to paint it pink and draw unicorns on it, who am I to tell you otherwise. BTW, very, very good job. maybe an inspiration for you: http://www.papirove-modely.cz/velkynahled/81410
  11. AHEM.... https://sklep.gpm.pl/akcesoria/elementy-laserowe/gasienice/pasy/1/25/ostketten-stug-40-/-pz-kpfw-iii-j-sig-33-gasienice-grawerowane-laserowo
  12. message passed over, hopefully there will be some sort of reply
  13. actually, picture was taken by my wife... no speeding ticket gotten that time...
  14. yes, he does... on Czech and Slovak forums...
  15. heh... try to look for a model of Yamato, released by Halinski, modeled by Martanek... THAT is what I call detailed work... and by writing it I by no means want to belittle Danny's amazing job.

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