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  1. I know this might sound harsh, but the ship is/was just some sort of folk art. Not worth anything appart from it makeing a nice mantle piece. That said, i would not hesitate to try to restore it myself. I know i did something like that too. My and the Admiral used to go to local car boot sale. I walked pass that one boat so many times, its been made for a kid surely as rigging is just sewing thread, the only sail is attached to two spars(one bottom one top) and dont even let me start on the planking... no curves, just angles... so i obviously didnt want it as i walked pass many times. But the admiral noticed my obsession with all things nautical and her being her good heart she got it for me. I was just like why on earth would you buy this piece of rubbish... when i saw how saddened she was with my reaction i changed tone and went on to fix it. And you know what? I actually had fun. It was a nice little project, that got me back to modeling, as i had one of those periodes when i could not be bothered to do anything. so all in all, even it looks like crap and people will probably tell you dont bother, please do. If nothing else, for the experience. And for the fun too.
  2. well, if the postage would be friendly, i dont see a reason why not. customs can be told that its not working and as such doesnt have high value...
  3. wrong turn
  4. you might meant 1:100. otherwise, i don't think you have been building a boat. more like a city... just a pun...
  5. dear Alexey by no means i wanted replacement parts for free. oh no. i do not need them as i have altered the screw for a slightly larger one, like those used to fit computer hdds. now the attachment being used holds secure. regarding the motor, i have taken a short video. please apologise shaky hands. i had to work camera and controller unit at the same time. as you can see, no load. i use the same adapter you posted. machine did only work for less than one hour in total during its life. sound does not bother me, as i normally listen to quite a noisy music (industrial noise some call it). it runs relatively smooth, taking into consideration how much the screws are tensioned to hold it together. i would probably have used different pinions collars as i have mentioned in my earlier post as these are rather flimsy and do get thread destroyed quite soon. IMG_6443.MOV i would also have a suggestion for a tool to be offered. same as the tool for holding the deadeyes but with two pins forming letter V, for accurately setting the bottom two holes on deadeyes. i know you can use crocodile clip, but i would very much like to avoid marking seized deadeye with marks from the clip. p.s. i just realised how big the video is (213mb) im sorry for that.
  6. I think i have the first version if this serving machine. I must say i dont like the gears and possibly will look into changing them. Due to the thickness of material used for the pinion of the gear, screw tends to slip and destroy the thread almost instantly. I think i will try to get something like meccano for replacement. Just need to measure the original and place the order. also i found that the control unit sometimes does not react/ is not accurate enough. Sometimes i have to turn it to full for it to start working. otherwise it has been a good adition to my workshop and does make my life a lot easier when it comes to serving. Hope that new version also brews coffee...
  7. I have tied the other block the same way ( thanks cthulu for the serving machine) and it looks fine. Thank you for your help.
  8. also, i would probably try to make it from bamboo... cheap and rather strong...
  9. This does not look like the printed instruction at all... i mean, i know they have to simplify, but thats simplified too much. Do you think the other would be tied the same? also, big THANK YOU. It looks simple enough, so im gonna do it the original way.
  10. Hello friends, i have searched my books for a correct term, hope i found it... i am looking to find out how to tie one double block to a main topgallant crosstree on my Vic model. for those who would be also building victory from model space kit, its the 7mm double block from step 7 stage 64. i cannot seem to see how is this block tied to the mast... i assume that it would be same as the 5mm block that is also mentioned in there, which i also dont have a clue how to do. thank you in advance. pavol
  11. I am guilty of doing exactly what most of you have warned begginers to not to - picking hard kits to built. Started a few Polish Shipyard paper sailing ships ( i was mesmerized and obviously wanted to try) failing misserably, but learned a great deal. With paper its easy, i build from copy (original kept for retirement) so printing replacement is easy. For the wooden kits i went for deagostini victory. Thats my current build. I have sodomised the hull, but have managed to rectify most of the offending bits up to one: the hull is twisted. Not badly but its there. That i cannot fix as i would have to start again and frankly, i cannot be bothered. This kit is for learning. I spen only about GBP200 to get it so it doesnt bother me. As a side build i picked 18century long boat... and that is a mistake. Even though its well documented kit, has been finished plenty times i cannot get further than starting to plank. Its too flimsy for me. So put that aside, the whole experience also depends on how big your fingers are
  12. Perhaps, i can only speak from my own experience. When i was finishing my carpentry studies, the old master gave us a piece of linden plank a d told us to carve something. I failed so miserably...
  13. Back home in eastern europe, wood carvers traditionaly use wood of Linden tree. Its soft and behaves a lot like hard butter...
  14. Hi Magnificient and trully masterfully crafted plans are being drawn here. One thing i would like to ask. Since i only visit the forum occasionally, i do not recall seeing any previous versions of your plans, nor i recall actually stumbling upon any of the previous works you have mentioned in your first post. What exactly are you planing to do with the finished plans? Are you going to release the data in any form? If so, how would one be able to obtain the results and where?