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  1. The work so far looks great but i would spend some time preparing and sanding the blocks. You have spent so much effort putting in all that fantastic work into the model, that you do not want to short change the finial look with square unfinished looking blocks. Tom Laurier has two excellent videos on YouTube. I suggest you look at these befor you start installing. I was able to get the kit supplied blocks to look great. It just took a few TV shows, some fine sand paper and some time. Best regards kevin
  2. Kevin Kenny

    Guava wood for bending small boat ribs

    I am not sure of the type as it is a local guava that we grew up with but i will investigate and get back to you. The reason i decided to try is that it is a very bendy wood particually when dry. In my youth it was a favourite stick uaed to keep us in line. If your wood blanks are splitting do you paint the end grain? If you do not seal the ends of the planks it will split as the ends dry out before the center. This happens with most hard woods
  3. I have just secured some Guava wood which i have put in drying rack. My hope that this will allow me to steam bend ribs to be used in building life boats ribs. Tbis wood has excellent bending properties but until i use it i will not know if it will perform as I wish.
  4. Kevin Kenny

    How steam engines work

    Here is another wonderful video on the history of the Royal Navy from 1806-1918
  5. Kevin Kenny

    America 1851 by Kevin Kenny - FINISHED

    The Caribbean remains a fantastic place to spend your vacation. I have spent almost all of my sundays from age 10 in a sailing boat with the exception of my time in University. I have also been fortunate to sail up and down the Caribbean literally 100’s of times, each time it always feels new and special. I would have made a very happy pirate in the 16th and 17th centuries.
  6. She looks great. I have found that applying heat off the model is the best way to induce bend. I have a Monocote blower but the truth is any hair dryer will work. Usually i make up a bend form off the model because bending on the model can cause something else to bend. I have to say all your paint lines look crisp and straignt. You have given your self a wonderful Christmas present. Enjoy the season. kevin
  7. Kevin Kenny

    America 1851 by Kevin Kenny - FINISHED

    I am afraid i still like glass. Its heavier but easier to clean.
  8. Kevin Kenny

    America 1851 by Kevin Kenny - FINISHED

    Mahogany case under construction
  9. Kevin Kenny

    CA adhesive, which one do you use?

    There is a CA remover that can be purchased. Most of us use CA and 5bere is not enough history to know the long term life of this glue. Having said that its such a wonderful and helpful product i would not stop using it myself. I tend to mix use all sorts of glues, PVA, EPOXY, 5 minute to 24 hours, CA thinand thick. Changes in humidity are probabely more of a risk than the glue you se. perhaps the best advice was given in an earlier post to make sure you have a rough surface and no a polished surface so you get a good bond no matter what glue you use. If you need to remove a piece that is already stuch there is usually a referance in the glue speck that tells you how to remove the particular glue. enjoy your modeling and do not over think it too much. Cheers
  10. Kevin Kenny

    Furled sails

    Water on a ducks back
  11. Kevin Kenny

    Furled sails

    I am goig to suggest you look at Tom Lauria YouTube. Ideo. I feel its a but late for your model but its worth thinking about for the next project. He also has some hints on folding sails. best regards kevin

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