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  1. Hi Maturin when i first started out in ship modeling i had few local referances so every time i saw a referance book i could get my hand on i would purchase it. I have used the set from time to time but it has not been a great source of referance material on gathering specific data. Not taking anything away from it i had just hoped for more detailed information on the British invation of Trinidad . Perhaps the battle of 1797 was not a major event so was not covered extensively. I now have over 100 books in my collection.
  2. This is a short video on safety
  3. This is a short video on makeing a universal fence for my Proxxon bandsaw
  4. This is a short video of the power tools in my shop
  5. This is a short video of the power tools in my shop
  6. I decide to build a sliding table for my Jim Byrnes table saw. I have attached a video on the finial product. Hope you enjoy it.
  7. If its from Caldercraft i have a series of videos on Vimeo that covers most of the build. best regards Kevin