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  1. For those of you who are interested in the great sailing days of the tea clippers like the Dr Seigert/Otaki, Thermopylae and the Cutty Sark this is an excellent documentary. It is 50 minutes long. https://youtu.be/vQls5w-8ycU
  2. suggestions for drill

    The only thing you need to consider is that these tool require a transformer to operate.
  3. suggestions for drill

    This may be the time to start a collection of the Micro Lux tools from Micromart. I have most of them and with the exception of the belt sander they are excellent tools. They have a wonderful mini drill that i use almost every day. Best regrads kevin
  4. tapering masts

    This is a vide i did some time ago that you might find useful. best regards kevin
  5. Caribbean Pirogue

    I wanted to build a model of my fathers fishing pirogue from the 1960s which was built of local cedar. Today most of the Caribbean fishing boats are made of fibreglass. It took me a few years to find an old wooden one. I spent lots of time measuring the various parts. I also built it the way the local fishermen build it upside down from the keel to the gunnel. It is is an exact copy.
  6. image

    Thank you it took two years of rsearch before i was able to get enough information to build her.i purchased every book on steam ships in the process. Once the overall dimensions were discovered i use the painting to determine the proportions and then the technical information from the various books available at the time.
  7. Venezuela

    This ship was build in Port Elizabeth Pa. in 1848. She was 328 tons, 152 x 29 x8. She was built for the Orinoco Steam Navagation Co. head quartered in New York. It is not certain how she was shipped to Venezuela but there is a painting of her in Trinidad painted by the famous local painter Jean Michel Cazabon,1813-1888. She would sail up the Orinoco river to the town of Angostura and return to Trinidad from there cargo was transferred to ocean going sail ships who crossed the Atlantic bringing the world famous Angostura Aromatic bitters to the world. The model was build from that painting and from the information contained in Ways Packet Directory 1848-1994. It is made of wood and plastic and is currently on loan to the Angostura museum in Trinidad.