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  1. Your Pilot Boat looks fantastic. Congratulations on finishing your build.

    1. Elijah


      Thank you!:D

  2. Fife rail

    Thank you very much! It now feels like a long time ago that I got that kit, even though it's not even two years since I got it.
  3. Stern

    Thank you!
  4. The model shipways kit of Phantom that I completed March of this year.
  5. Birthdays

    Thank you Ken.
  6. Oops, wrong appliance! Actually, the thing doesn't even work at all. In the winter time, my room is generally the coldest in the house. The house was built in 1888, and I can't be certain, but it might be as old as the house.
  7. Thanks Ken! I don't usually run it, except for when it REALLY gets hot! To tell you the truth, the cover is barely hanging on. I may need to tape it if it comes off, if only to keep all the dust inside of it.