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  1. Nice work! How tall is that tower?
  2. Wow, this looks like fun! I can't wait to see what you do next!
  3. Hello Danny! This is a really nice looking build! Did you sand the laser char off and stain the laser cut parts before using then? Also, do you chemically blacken all the metal parts?
  4. Hello all! I am trying to build a case for my Phantom and was wondering what glues you all use when making frameless cases? I've read the article on this subject in the Journal and was wondering what were the other options. Thank you!
  5. Turn
  6. Cut butter
  7. Wow! I wonder how they keep them from collapsing? Where in Florida is this?
  8. My Papa caught a crab. It got very tangled in the net and was a puzzle to solve. Once it was out it was in the pool jumping and snapping. I cornered and caught it in my bucket. In the picture from side to side in its compressed shape is about 6".
  9. I finally downloaded the right app to resize photos so I can post them. I'm on vacation in Florida and got the following shot two days ago from the front porch of the house I'm staying at. It was resized with the new app, as you probably figured .
  10. Christmas tree
  11. Plants
  12. Showers
  13. Morning
  14. Large eyebrows