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  1. Wow! That's an impressive ship! Nice start EJ!
  2. Jesse, your rigging is looking simply fantastic! Nice job! I'm glad you've beat the weather.
  3. Your mast looks really nice! The wait must be boring
  4. Hey Daniel, nice looking subject! Your problem is pretty common. Basically, there are two ways I know of of dealing with this. You can either let it run naturally and just try to get the hull covered, which, if the hull will be double planked, is what most people do for the first layer, or you can spile the planking. If the hull will have a second layer, I would spile it. There are some great explanations of this process around, including in the "Articles Database". Basically, you measure out the hull to set plank widths at each section, then transfer those measurements to wood, then cut out the plank. The plank will be pretty laterally curved if it is at the bow or stern, but that curve allows it to run nice and straight along the hull. I tend not to be very good at explaining things like this, so I would recommend searching around and talking with people who know a lot more than me.
  5. Looks like a nice build Popeye! I have a couple old kits and they look intimidating, so kudos to you for taking this on. I liked your dinosaur analogy.
  6. Some small progress. I've all but finished the metal components of the cannon carriages. The brass bolts need to be painted, but otherwise, they're pretty much done. I'm not so sure I'll be rigging them just yet though. I need to order some more blocks from Syren because I am literally one block short of having what I need to rig them. I also need to get around to the task of drilling the holes in the hull to receive the eyebolts for the rigging. Not the most exciting part of the build, but it must be done. Also on the agenda is to order some light grey paint to paint the hawse pipes, which might as well be put in now. That, and I can put in the mast partner too around this point. In any case, there are a number of small projects to attend to, but I'm trying to tackle them mostly one at a time. The 12 pound cannon The 9 pound cannon carriages Eyebolts with rings to be attached to the 9 pound cannon carriages The 9 pound cannon basically finished (minus trucks)
  7. Just a small update. I installed the lower deadeyes, which was not really difficult. Still, it always makes me a little nervous drilling holes in the side of my boat, especially large ones... blub..blub..blub... Anyway, here are a couple of photos. It's an odd way of fastening them to the hull, isn't it? The builders had very little metal to work with, or time for that matter, so I guess they had to get a little creative.
  8. Oh, nice Don! Another MarisStella kit! Looks like a very fun and exciting project! That's well thought through that they space the bulkheads so that you don't necessarily need filler blocks.

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