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  1. Your boat is looking very nice! The rope work looks very realistic.
  2. I'll be here, watching and learning, Bob!
  3. Thanks Zoltan! Pav, don't feel bad. I had a model I tried to do by mamoli which had terrible instructions. I didn't make it far and took up the Phantom instead. I'm sure you will finish one, just keep at it! Thank you very much Kurt! I would love to have some pictures taken with your set up!
  4. Thanks Marc! Let me guess, have you been working on the new Fife Rail ?
  5. Patrick, no worries. I'm sure you follow a number of builds, as do I. I can't even keep up with all of them most of the time ! The gunboat log should start in a few weeks, but I'm not going to bet on it! I've learned a lot about the reliability of over optimistic predictions . Thanks Ken! Thanks Rick! The boat was designed by Dennison Lawlor and was built in 1868 in New York.
  6. Thank you all! I will start my next build as soon as I read through the in structions a few times as well as Kurt's articles. I also need to rearrange my work area to better suit the new build. Anyway, here are the photos! I apologise for the unprofessional background. Until next time!
  7. Thank you everyone! The next one is the Gunboat Philadelphia by Model Shipways!
  8. As of 8:26 this morning my Phantom has been finished! I have yet to get some photos of it, but when I do I will post them! Thank you all very much for following along with this build and giving me plenty of help and advice, as well as compliments and constructive criticism! I hope to see you all in my next build! I have not yet started a log because I still need to make a case and reorganize the workshop for the new boat.
  9. The galley stack looks great! Is it made from a brass tube?
  10. Nice build, Mike! The electronics look well thought out.
  11. Hey Mike, it's nice to see you with another build! It's the worst when materials run low. It's good to see you have other options!
  12. Hey Darrell, your rigging looks fantastic! What glue(s) do you use on it and where do you use them?