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  1. Milk and sugar? Time to remove some dust here and bring some new items in. I hope to show some pretty new artwork in the next few days
  2. Hello Everybody, Maybe You know that I like to sniff around in little second hand shops, garage sales and jumle sales for stuff and things related to fishery and shipping. Most of the times I don't find anything or the price is so high that I can't or don't want to afford it. But sometimes I find a little treasure for a price my missus won't kill me for (if she finds out...) and I take it home to my little 'museum'. It seemed like a good idea to me to make a topic here so I can show You my new findings. First I hope to place pictures from all the items I found up to now and after that I will update every once in awhile to show You my new (shoddy works of art) NAUTICAL findings. Here's the latest Item. I found it totally broken and dust covered in a dark corner of a second hand store. I really had no idea what it was but I was sure it was fishing industry related. The price was € 2,50 and because them money would be used to help people quiting drugs I found that a good price. At home I rebuild it and added some fresh oil on the wood and this is what she looks like now. Untitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr Untitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr Untitled by Model Fishingships, on Flickr After some searching and asking I found out what it is. It's a Vleetrol (dutch word) and was used to bring the 'Vleet' (a very big black cotton gillnet) from a horse wagon to the ship or the second floor of the netting manufacturer. I was said they were used up to the 1920's Here's an old picture of a 'vleetrol' vleetrol by Model Fishingships, on Flickr Hope You like my little treasure and next time I show You some really, really piece of kitch! Kind Regards, Kees
  3. Completed models by my father

    Here are some of the shipmodels my father made in the past 15 years
  4. FR 927 Propitious Trawler

    Model is made from scratch from mdf and polystyreen. Scale is 1/26
  5. Rsz 1 4

    Tank you. It's a static display but prepared for RC Regards, Kees
  6. Rsz 1 4

    Thank yoy Nils
  7. A model of a Dutch Euro trawler made in 1/50 scale with a length of 48 cm