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  1. power washing 16 hours in 2 days ! non stop .26 pieces of furniture stones around the pool 6 feet wide deck about 20 by 60 pool house deck and gazebo , a lot of work all my body hurt i need one week to recover !
  2. what i have done today ? it s 8 am so i had a coffee .
  3. i just google mahogany wood and mine looks like African mahogany
  4. ok my mistake when i said almost white i should say very pale
  5. unfortunately i don t know how to post a picture
  6. last saturday i received 3 mahogany planks 1/8 from micro mark and the color is almost white does not look at all like mahogany .weird
  7. I just made a donation which is well deserve .Thank you MSW for this great site.
  8. beautifull Jean Pierre Eric will have been happy to see your model .
  9. my girl could be tought sometime but for birthday or christmas i can do almost what i want : last birthday november proxxon milling machine mf70 and 1 month after christmas proxxon disk sander 125 e so maybe wait for your birthday and you will be able to get what you want ?
  10. i guess if you invest 1000 dollars that s gonna be for a period of 3 years anyway the time to built your model but the problem is what does SHE think about that ?
  11. very impressive Patrick
  12. received 2 days ago but i opened the box today for my birthday: a proxxon mill MF 70 . i am very happy
  13. John Elwood this is a wonderful work. congrats.
  14. beautiful work