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  1. Norwegian Maritime Museum (http://www.marmuseum.no) has several of the plans requested. Unfortunately the English part of their web site is not as good as the Norwegian (specifically, the online list of plans is in the Norwegian part of the web site only). Their on line list of Construction plans are Attached to this post. (This is just a selection of the plans in the museum's collection.) Highlights from the list: nsm 2509- (Polarskipet [i.e. Polar Ship] "Fram" 1898). PLans reconstrcted for model building. "Shows a lot more detail than original drawings". nsm 922 and nsm 923 (Polarskipet "Maud" 1917) nsm2481 (Jakt "Gjøa" 1872). Plans reconstructed for model building. utvalgslistekonstruksjonstegningertilweb2011.pdf