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  1. Visit to UK and resulting question

    Just noticed a mistake in my previous post. First picture is Victory, second picture is Golden Hind. D
  2. Hello All, My wife Nancy and I have just returned home to Canada from a trip to the UK. It was a wonderful trip and it's a bit overwhelming that there are so many spectacular things to see and do. Nevertheless I did manage to sneak in a few ship visits. In Edinburgh we toured the Royal Yacht Britannia, in London the Golden Hind replica and the Cutty Sark and we had a quick day trip to Portsmouth to see the Victory. I would love to have seen much more of the historic dockyards, but our time was quite limited so in addition to the Victory we only saw through the Mary Rose museum. Apart from the amazing things that it contains, I have to mention that this is one of the most beautiful museums I have ever seen and the skill with which the artifacts are displayed is nothing short of amazing. I was aware of the new colours for the Victory and was interested in seeing them. I knew most of the discussion concerned the new sort of peachy yellow which is drastically different from the previous clear bold yellow and the new red which is considerably bolder and more orange than the previous red, so these colours didn't surprise me. But what did surprise me was the new black. It really isn't black at all. The guide told me that they call it charcoal, but to my eye it's more of a very dark brown. The entire hull as well as many of the details on the deck are painted this colour. The third picture down shows it fairly well. So here's a what is probably a dumb question. On the Golden Hind replica I saw a fixture on the deck that I have not come across yet in my limited experience. I've included a picture of it - first picture below. It's the V-shaped fixture attached to the bulwarks. There was a costumed "guide" on the ship who couldn't answer my question. While I'm sure that this replica is reasonably accurate, it does tend to feel more like a novelty than a serious display in the same way that the others are. Then when I was on board the Victory I saw something similar on its bulwarks - 2nd picture below and am wondering if it is a more modern version of the fixture on the Golden Hind, and how they would have been used. Many thanks in advance for any input. David